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Growing Trend in Coffee Machines

Growing Trends in Coffee Machines

Great Britain is showing constant growth in coffee sales in recent years. Looks like we keep drinking more and more coffee! There is a constant growing trend in coffee machines incorporating new technologies and solutions.

If you’re drinking coffee, it might be smart to invest in a bean-to-cup coffee machine. Not only does it make superb black coffee, but it can also prepare many coffee drinks with milk, such as cappuccino or latte macchiato (upscale models) with one touch of a button. It’s very convenient and time saving, not to mention great taste and aroma. Automatic coffee machines prepare coffee under pressure, which adds exceptional flavor and most delicate aromatic properties to a freshly brewed cup of your favorite drink. Which is why it’s a good idea to take a closer look at these devices and actually get to know them a bit more in depth, as well as understand both advantages and disadvantages that come with owning one.

Automatic coffee machines with capsules

are quite revolutionary on the coffee market. Their unquestionable advantage is ease of use and low maintenance, as well as relatively low price. These machines are usually small and come in many different shapes and colours, which makes it easier to find a design that suits your taste the best. Preparing a cup of coffee comes down to adding a coffee capsule in the machine, placing a cup under the spout, and pressing a button. Just in a few moments you can enjoy your favorite drink – most flavorful and aromatic. After preparing a certain number of coffee servings, all it takes is emptying the used capsule compartment.

For people who love coffee with milk, there are double capsules – with coffee and milk. If you prefer fresh milk in your coffee, there are slightly more expensive options for you with additional milk frothing unit. Another advantage of enjoying your coffee from capsules is the fact that there  are so many different types and aromas to choose from, e.g. exotic fruits, vanilla, chocolate or nuts. So if you like diversity in your coffee game, a capsule coffee machine might be just for you. Though, there is a disadvantage – capsules tend to be quite pricy.

Some capsular automatic coffee machines as example: NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® “Jovia EDG250.W”;De’Longhi “Lattissima One EN500.BW”; Handpresso “Auto Capsule”.





Automatic coffee machines with coffee pads

are as easy to use and maintain as capsule coffee machines. The so-called coffee pads, just like capsules, have revolutionized the coffee brewing process, making it exceptionally easy and very quick. Pad coffee machines are not only great for household use, but also for offices or small service businesses, e.g. beauty parlors or car servicing stations, or even a small restaurant.

Pads are used in special, low pressure coffee machines, which also come in many different shapes and colors. The most popular manufacturers of this type of coffee machines are Philips Senseo, Bosh, Severin, Petra. It’s also worth mentioning that coffee pads and capsules contain pre-ground coffee made from the highest quality beans, and they do maintain fresh and flavorful for longer, since coffee is air-tight sealed in both pad and capsule it comes in. It’s a practical, hygienic and very effective coffee brewing system, perfect for people who love good coffee and want it prepared quickly and effortlessly.

Example: Saeco Senseo “HD6554/10; De’Longhi “EC 146.B”; Handpresso “Pump Pop Pink”





Automatic pressure coffee machines

are a dream come true to many when it comes to great coffee. They stand out by having a built-in grinder that grinds coffee beans exactly in the way and amount needed to prepare a perfect serving of espresso. Whole coffee beans are freshly ground after pressing a button for desired type of coffee drink.

These coffee machines are manufactured in different classes, series, and lines, which differ in the level of technological development, and convenience of use. They all make great espresso, and the price is usually determined by the type of milk frother it has, and a number of additional features, like programmable beverage profiles, individual recipes and so on. There are three types of milk frothers in these machines. Mechanical nozzles, which should be dipped in the milk and moved around manually to make the foam, automatic nozzles with a moving container, where the milk is sucked through a pipe from a container, heated and frothed, then poured into a cup, which should be then moved under the coffee spout, and finally the automatic frothers, where frothed milk and coffee are poured from a single dispenser. It’s the most expensive, but also the most convenient kind of milk frother.

Example of automatic coffee makers: De’Longhi “Primadonna Elite ECAM 650.75.MS”; Franke “A800”; Franke „Pura Fresco“.






Regardless of the type of coffee machine owned, one has to remember about proper maintenance to make sure the machine serves great, aromatic coffee for years. Coffee machine manufacturers understand that nobody has time or interest to always clean and look after another appliance, so they made sure to design a selection of automatic cleaning and descaling features, including milk system rinsing. Therefore cleaning often comes down to simply emptying the used grounds compartment, and starting the right cleaning program when the coffee machine asks for it.

So, there are many coffee makers to choose from, and the traditional method of preparing coffee by pouring hot water over the grounds in a cup is slowly being replaced with the latest coffee brewing technologies. From having the right amount of water of the right temperature, to going through a strictly defined amount of coffee under specific pressure and in a specific time – all of this allows the best flavor and aromatic properties to be extracted from the coffee, that cannot be obtained through any other coffee brewing method. Not to mention it’s an easy, fast and clean way of preparing your favourite drink. This is probably the answer why the popularity of coffee machines is rapidly increasing.

Though, it can be difficult to find out which coffee machine would suit you best. It’s a result of different needs and preferences that the manufacturers are constantly trying to find out and cater to in this growing trend in coffee machine industry. If ever in doubt of which coffee machine to choose, it might be best to consult with a professional before biting the bullet. After-all, it’s a dink you’ll enjoy daily!

Prepared by Milda Zakaite

Based on The Coffee Mate material.



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