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How Tech Can Be Used to Transform Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

Technology has been one of the industries that are fast-evolving. Due to its nature, it has touched many aspects of business, such as marketing and advertising. Gone are the days where businesses have to pass out flyers, put up posters, or pay large sums of money for their brand to be recognized on TV.

In fact, the rise of digital marketing has allowed an easy entry level for smaller entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. A lot of people have been given the opportunity to start their business online without having a huge capital to spend, and the profit margins are relatively high.

Since this new nature of starting a business is completely different from its conventional counterpart, it is also imperative to think about how technology can help market your business in the online world. This post highlights the many ways that technology can help you find your target audience and turn them into patrons of your brand.

How Tech Can Be Used to Transform Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

1. Making use of various social media platforms

Social media has a big influence on marketing and business. Since the average person spends 1-2 hours on social media platforms in a given day, it is important to leverage this time to market your business through this medium. Since social media has a relatively easy user adoption for the general audience, it is easy to make them brand advocates for your business. Something as simple as holding a contest, and asking the users to share the photo, tag their friends, or submit entries can easily promote your brand and cause your business page’s posts to be viral across your target audience. Social media is a strategy that online businesses shouldn’t leave behind in their marketing plan.

2. Inviting to share testimonials for the web

Through your marketing campaigns, it is important to have a software that helps you retain your consumers through strategies such as customer on boarding and customer success. There are several service providers that will help you keep your buyers updated with your latest services and products. When this happens, you will see repeat customers in your database, and these are the people you want to personally reach out to ask for testimonials. Repeat customers are usually a sign that people are patrons of your product and service, and they are a good source of credibility for your brand. You can turn these repeat customers into brand advocates by asking them about how your company has helped them in an aspect of their life.

3. Featuring your customers on a weekly newsletter

Another helpful way to help your customers continuously patronize your products is through a newsletter feature. You can ask a customer who recently purchased from your business about how your products have helped them in their daily affairs. This can also be applicable to blogs and another post in social media, as features are always an effective way to show a personal side to your brand. Not only this, the user who was featured will most likely share the content to his or her network. It serves a double purpose of promoting to your own network and giving the user a chance to share their feature on their personal network as well.

4. Improve your online retail system

Sometimes, the reputation of your business isn’t affected by your product or service. You may have the best quality in your industry out there, but the problem may be on the system of how you present your business. Is your online inventory always un-updated? Do you have faulty online payment processes? What are things that can be optimized for your online retail store or subscription site? These are the things you need to look out for. When people post reviews about your business, it is not only the quality of your product but also the quality of your customer service that helps them become brand advocates.

5. Reaching out to influential personalities

In every business niche, there is a particular expert in a field. In the healthcare industry, there are known and trusted doctors. Technology also has their own authoritative figures as well. You can make use of the latest tech innovations by reaching out to these personalities and partnering with them to boost your brand’s recognition. You can make use of video marketing tools, blog posts, digital advertisements with them promoting your brand.

Customers always have the potential to turn into brand advocates if business owners will do the right strategies from the beginning. The main idea is to focus on your product’s quality first, then leverage the power technology automation services to help you reach out to your repeat customers and help reach out to others through their recommendations.


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Alissa Davis

Allisa Davis has a passion for writing and strives to breathe new life into pertinent professional topics as well as current events. She also engages in philanthropic activities in her community and enjoys traveling when time permits.


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  • Hello Alissa Davis,

    Just landed on your article, Your way of explaining and writing is amazing. Noted some key points from your article “HOW TECH CAN BE USED TO TRANSFORM YOUR CUSTOMERS INTO BRAND ADVOCATES”, keep writing the good content. Have a nice blogging will love to visit again.

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  • Dear sir
    you have provided best blog. great information
    Hi Ann,
    I’m trying to re-purpose more of my old content

    now more than ever before. I do like to update it

    if it needs it and I did start a podcast this year

    on AnchorFm. I just need to do it more like with

    Facebook Live.
    Video is a huge arena that I’ve been scared with

    and only tiptoed in.
    It amazes me to see how some can really get

    creative with their content being re-purposed.I

    do like slideshares and need to more types of

    infographics as well.
    Thanks for all the tips and reminders here Ann.

  • Hi Alissa, First I would like to thank you for sharing this and it was a good read. I am still new in digital marketing and still learning. Your blog is very helpful, I think I am going to try the newsletter.

  • What I notice with some businesses is that they don’t understand about brand reputation and awareness. The bullet points you’ve shared here are very useful indeed Alissa. I would also like to add about the importance of solid, informative blogging.
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  • Technology can change the way of business. In today time people can use technology like digital marketing and increase a business in the world using technology.

  • Hello Alissa Davis,
    After a long time of posting this article, I have just read it, I loved it , nice article , if possible write more article on this topic,
    thanks a lot

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