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How to Awaken Your Mind Power for Winning at Life


A piece of coal that’s burnt in a kiln for a significant amount of time ultimately turns into a diamond. Similarly, your mind, once it undergoes a thorough sharpening, becomes the crown jewel of your life, leading it towards a higher plane. But how can you increase your mental prowess and energize your brain cells? How can you enhance your memory to such an extent that you remember every single detail like Sherlock? And, more importantly, how can you hone your problem-solving skills, to perform better in whichever sphere of life you’re involved in? How to Awaken your mind power for winning at life?By paying heed to the following tricks which are sure to boost your mind-power once you work on them diligently.

Exercise & Meditate

Your body and your mind are interlinked. If you remain stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, hardly moving from your chair and staring at a screen for hours on end, your mind will become used to the lethargy and will lose its unique edge. Plus, it will lead to fat build up inside your body, which will then become vulnerable to diseases. You cannot let this happen. What should you do? Exercise on a regular basis. Go for an early morning jog in the park. Breathe in a full dose of fresh air to carry all that oxygen to the brain and thereby, strengthen it. Opt for swimming and dancing to spice things up. I would also recommend meditation through yoga, which is a traditional art of becoming ‘one’ with the environment. By harnessing the surrounding energy, you can sharpen your senses, open the mind’s inner eye and order the chaos within.

Travel & De-Clutter

Do you feel a burden on your shoulders and a hanging sensation around the neck area? Do you feel a strain behind your eyes that doesn’t go away with rest and an emotional drainage of sorts? Do you feel asphyxiated in crowds and depressed when alone? Then, my friend, you’re most definitely stressed. And this stress is like black tar which dulls your mind and closes it in a cage driven by constant adrenaline shots. What you need is a break. A break from everything that you usually do. And the best way to utilize this break is by going on a vacation to the destination of your dreams. Book your tickets now online or through your phone service and get going. Change the external to reinvigorate the internal.

Nourish & Water the Mind

If you try your hand at gardening, sow your first seed ever and expect it to grow into a tree within a single day, you will find yourself in deep error and come to realize the whole process is easier said than done. A seed needs the right amount of nutrients to grow out of its dormancy. Without them, it is bound to perish and shrivel up into nothingness. Similarly, your mind, a closed-up universe in its own, requires the right nourishment to flourish. You can strengthen it in two ways, i.e. physical and spiritual. Physically, you can increase your mental capacity by consuming the right foods like salmon, nuts, eggs and leafy greens etc. Spiritually, however, you can nourish it by exercising self-affirmation, working on your emotional intelligence, making powerful stances, extending a balanced attitude towards the world, and by being aware and perceptive.

Sleep & Renew

Your mind sometimes acts like a CPU. If you overuse it and don’t let it shut down for a while, then it will threaten to break down and cost you so much more than money. You don’t want that to happen, do you? Then, try to fit a ‘sound’ sleep in your schedule. I know it’s hard given so many distractions, but with the right ambiance and mindset, you can totally accomplish this. A good night’s rest is sure to revitalize you thoroughly. How? Well, when you’re asleep and divorced from your physical environment, when you’re not registering anything new, your mind gets a chance to review, restock and refresh the previous days’ memories, reinforcing your thought process and boosting your mental capacity.

Thus, by implementing the aforementioned tips, you can surely unlock your mind’s dormant power and win at life for a change.

Author Bio: Rimsha Ather

Rimsha Ather is a professional writer with an honors degree in English Literature and two years’ worth of practical experience in content creation, curation, and marketing. Her blogging interests range from lifestyle to travel, with the latter gaining special attention from the readers. On the side, she is a metal-enthusiast, an occasional painter and a culinary freak with flavorsome stories up her sleeve.
Twitter: @wildflowerdust

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  • These are some good tips, Rimsha. I have recently tried exercising in the morning to wake my brain up with fresh oxygen and blood flow. I reserve my relaxation activities for night time to help me de-tress and ease into a relaxing sleep. Many of us underestimate the brain-boosting benefits of good exercise.

  • Truly amazing and valuable tips, Rimsha.

    A few years back, I suffered severe anxiety and insomnia. Thankfully, I was rightly advised to meditate and exercise regularly. I’ve been doing that for a couple of years now.

    My nervous system has strengthened, my anger issues have resolved, and most importantly, I’m able to live in the present moment.

    Thanks for writing this.

  • Frankly, this is my first visit to this website.

    Got a clue about it from a Youtube channel.

    Chanced upon Rishma’s article and could not resist reading it – the Headline was so catchy.

    Nice tips. This is what people want to know as the life is becoming too fast to handle.

    Thanks Rishma. One or two of the tips may work on me too.


  • Wonderful article is full of information to boost up mind power. In today’s world, all these are essential for a healthy life.
    Even I have a few problems earlier later I followed some of the tips you have mentioned here in your article.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello Rimsha & Praveen,

    The mind is an untapped resource that can make you successful or confine you to a life of misery. The world is not viewed with your eyes but with your mind.

    The true battle is within; it is in the mind where the champions are forged. Meditation really helps in calming your mind and having more control over your thoughts.

    Simple practice of sitting still for a few minutes – breathing deeply and observing the breath. You have shown amazing facts for this topic and these are appreciable.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your healthy experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

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