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Great ways to store and display your coffee mugs

We all love our morning cup of black, brown dirt that gets us going. From its addictive smell to, diving taste and effects, we can’t get enough of it. What is equally important to the whole ritual of coffee making and drinking? The answer is, of course, the mugs we all care about and love. From personal prints that mean a lot to us, to something wacky, to others that fit our mood, there is no shortage of options lying around. So here are some great ways to store and display your coffee mugs in style.

And that is exactly the problem. As they are disorganized and placed everywhere, it’s easy to lose them or worse, break them. Having a dedicated space, just for them is practical, cool and tidy so we would like to offer a few suggestions.

1. Hang your coffee mugs and fill the space


If you have some space beneath your cupboards, then you can use simple metal hooks to display (and easily dry) your mugs. They will surely be the first thing anyone sees when they enter your kitchen and, you can always have them in your sight.

2. Various Cupboards to store your coffee mugs

Placing anything into its designated space is a practice many take great pride in. Cupboards can come in all shapes and sizes where you are limited by your imagination only, and how good you Google. Pinterest is also overflowing with ideas, both modern and vintage. You can choose any option as long as it fits in your overall design or if you have a coffee cup theme going.

3. Open concept shelves

Another great alternative, shelves with an open concept, where they are just a surface held in the air by strings or other support, is a modern approach to design. Shelves can be from just about anything. Wood, metal, ceramic, perspex sheets, plastic, glass, you name it. You can even apply various decorative paper over them if you prefer it that way.

4. Theme your space around coffee

Nothing says that you love something like dedicating an entire space and making it all about that. From wall paints that reflect the look of your favorite blend to tables and chairs that are straight out of a coffee shop, you can go wherever your creative juice take you. There are endless amounts of streams online that can provide you with coffee shop music to play in the background as you slouch back in your special corner and enjoy your favorite beverage. All the while surrounded by your design. Just as your coffee, your home has to have a personal touch.

5. Turn the mugs into art


Plain old mugs hardly cause any attraction or heads to turn. While we are not saying that you should paint a Mona Lisa on them, any pattern or a spec of color is recommended. You can opt for various prints that can be printed on the mugs, or be creative and paint something yourself. Chances are, it will look funny, but it will mean a lot to you and, you will have something unique. Displaying all of your arty, colorful arsenal in the kitchen, will cause anyone to turn to them. These can be a focal point for the place and, you can decorate around them accordingly.

6. Tiered display of your coffee mugs

Let’s say that you have some tiered shelves that are just due for a makeover. In this case, you can ideally use coffee mugs. Stacking them all on and proudly displaying your collection is also practical. You can group them all in one place so that you always know what you have. It’s like doing an inventory of the house, but it’s always displayed. Also, it’s much easier to clean them all since they are in one place and, you can use certain tiers of shelves as a theme. Red goes on this shelf, printed go on that, this theme on this shelf, you get the picture. Or better yet, you are painting one.

7. Cart coffee mugs

Do you know those pushing trollies that they have in some fancy restaurants or planes? These can make your coffee dates stand out and become unique. Tiered just like shelves but mobile and unique, this is something that you can find in specialized shops or simply Google. Aiming for that retro feel, this is not something that is found in every home.


This makes it ideal if you want to offer a memorable experience to your guests. Also, these coffee carts can be used for various coffee accessories such as milk, sugar, cookies etc. Each tier of shelves can be filled to the brim with your favorite coffee-related stuff and, the whole tasty assemble can be rolled out at a moment’s notice.

In the end, all that matters is that you are having fun with this. Decorating, mixing and matching, thinking and finding something new, it’s all part of the process. Turning that old dustbin into a haven for coffee mugs is the end goal and getting there is a marathon, not a sprint. Try out new looks, designs and arrangements, who know what will click. Just like you discovered your favorite blend or percentage of sugar and milk in your coffee, so too will you find the perfect arrangement for the mugs. Which all leads to a more enjoyable experience.

So what do you think of these great ways to store and display your coffee mugs in your home or at work or even a mobile coffee cart? Does this give you any ideas to redo your coffee space?

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