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How a Virtual Assistant Can Guide You through the Confusing World of Social Media

Daily Morning Coffee is honored to welcome guest author Lisa Nicholson of YourAssistantLisa.

Social media, it’s both intriguing and bewildering. It increases engagement and communication, in such a way that traditional marketing was never able to do. It truly is long-term and requires commitment and tenacity, however the potential benefits are enormous. This is where a “top notch” virtual assistant will shine and help open a wealth of new opportunities for any business owner.

We are slowly but surely coming to the realization that people have to redefine the way that we communicate and reach out to people running a business. This redefinition is both bewildering and exciting. If you are a business owner or perhaps a marketing director, a small company or a large business you need to be part of this redefinition. Yet there is no rulebook. We may have the ability to create a number of short-term “updates,” however the great, big book of advertising is going to be completely rewritten when it’s all finished.

To those who may have grown up based on the principle that it’s all about the sale, a major shift in the way of thinking is required. It’s not likely to be about number crunching but about relationship building. Engaging others is going to be more important than selling.

In the world of social media reputations can be like gold. Ultimately, you’ll take your reputation to the bank and those who do not focus on the way they interact with clients and prospective customers will discover they are overlooked.

Yet above all we are concentrating on instinct. In social circles we rarely have an outward agenda. We form friendships as well as other relationships with people based on common interest.  With social media we form friendships on a more informal basis. Business relationships in the World of Social Media will reflect informality, because there needs to be a far more tangible “feel” towards the relationship between vendor and consumer.

This is why social media is about focusing on an engaging others. Through social media channels a company can begin to talk the same language as the consumer and as soon as this relationship starts to build this will usually create additional loyalty with respect to the consumer.

Many business transactions are conducted electronically or by way of repetition and this can result in a “faceless” relationship. The transaction is based on an activity of going through the motions and means little more than an exchange of goods or services for compensation.

Could you expect to build loyalty by doing this? When the consumer includes a valid reason for considering your organization over another, based on your efforts to build a relationship proactively, it stands to reason this would result in longevity and sustainability.

It is difficult to know where to start. Without having a social media presence a company is on the sideline. However, a virtual assistant can help to build that bridge, guide your business into the confusing world of social media that involves relationship building and engagement.

There are several snags ahead for the unwary and it’s possible to approach this in the wrong way. A company that is too ambitious, quick to take action or presumptive can end up falling backwards, it is important to tread carefully when entering this the social media world and look for guidance from your virtual assistant to help you develop your social media presences.

By:  Lisa C.  Nicholson!/YourVALisa 

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