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Freedom is Spelled “T*E*C*H*N*O*L*O*G*Y”

Technology has changed the world for everyone – even those who never touch it themselves – but none more than the handicapped. Technology has brought a measure of independence to the lives of those who were once held hostage by their infirmities and I, personally, am grateful. At one time, I would have had no freedom, but technology changed all that.

Getting Out of the House

Leaving the house without a specially equipped vehicle would be impossible. Today’s handicap vans are nothing short of miraculous. If I am locked in a wheelchair and cannot even get in or out of the vehicle with my wheelchair, everything is electronic. I can push a button. The door opens, and a ramp is automatically lowered. I push the button on my wheelchair, and it takes me up the ramp. If I can move to the front seat, I have the space to do that. If I cannot, I can lock my wheelchair in the driver’s place.

Because the side and back doors, windows and locks are controlled electronically, I can do whatever I need to in order to handle the vehicle. The mirrors are electronically moved, so I am able to make the vehicle safe for me to drive. If I did not have this equipment, I would be a prisoner in my house forced to live the life of a recluse. Instead, I can go almost anywhere because of this technology.

Even with a vehicle and electric wheelchair, travel is problematic. If the weather is bad, my ability to travel is limited. It still takes considerably more time for me to go somewhere than it would if I could walk like most other people. I am selective about how I plan my days; that is why it is so important for me to be able to shop online.

Shopping Online

I will bet there is not very much that cannot be purchased online. I can save money by price comparison shopping all without ever leaving my chair. I save time and effort by buying certain products online. That way, I can save my outside trips for things that are more difficult to find online or for getting out and seeing people and going to events.

I get all of the products for my dogs online. I buy books and music online. I can even sample tracks before I make my purchase. I buy many of my gifts online, especially those that need to be shipped. While many stores provide shipping services, many do not. That would mean an additional effort to prepare the gift for shipping and the trip to the post office if I could even get the package(s) inside. I would probably have to get someone to help me. Online, I can do it myself and, if I’m a savvy shopper, the shipping will be reduced or free.

Living and Working in Cyberspace

If I want to go to school, I can get a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree online at state schools and other fully accredited institutions. I’ve done it. My last Bachelor’s degree was earned 98% online. I did everything online or by telephone if I needed the convenience of talking to someone. For now, Doctorates are more difficult to earn online but, eventually, that will no longer be the case.

I work online as well for, and business is picking up. I work as a freelance writer and web developer, but I see work for other professions, too. Today, there are many business that post their schedules online, so I am not the only one who benefits from technology – everyone does. It’s just that what is a convenience for most is a chance to live for me. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Author Bio: Rose Holcomb is a freelance writer and web developer. She works, attends school, and lives with the help of technology.

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  • Hi Praveen,I am very agreed with the post.The technology changes the definition of the freedom and also the various limitations of humans.The electronic wheel chair can solve the problem of moving you without puling the wheels of the chair and the carpet can be lower down by just pressing the button.

    • “Tampa Web Design” – welcome to my blog and glad to see you here. 

      The electronic wheel chair and many more such new inventions to help not only the disabled but everyone else has been most appreciated by one and all. I am sure we will be blown away by what comes next!!!

  • Technology has definitely made it a lot more convenient for us all.  I remember when my sister-in-law told me that her mother use to buy everything online and never even left the house to shop any more.  Whatever she needed is available for shopping online and being delivered to your doorstep.

    You are right about wheelchair accessible vans, chair lifts, you name it.  I have no doubt that things will just continue to become even more sophisticated as time goes by.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

    • Adrienne – Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this. I am sure we will have many things to thank the world of technology for, and a lot more to come which will ease up our lives and make it a better place. 

      At the same time, there are many bad things that come with new technology that one has to be aware of and cautioned about before growing exponentially. What do you think?

  • The electronic wheel chair can solve the problem of moving you without
    puling the wheels of the chair and the carpet can be lower down by just
    pressing the button. 

  • I love technology.  There are some people that insist that technology can easily go out of bounds but my opinion is that it all depends on the user. If he wants to overdo it, you simply can’t stop him. Either if it is technology or not.

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