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Getting the Most of your Graduate School Experience

Graduating Student Assistants Reception.

If you’re interested in working as a healthcare administrator, this career path is a fantastic way to have a positive influence on others without engaging in direct patient contact. By aiming to keep things progressing efficiently on a daily basis, you’ll help healthcare facilities of many types thrive while offering the best possible care to patients. Be prepared to pursue post-graduate work, but don’t start to feel overwhelmed just yet. With a few tips, you can stay relaxed and level-headed as you conquer graduate school.

Don’t Change What Works for You

Some people get off track and start to panic because they think that everything about graduate school will be different from anything they’ve ever done before. Although you’ll certainly have a lot of expectations to meet, many things, such as attending class regularly and doing the homework are just the same as they were when you worked towards your undergraduate degree.

Think about the specific study aids that you used then, and adapt them for the different requirements of graduate school. Thorough note-taking is crucial, especially when you’re participating in very intricate types of coursework. Although you can still use traditional methods like index cards, and a notebook and pencil to help you remember essential bits of information, use technology to find slideshows or listen to MP3 files, too. These can be really helpful if you find yourself feeling flustered as you try to copy down what your professors say during a lecture, and can also make it easier to decipher anything that initially seemed unclear.

Immerse Yourself as Much as Possible

If you’re pursuing graduate school, you may not have the luxury of focusing solely on your studies. Many graduate level students are simultaneously holding down a job or juggling the responsibilities of family life while they attend classes.

Even if this is the case for you, strive to participate in the full graduate school experience as much as you can. Beyond attending classes, you may have the chance to take part in extracurricular activities that relate to your program of study or share your thoughts about classroom topics via online message boards.

Whether you go to school in a traditional environment, or through an online option, try to get involved in study groups to help ensure that you truly understand the new information that you’re learning, and also look for ways to partner with others to learn skills that will assist you through graduate school, as well as in your upcoming career.

Be respectful to your professors, too. They’re more than just people who are helping you learn. They can also be a resource later in your career. They might be a mentor, or even offer a reference as you attempt to enter the job market. It’s often said that people should avoid severing ties with others, particularly when advancing their career, and this is especially true for a job as a healthcare administrator. Besides, once you’re out in the working world, you’ll have to deal with employees, vendors and others on a daily basis, so good communication and a professional demeanor are valuable traits, too.

If you’ve ever watched a famous rock star as they thrill large crowds and expertly play instruments, and wished that you could have that same confidence, you can. Graduate school is indeed a challenge, but with the right approach, it’s a manageable one.

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  • Hey Praveen,
    These are a great set of tips. Getting most of the graduate school is a challenge for many. However, I had one of the most memorable experiences during my graduation. I agree, the key to achieve a fun filled graduate school experience is to indulge in group activities. Such extra curricular activities aid in discovering the friends in the classmates. I remember, we were working on a marketing project, and while working I got a great friend. By sharing your thoughts and listening to what others have to say, one can get the best of the friends. Thanks for this lovely post.

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