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Here’s What Your Choice Of Coffee Flavour Says About Your Fashion Style

Here’s What Your Choice Of Coffee Flavour Says About Your Fashion Style.

The morning cup of coffee is the most delightful beverage of the day. Many consider this drink as the most critical energy booster that can help a person carry on for the day. The first lattes and expresso are meant to give a person much-needed energy boost. Many people who are genuine connoisseurs of coffee are amalgamating the hot drink into fashion can create some of the best and beautiful images. The latest trend on Instagram is the handle @CoffeeClothes. This handle is taking the social media website by storm and creating a buzz all over the world. In the handle, people post stylish and elegant photos with their morning cup of coffee. These inspirational photos are stunning as well as show the tremendous amount of creativity of the users.

Choice Of Coffee Flavour Says About Your Fashion Style


These photos can tell a lot about the fashion sense and goals of the peoples they post on the social media website. Here is proof that Your Choice Of Coffee Flavour Says About Your Fashion Style. The fashion critics have categorized these users into different groups and given some straight opinions about their characteristics and fashion senses. Let’s look at some of them.

  1. The minimalistic:

The everyday black coffee drinker, clad in her simple jeans and the casual shirt is the ideal representative of the confident city girl. These people try to dress up smoothly without overdoing it. Their fashion sense creates a harmonious balance between the being classy and funky. One user had posted a picture of her in joggers and running shoes. The caption on her photo said, coffee after the morning run. Along with the picture the handle #CoffeeClothes was also posted. These girls like to have a fuss-free life. Their wardrobe and their coffee is the representative of that.

  1. The Chic girl:

Dressed up in her boyfriend shirt, with a cup of steaming latte in her hand such girls are comfortable in denim as well as skirts. These girls can wear anything and own any dress. They love to combine style and comfort to create memorable designs. These girls can use all the elements available to create the most intricate sophisticated fashion statements.

  1. Downtown Girl with an expresso:

These are fearless when it comes to fashion. They do not hesitate to showcase their personality as well as their coffee to the world. They love to wear edgy accessories which they can combine beautifully with their attire. Their quirky and funky fashion sense is the most appealing quality of the wearer.

  1. The trendsetter:

The trendsetters are those fashionable ladies who are always seen in high-end designer wear. They love posting the images of their trendy high fashion clutch with their cup of iced coffee. These ladies always follow the high fashion circuits and always dress up according to the latest trends.

  1. The Classic Cappuccino girl:

These ladies sport the classic look and love to showcase her pearls. These ladies love to wear the most elegant dresses and sip a cup of cappuccino with élan. Their cupboard consists of timeless dresses that never go out of style.


Coffee and men’s fashion:

However, ladies are not the only fashionable coffee drinker. Men’s fashion circuit is not far behind. A prominent fashion brand, famous for its menswear, is using coffee as an excellent fashion accessory. While launching their store at an upbeat location in New York, they set up coffee shop inside their store. In this coffee store, the shoppers could enjoy their lattes and cappuccinos while doing their shopping. This store is designed by Sean Ennis and Angus McIntosh, giving the area a cozy and well-defined look.

Coffee and men’s fashion have been an entirely favorite combination in the lifestyle circuits. The in the late 40s and 50s, men, sported leather jackets and sipped their espressos. They moved from one location to another on their motorcycles. Many designers have taken inspiration from this idea, and have formed their variation. One American brand called Jane Motorcycle is trying to sell local made jeans and apparels to the customers. The shoppers can buy the outfits while sipping the elegant Parlor Coffee. The tagline of the shop invites the guest to enjoy the cup of coffee.


Fashion, Coffee, and Philanthropy:

A famous men’s shoe brand called TOM’s have combined fashion and philanthropy. Their brand tries to do something for the environment and the less fortunate people. For each pair of Tom’s shoes, the company donates a pair of shoes to people who cannot afford footwear. Also, a portion of the profits made from the sunglasses sale is forwarded to a charitable organization which works towards vision services. In the recent trends, on the sale TOM’s premium coffee the company is going to donate a week’s supply of clean drinking water to somebody in need.

This company is offering six different varieties of coffee beans that have been sourced directly from the countries. The coffee beans are sourced directly from Honduras, Rwanda, Guatemala, Malawi, and Peru.

The coffee has been an essential aspect of a person’s life. The fashion industry has understood this and is using these magical beans to create new trendsetting images. Coffee and fashion are ruling the social media circuit. In fact, prominent fashion houses are using Coffee as a helpful tool. Brands like Tom’s are dominating clean water on the sale of their premium coffee range. This beverage has moved from the pantry shelves and has landed on the world of high fashion.

Over To You:

So what is your choice of coffee flavor? Does it reflect your fashion style? Do you agree that the choice of coffee flavour says about your fashion style after reading this article? Leave your comment on what you think.

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