How Can Bidet Improve the Quality of Your Life?


The reason why bathroom remodels are so popular is due to the fact that they improve both the resale value of the place and the quality of your life. Now, while there are some bathroom improvements that are purely aesthetic, there are also those that actively change the way in which you use your bathroom. A bidet purchase and installation is one such improvement and in this article we will see how can bidet improve the quality of your life. Still, what kind of difference does the bidet actually make. Well, this is something that you just can’t know until you live in a home with a bidet. Either way, here are several hints to help you out around this.

1.     The toilet paper

If there’s anything that this epidemic has taught us it’s the fact that a shortage of toilet paper can (and probably will) occur in every crisis. People panic and start stockpiling items that they definitely don’t need, which makes a major shortage of the item in question. With a bidet, on the other hand, you can completely avoid the need for toilet paper. Aside from the fact that this is far more hygienic, it is also quite cost-effective. How? Well, each roll of toilet paper is an unnecessary expense in the eyes of someone who has a bidet. Since the average household spends about $220 per year on toilet paper, it’s quite easy to see how an investment here might pay itself off fairly soon.

2.     A greener method

For people who consider eco-friendliness to be a way of life, owning a bidet is probably the ultimate upgrade to your home. Previously, we’ve mentioned the fact that, with a bidet, you will no longer need toilet paper… well, this is not entirely true. First of all, you need to keep in mind that, even with the bidet, toilet paper may still have its function. Sure, some bidets have a warm air dryer but, more often than not, the toilet paper is used to get rid of residual moisture. Even this reduces your toilet paper use by a staggering 75 percent.

3.     There are alternatives

While installing a bidet may seem like too much of a project (in terms of the space necessary), there are numerous alternatives that you can turn towards. First of all, the majority of retailers like Bidets Online have Japanese toilet seats in their offer. This is an electronic toilet seat that practically performs the function of a bidet, often with a built-in water heater, warm air dryer and a heated toilet seat. In other words, you get a bidet without having to look for a room to install it.

4.     No more clogged toilets

Another major update that comes from having a bidet is the fact that there are no more clogged toilets in your household to be worried about. Nine out of ten times, a bathroom clog will be caused by toilet paper. You see, a clogged toilet is not only an inconvenience but also an additional expense. Finding the right plumber, waiting for them to arrive, having a plumbing emergency and an expense are just some of the things that you definitely don’t need.

5.     Far more hygienic

The very last thing worth mentioning is the fact that bidets are far more hygienic, which is a major quality of life improvement on its own. As such, this brings both health benefits, as well as more than a few psychological upgrades. Think about it, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of being completely clean. This is one of the main reasons why, after living in a house with a bidet for a while, you’ll probably hate the idea of living in a place without one ever again.

In conclusion

Once you realize just how much you are getting for such a minor investment, it becomes more than clear that this is one of the smartest remodeling choices that you can possibly make. Sure, your bathroom may be tiny, which would cause logistical trouble where you can place this bidet in order for it to be out of the way. However, based on the above-listed, it’s more than clear that this is a trouble that’s more than worth enduring. The benefits are simply so overwhelming that any benefit or trouble seems to be worth it, especially when we realize how can bidet improve the quality of your life.


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  • After traveling through SE Asia, it’s unfathomable how people live in the USA without a bidet. Paper does not clean. I have a $35 bidet that I installed onto my regular toilet. Works like a dream!

  • When it comes down to the question of what are the benefits of using a bidet, the answer is clear. Bidets clean better than toilet paper, are eco-friendly, cost-efficient, comfortable,hygienic, and overall easier to use.

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