For everything else there is Google Wallet

Everyone probably remembers the clever ad with the punchline – “There are some things money can’t buy, For everything else there is MasterCard“. It was very well thought out and the message was delivered without a doubt.

Today, Google has made it possible to overcome the use of a credit card even. They have launched Google Wallet on Sprint and working with Visa, American Express and Discover.

Google Wallet is a simple mobile application which allows you to use your cell phone to pay with any of the above services. It uses a service called NFCNear Field Communication which “allows for simplified transactions, data exchange and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other, usually by no more than a few centimeters.” as defined by Wikipedia.

Below video demonstrates how to use the Googel App on your mobile device.

As explained in the video, it enables you to pay with your Citi MasterCard credit card and the Google Prepaid Card, which can be funded with any of your existing plastic cards.

What is Google Wallet?

It is an application on your phone protected and accessible by a PIN security number that is linked to compatible credit, prepaid and debit cards, and maybe even gift cards or merchandise credit cards. When you get to the counter with a MasterCard PayPass Kiosk, all you have to do is hold your phone up to the device, and you’re done, payment information is transferred from the phone to the kiosk using NFC(as explained earlier).

Even though the phone (Samsung built Sprint S 4G) should function at any PayPass location, Google is “launching” the Wallet only in New York and San Francisco to start with. Macy’s is one of the retail partners Google is working with closely out of the gate, which means users should expect the full experience: they’ll be able to both pay and transfer Offers from the Wallet app to the payment terminal when they order up some polos.

Is it secured?

Security is of utmost concern as probably obvious with such financial transactions being allowed at major outlets. Google says “the Nexus S’ NFC chip will be totally disabled whenever the display is off, which means it won’t transmit or receive any data. Additionally, access to your card data is handled by an encrypted chip on the phone which is the “secure element” in the whole process.

So what do you think of where the future of mobile computing and technological advancement is taking us? Share your thoughts on this new Google App which may revolutionize e-commerce.

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  • I believe its going to rock, but little worried about security since missing cellphone will cost you more than its worth!!!. Hope Apple will bring that in iPhone 5 😉

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