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Home Safety Tips You’re Overlooking

Home safety is more than setting a security system, it is about risk management. Home owners need to look around and identify any risky areas of the property. Identifying commonly overlooked issues protects a home from harm. The following are some safety tips to help home owners protect themselves and their investments.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are everywhere. For example, exposed outlets and power cords can quickly present an issue. Property owners need to have their home’s wiring checked to ensure that it is up to standards and not old or dangerous. Smoke alarms should be fully operational: fresh batteries and proper wiring should be in place. Home owners should have fire extinguishers on hand in case of an emergency, and know where a property’s electrical panel is located in case it needs to be shut off.

Outside Structure of the Home

Home owners need to pay attention to the gutters and windows of the home, as well as other structural elements. Windows with splintered frames are easier to break into, and no one wants a thief to use a gutter to climb up and into a home. Additionally, old windows and frames make it easier for cold air to enter a property, which increases utility bills. Gutters are important because they also protect a home’s roof. Without proper cleanings and repair the gutters can fail, which can be expensive to fix or replace. Regular inspections of the property ensure its safety.

Detect Mold

Mold can be incredibly harmful. Fungi and air toxins make it hard for home owners to breathe, and such items can really do a number on a home’s structure. Mold usually grows in moist areas, like basements. If there has been a plumbing issue or flood, mold is likely to follow. It is important to work on removing moisture and humidity from a home and to have high risk areas checked. This protects both the property and the home’s occupants.

Winterize the Home

As colder weather comes, it is important to prepare the pipes so that they do not burst. This could be a costly emergency – not only could a room or home flood, but the resulting repairs can be incredibly expensive. Exposed pipes should be insulated, and the pipes should be professionally wrapped. Opening sink cabinets is important so that warm air can circulate. On particularly cold days, home owners should let faucets drip so that pipes do not freeze.

Old Locks and Doors

Locks and doors experience a lot of wear and tear over time. It is important to check the locks to ensure that they are not rusted or malfunctioning. An old lock or door is easily broken, which puts the home at risk.

Lock Up Chemicals

Chemicals are dangerous for a few reasons. Not only are they a fire hazard, but they can also put a family’s children and pets in danger. All chemicals should be up and out of the way, locked up so that no one can get in to them and end up hurting themselves. Chemicals include everything from fuel to cleaning supplies and paint.

Home safety is all about prevention. Taking the necessary precautions protects a property from theft, fire, flood, and other issues. This is a chance to really protect the home itself, and your loved ones.


Denise Merchant is a Texas-based home inspector, whose inspection services range from Houston gutters to Port Arthur basements

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  • Hi Praveen

    Thanks for some really important reminders on keeping things safe at home.

    I’m incredibly lucky in that my family and I currently live on a boarding school campus due to my wife’s employment.

    All safety aspects are taken care of by the school due to strict health and safety regulations. We even have a sprinkler system in our apartment.

    There are also smoke alarms in every room and our electrical equipment and electric points are checked once a year to ensure they are safe.
    Tim Bonner recently posted…Your Blog Speed Sucks!My Profile

  • Denise / Praveen,

    Valid points to consider for security. Firm alarm and Carbon monoxide are crucial for homes and kids activity corners.

    those who have toddlers and 4 year kids, should be careful enough to keep knife or sharp edged tools away from them.

    Also teach and train young kids lock/unlock different doors would help at times.

    Thanks for sharing the info.
    Manickam Vijayabanu recently posted…Wii Mini – An Inexpensive Console From Nintendo For CanadaMy Profile

  • I should say that this blog is so helpful and informative. I agree that safety is indeed all about prevention. And since our family is the most important thing we have, these tips should be followed to help us keep them secured. Failure to check those fire hazards can make us regret big time, God forbid, if something happens. Better safe than sorry, right? Thank you so much for this blog!
    drupal project management recently posted…Multi tasking is in anyone’s reach thanks to SuiteDashMy Profile

  • his is an excellent post. I liked this post very much. All things are described in very excellent way.It is a great information and helps everyone. Congratulations on your work, always with great posts. In my eyes you should keep on such kind of postings for us.The quality of your articles makes me come back frequently and check your website for more articles! In future I would like to come here again for some new and more information. Best of Luck.more info

  • These are some great tips, especially being aware of some like pipes bursting in winter, as people from warmer climates may not even know of such an issue. I think increasing home safety also has to do with your initial decision on where to live, you should also try to be aware of any natural hazards in your neighborhoods!

  • You’ve provided some great facts and useful tips. Every homeowner should inspect the roof of their home seasonally. Keep safety in mind when getting on the roof to check for damage, broken tiles, leaky gutters and cleaning needs.

  • Nice tips! I think you can do regular inspections no your own: just buy yourself a videoscope or a toolkit that allows you to see through hard-to-reach places. That’s how you can save both time and money in the long run

  • Great blog on home safety tips. Especially I liked that point much of mold removal tips. As my home was suffering from the same problem. But, I took some professional removal services from the mold company nearby me. And finally, my place is mold- free. Keep Sharing more useful information like this.

  • Some of these are things everyone should’ve already known, but some of the other ones, I didn’t even think about them! For example the gutters. That’s totally something someone could do, use the rain gutters to get to places you don’t want them. Thanks for sharing!

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