How a Baby Diaper Backpack and Teether Lead to a Stress-Free Morning


For many of us who have been in this situation before, you know having a baby around three to six months old can be a handful. During this time, they start to grow their first set of teeth, so be sure to watch out for signs that your baby is teething. Typically, this includes swollen gums that are sore and red, along with a lot of drooling, biting, chewing, and gnawing on anything they can get their chubby little hands on. A good night’s rest simply will not resolve this situation because babies can be as cranky in the morning as they were the night before. Pair this with having to prepare breakfast, finish regular household chores and getting the baby set for his or her regular checkup with their pediatrician. What you have is a perfectly stressful morning. 

Teething solution

Fortunately, everything has a solution. And that starts with relieving your baby’s painful teething symptoms so you can save yourself from an early morning meltdown. EliteBaby has you covered on this because all you need is a rattle teether to serve as a distraction. Other baby teething toys on the market are made of silicone and may contain harmful chemicals, but EliteBaby’s crochet rattle teethers are made from 100% organic cotton and fine wood. They function as a durable, fun toy and are guaranteed to last you through your baby’s teething phase.


Rattle Teethers

Organize everything

One way to take away your stress in the morning is to be organized. That means always keeping the things you need on hand. Having your necessities organized becomes even more valuable when you need to prepare for a trip with your baby, whether that’s to the doctor’s office, a relatives house or a family vacation. Make sure you have everything that will keep your baby happy for the entirety of the trip. To ensure this, a baby diaper bag backpack that’s water resistant and designed to fit everything your baby will need is your best choice.

Diaper Bag Backpack 

A diaper bag organizer can optimize the space you need to keep all your baby’s essentials within reach, especially when you’re out and about running errands. When considering the best backpack to use as a diaper bag, a large baby diaper backpack should be your first option. One with numerous nooks, crannies and zippered pockets that come in various sizes to accommodate the small and big items your baby needs. Additionally, the best diaper bags in 2020 are stylish enough so that mom or dad can be confident wearing one around. Don’t forget to consider a bag that has adjustable shoulder straps with thick pads so both parents can alter the length and feel comfortable when the bag is packed full.

Baby essentials

Now that you have a reliable and durable diaper bag handy, what things do you need to pack inside? Of course, don’t forget a teether that will bring comfort to your infant and peace to the rest of the family during the trip. Some other must-bring items include:

1. Pacifiers – another item to keep the baby calm and occupied. 

2. Baby blankets – at least two or three for burping, breastfeeding and warmth. 

3. Bibs – let’s be real, babies get messy. 

4. Baby food – formula milk if your baby is not breastfed, jarred goods and utensils. 

5. Baby bottle – in case you are not breastfeeding or are using formula milk as a supplement.

6. Change of clothes – even adults spill food on their shirts from time to time and babies are just tinier versions of us but much less experienced. 

7. Diapers – bring enough for the length of the trip. 

8. Diaper cream – we don’t want the baby to develop rashes.

9. Baby wipes – for a quick clean up. 

10. Changing pad – so the baby will be comfortable while you change his or her diaper.

11. Ziplock bags – to store dirty clothes or hold snacks.

12. First aid kit – medication, bandages, antibiotic ointment, etc.

With these basic things like the baby diaper backpack and teether packed in your diaper bag backpack, you are rest assured to have stress-free mornings and trips with your baby. 

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