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Fun to Use High Tech Security for Valuables

In modern society, the value we have for our loved ones and our cherished items can be combined with our appreciation for technology. There are incredible devices available to increase the security of people, pets and objects. This technology is now accessible and easy to use for those looking to protect their personal belongings and ensure the safety of their family.


 IP Cameras

At the top of the list are IP cameras that let viewers see home, pets and family from anywhere there is an Internet connection. With the increasing addition of wireless hot spots, most cell phones and tablets today have access to an Internet connection in most areas.

IP cameras are similar to computers with a built-in camera. They are self contained and require only a connection to the Internet in order to function. Using an app or web browser, it is easy to see what an IP camera is seeing from anywhere there is an Internet connection. They are secured against unauthorized viewing by a password.

High Tech Safes

There are safes available for residential installation that include interior lights and are even capable of notifying the police if the owner is forced to open the safe. This security feature is activated by either a hidden button or an alternate combination. The alternate combination will open the safe, but it will also notify police of the robbery at the same time. These safes utilize internal glass plates that will break and relock a safe if burglars attempt to use tools to force them open. They also offer biometric security to open when the appropriate fingerprint is scanned.

GPS Tracking

It started with electronic tracking devices that used the Global Positioning System satellites to keep track of fleets of vehicles including over-the-road trucks and work vans. It expanded into construction equipment in order to track where machines were located at any given time. Now, better batteries and smaller circuit boards have paved the way to smaller GPS tracking devices that can be attached to practically anything.

These devices have a GPS chip for location tracking. They send signals through the cellular networks and, in some cases, upload tracking data to overhead satellites orbiting Earth. They are small enough to attach to motorcycles, travel trailers, small watercraft, and even pet collars. Apps can be installed on cell phones and tablet computers to use the internal GPS circuitry for tracking where the devices are located.

Now, whether it be a child with a cell phone, a pet with a GPS tracking collar, or a high value vehicle, all items can be tracked in real time using GPS tracking devices. Users pay to use a service that will show where a tracking device is or where it is going as well as where it has been.


The downside of this technology comes from when a criminal decides to use it against a victim. Stalkers can track the comings and goings of their victims since the devices are small and go undetected unless they are sought out. Those who are not careful with devices that have built in GPS capability can be hacked to reveal their locations and travel patterns.

This is merely an introduction to ever-advancing devices that can be used to increase our security. Now, we can see our valuables, lock them up where they cannot be touched, and even track them if they go missing. Technology is making it more difficult for criminals to ply their trades.

Marion Henderson works as a national home security system analyst who knows the first step in home security is a top rated home safe.

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  • This is merely presenting ever-advancing gadgets that can be used to improve our protection. Now, we can see our valuable items, secure them up where they cannot be moved, and even monitor them if they go losing. Technological innovation is creating it more challenging for scammers to ply their deals.

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