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Healthy Drinks 101 – Making Healthy Drinks a Personal Priority

Healthy drinks are becoming more and more common. They can be purchased with a variety of ingredients and taste such as yoghurt drinks, juices, teas, and plain water. The most important of these is water. Yet, many people do not realize that by drinking clean water it helps to ward off numerous diseases triggered by unhealthy environments.

For those consuming commercial health drinks, the cost can really add up. However, water is supposed to be free, that is, until they started adding vitamins to it. Besides being pure, water can save you more money and it is the most beneficial health drink ever!

Benefits of Water as a Healthy Drink

Experts believe that people require and adequate amount of healthy water because it provides energy. In addition, it assists in preventing dehydration, and it keeps the body parts well oiled. Other health advantages of water include:]

. Keeps the skin supple
. Relieves the body of toxins
. Prevents constipation
. Aids weight loss
. Improves blood circulation

Safe water is the most vital health drink. However, it is understandable that at times we prefer a bit of “ump” in our health drinks. Moreover, who has the time to make their own? If you have a blender, by adding many of your favorite ingredients it can become a quick and tasty health drink. However, what if you do not have the time? What can you use as a substitute? To wean away from sugary drinks many people turn to artificial sweeteners. If this route is chosen, aspartame is the better option, since aspartame is produced of two components found naturally in our food and has a safe track record.

Making Healthy Drinks a Personal Priority

If you do not have time or prefer not to bother with making your own healthy drinks, try purchasing beverages with little or no calories. Of course, you can always add flavor to water without adding the extra sugar or calories. For example, you can make a fresh pot of coffee, or a great iced-green tea mix, or perhaps a spa-type water drink infused with herbs, cucumber, and citrus. The following recipe is an example of a healthy fresh-fruit cooler drink with no added sugar, and only eighteen-calories per twelve-ounce glass.

Fresh Fruit Coolers

. ½ Cup of ice
. ¾ Cup of sugar-free sparking-water
. 1/3 Cup of melon or berries
. Chopped citrus slices or mint leaves (optional)
. Place the fruit, ice, and sparkling-water into a blender. Blend until the mixture turns slushy, pour inside a glass and dress-up with citrus slices or mint.

Low-Sodium Miso or Broth

Low-sodium broth will supply the body with the fluids it requires, and can be a pungent and fulfilling substitute to a sweet-drink. Be sure to search for a broth that has not more than 200 milligrams sodium-per serving. Miso can be rather salty, so check for decreased sodium assortments and use in moderation.

Unhealthy Drinks and What Can be done about Them

If you prefer drinks with sugar, shun the twenty-ounce bottles. They contain nearly seventeen teaspoons of sugar with 250 calories. However, consumers can start making a fuss about the unhealthy drinks that pile into our grocery stores. Companies should be bombarded with comments on their websites or calls should be placed to their headquarters. Speak with schools and workplaces and ask or advice them of the necessity of installing, if they do not already have them, functioning water fountains or filtered water.


Today, healthy food or healthy drinks have never been easier to purchase, and the most important aspect a consumer must take into consideration are the ingredients. Reading labels is imperative in order to make sure that whatever you are buying is as healthy as it says it is. Do a good Google search to find about the best ingredients for healthy drinks along with the most harmful as well.

The healthy drinks options on the market today come in a variety of forms. There are pre-mixed healthy drinks normally in tetra packs or in a bottle pre-prepared for drinking, while other health drinks come in powder-forms that can be mixed with water. Professionals agree that consumers are fortunate that there is constant science experimentation and research that targets healthier and tastier health drinks. In fact, healthy drinks come with various vegetables, fruits, nuts, enzyme grains, herbs, and seeds to make them more enticing.

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Ivan Dimitrijevic is an internet marketing professional and part-time blogger. He writes regularly for many blogs including Passion Projects – {all you need is love}, writing about the best ways to find healthy drinks and food.

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  • Nice post!

    I totally agree about making the right choice where health is concerned, whether it’s healthy food or healthy drinks we consume.

    I always vouch for water, which really can’t be compared to anything for all the qualities it has, just as you mentioned. But yes, there are times when you do want a change or variety, which is when you need to consider and make the right choice.

    We as a family don’t opt for unhealthy or aerated drinks, instead choose home-made ones like the one you mentioned, depending on the seasonal fruits available. And there is a lot of variety and many things that you can do to make shakes, coolers, and health drinks at home.

    Thanks for sharing and reminding us to take care of our health. 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted…7 Easy Ways to Find Inner StrengthMy Profile

  • I ask the question,”are you getting healthy drinking water in your home” for a reason. This is a question that is often not thought about because people dangerously assume that their tap water is safe.

  • I agree, sometimes our palate needs more than water. As humans (after the evolution and all). Our palate something different from time to time, even for drinks. The problem with most produce today is the fact that most of them are genetically enhanced to grow bigger, for better taste etc. That I find is the most concerning thing there is about food (or drink). This is why I only consume mostly organic products that were not treated (or whatsoever).

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