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How I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus App

I love free cash!!! Who doesnt like to earn free money?

Do you want to know how I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus App? For the past few months I am using the mPLUS app as a rewards member. One of my friends referred me to it and I decided why not try it out…it promises free money, and I love to get things for free!!!

Most of you might not know what this app is and how it works, but it’s pretty easy to setup and start earning. No need to provide your tax information or bank account details. Once you reach a particular point in the game, you get your gift cards delivered by email or regular mail(if you chose to). After reading through this article to the end, you will know how I’ve earned more than $100 in a few months time using this app. 

What is mPLUS all about?

mPLUS is a rewards program that allows you to earn valuable points for doing specific tasks on your smartphone. These points can be accumulated over time and can be cashed in exchange for a gift card from a store of your choice. There are plenty of merchants to choose from for getting your gift card. 

What mPLUS Apps offer rewards?

There are many iphone and android apps that are tied up with mPLUS to give you points and rewards. Out of them, I have been regularly using the below mentioned apps:

  • mPLUS Places

mPLUSThis is my favorite app, and gives you the most points in a day. All you need to do is check-in (virtually) into stores near you. Like when you go visit a mall, you can check-in to the stores, it does not physically check you in their website or the store. There is a cut-off limit of 25 per day. Each check-in gives you 5 points. Once you check-in, be sure to “tweet” the same to get 10 points extra per check-in. So you are looking at 25 times 15 = 375 points per day. 

On top of that, you can open up “gift boxes” every hour to get surprise points or sweepstakes. I have seen some boxes give me upto 1000 points!!!!

There will also be such similar “gift boxes” accumulated at the end of your day in no rhyme or reason. You can end up getting another 150-200 points with those. You can see those in the screenshot above where it says “6”. The Star box with a “1” next to it is where you get rewards for like ‘Daily Check-ins” or “7 straight days of using the app” or even when you move to higher levels. 

The circle that you see around the point of “my location” is the boundary within which you can check-in to stores. So you just cannot sit at home and check-in. You need to be in the vicinity of those stores. So get up and move around to collect those reward points!!!

As you can see I have saved around 61986 points and I will get a $25 gift card when I reach 62500!!!!

In a day, I can hoard up-to around 500 points with just this one app. So you can see it is not too difficult to pile up your points to get the gift cards. 

The rewards start at 12500 points for $5 gift card and then multiples of that. 

  • Dictionary


As you can see my total points is reflected across other apps that offer mPLUS rewards. Any action you do in this app will add up to my total points. 

There will be achievements with reward points for each task that you complete on the app. As you can see in the image, you can get 10 points if you tweet using mPLUS Dictionary, 30 points when you check-in to an Electronics Store and so on. 

  • Moviefone


MovieFone is another great app to earn some cool reward points for mPLUS. Each movie you watch or a TV channel you view, you get points based on the duration of the show. You also get points for checking into the app five times a week or checking in seven days a week. 

Every app has different achievement reward points, and some of them offer surveys which you can take to get almost 70points!!!

  • TapDaCookie

mPLUS-tapdacookieThis is a cool fortune cookie app that I allow my daughter to play around with. There are cookies which you need to tap to open and as with any fortune cookie, it comes back with a saying or a proverb. 

Sometimes you see an Achievement unlocked like the above where you get the reward points added up. 

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards!!!

Now that you have claimed all those achievement reward points, what next? Login to any of these mPLUS apps and go to the rewards section or the Sweeps tab. You can view various gifts there like you can opt for a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, or a $200 Olive Garden gift card or a tablet for a few of your reward points. 


The 2nd choice you have is to ‘Donate’ to maybe the American Red Cross or the Cancer Society which are all coming under the “Charity” section of the Rewards. 

The 3rd option is to claim a “Gift Card” for your points accumulated over time. You may choose from among a hundred different retailers listed like Walmart, Target, BestBuy, JCPenney, Amazon, GameStop, Starbucks, HomeDepot, Zappos and many many others. As I mentioned earlier, you get $10 for every 25000 points collected. 


The Redeeming of these gift cards is quite simple and straight-forward. You need to choose your retailer, and click Redeem and confirm your account. You have an option to get in electronically or a physical gift card as well. Give it 48 hours to send you a confirmation email with a link to your gift card. Feel free to use it shopping in-store or online!!!

The best thing about these gift cards is that they never expire, so you can collect multiple cards and use it all at once or maybe sell them for cash online !!!!


So now, after reading all this, do you think it is worth your time and “data” to spend on mPLUS? Until now, I have redeemed more than $100 in gift cards, and I have another $25 coming up shortly. Overall, I think I spend around 10 mins on any of these apps for a day. I usually end up getting a Target Gift card at the end of it. Another good thing, is these points do not expire. I changed my phone and my points were carried over to my new phone (Android to iPHONE). Sometimes it is fun for kids sitting at the back of your car to play games and at the same time earning reward points for you. And yes, you cannot check-in using the mPLUS-Places while driving – good catch!!!

Leave your comments what you think about this app, and share your experiences if you have already used it or planning to use it. 

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