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No matter how healthy you think your teeth are simply because they don’t look bad, you can’t leave their health up to chance. You’re responsible for keeping them in prime condition just like with every other part of your body. Bad oral health can be the cause of many less and more serious health issues. If you want to avoid worrying about your health, spending too much money on repairs, and frequent visits to the dentist, you’ll have to start paying close attention to your teeth right away. Otherwise, some of the health issues caused by bad oral health detailed below may be in your future.

1. Cancer

The oral cavity and cancer are usually connected with smoking and using tobacco products, which we know lead to oral and throat cancers. Other types of cancers linked to gum disease can also occur, though.

Due to various infections of the oral cavity, you can be more prone to developing pancreatic cancer, blood cancers, and even kidney cancer. Poor oral health is the main cause of these cancers because, often enough, the bacteria causing the infection ends up in your bloodstream and spreads throughout the body. This means various organs are exposed to the infection, increasing your risk of getting cancer.

2. Kidney disease

Chronic kidney disease is real and it is serious. This disease affects the heart, kidneys, blood pressure, and bones. Periodontal disease and other infections can often lead to kidney disease. This is because those who suffer from gum diseases have a weaker immune system, making them more likely to acquire infections.

Research has shown that many of those who suffer from poor oral health also suffer from kidney disease. In some cases, kidney disease can also be fatal. This is because it can easily lead to kidney failure or cardiovascular disease.

3. Pregnancy complications

Due to various hormonal changes during pregnancy, women who are expecting are more prone to developing oral infections. If you’re pregnant, you have to pay special attention to your oral health. Infections in the body increase the risk of pregnancy complications.

In fact, some oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis have been known to cause premature birth and low birth weight. Not only does bad oral health put you as a mother at risk, but it also puts your unborn child at risk.

4. Respiratory infections

Your lungs aren’t safe from the consequences of bad oral health, either. Infected teeth and swollen gums are usually like that due to the bacteria infecting them. You can easily breathe these bacteria into your lings, or it may even travel there through your bloodstream. This means that you’ll get the same infection on your respiratory organs. As well as that, you’re at risk of pneumonia, acute bronchitis, and in some cases COPD.

With infections in the oral cavity like these, sometimes you’ll need professional help and guidance. In some cases, you may even need implants, crowns, or bridges. Though your dentist will provide necessary guidance and advice, you can also always talk to professionals at the Pindan Dental Laboratory or similar institutions. These people might have more precise information about the procedures and their costs, so you can easily find the motivation to avoid bad oral health.

5. Diabetes

Diabetics are generally more susceptible to infected gums. Most commonly, this infection leads to periodontal disease, which makes diabetes harder to control. Blood sugar levels go haywire causing your symptoms to worsen. If you’re a diabetic, you especially need to take care of your oral health so that you may prevent further complications with your diabetes.

On top of that, healthy people have an increased risk of developing diabetes because of poor oral health, as gum disease raises blood sugar.

6. Dementia

Believe it or not, bad oral health can also cause dementia. Oral infections can affect the brain as much as they can affect the body. This is because the bacteria causing the gum infection can kill brain cells. This ultimately leads to memory loss. This causes dementia, but that isn’t all. In some cases, it’s also possible for the same bacteria to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

All of this results most commonly from gingivitis. This happens when the bacteria in the mouth spreads to the nerve channels and enters the bloodstream.

7. Infertility

Poor oral health has been linked with infertility problems in women. If you’re trying to conceive, you’ll want to pay more attention to your oral health. It may also be a good idea to visit your gynecologist to make sure your reproductive organs are healthy. The thing is, gum disease can lead to a lot of different health issues concerning overall health, most of which make it hard for a woman to get pregnant. In fact, research has shown that it’s harder for a woman for bad oral health to get pregnant than for a woman with good oral health. The process is also longer.

On top of that, sustaining a healthy pregnancy can be more difficult. As we have already established, there is also a correlation between pregnancy complications and bad oral health.

8. Erectile dysfunction

Women aren’t the only ones that can have trouble conceiving due to bad oral health. Men with bad oral hygiene put themselves at risk for suffering from erectile dysfunction. The most common disease which causes this issue is chronic periodontal disease. This is an infection that happens when the gums recede. This inevitably creates pockets between the teeth and the gums which is perfect for bacteria.

These pockets carry bacteria and allow it to spread to the bone around the teeth. As well as that, the same bacteria from diseased gums can get into the bloodstream. This can cause blood vessels to become inflamed and block the flow of blood to the genitals. Inevitably, this makes it almost impossible to get an erection. In some cases, it’s not possible to do so at all.

9. Cardiovascular problems

Your heart isn’t safe from bad oral health, either. First of all, your risk of heart attacks and strokes is increased. Not brushing your teeth and not flossing daily leads to a build-up of plaque on the teeth. Even though we mostly blame cholesterol for blocking arteries and causing heart attacks and strokes, it’s not the only thing you should worry about. Studies have found that the bacteria found in plaque can also contribute to blocked arteries. This happens because the plaque gets into the bloodstream. Then, it most often becomes lodged in an artery in the heart- leading to a stroke or heart attack.

If that wasn’t enough, bad oral health has also been linked to endocarditis. Colonies of bacteria can build up in the mouth and attack both the gums and the teeth. This causes gingivitis which leads to gum bleeding. When that happens, the bacteria easily enter the bloodstream. This allows it to travel to different areas of the body, and a colony will inevitably reach the heart. Finally, that causes endocarditis which is an infection of the inner lining of the valves.


As you can see, there are a variety of health issues caused by bad oral health you may encounter when you’re not looking after your oral health properly. In order to avoid them, you’ll need to start taking responsibility for your oral health. That means listening to your dentist, finding the products that suit you, and keeping up with your hygiene daily. It may seem like a drag now, but you’ll be thankful for your discipline later when you don’t face any of the issues we’ve mentioned.

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