Five steps to make your website Panda free

Panda proof web content writing has become a must.  If your site can trigger panda but you site has not been mangled that’s purely a matter of destiny. Numerous websites which were earning handsome are rewritten and managed by seo to cope up the problem of panda. This is better to rearrange all the data and make it panda free.


Here are some helpful steps to make the data panda free

  • Do away with duplicate content

This is the best to keep the data duplicity free. The content should be original. Google has adopted a different approach to tackle the sites which have duplicity in contents. The websites must consider seriously if there is there are two similar pages on a site. There are various technologies available to trace and rectify the duplicate content. The duplicate data may go down the whole website and you may have to bear the expenses of designing the website from the very beginning.

Screaming frog is a very good choice to trace out the duplicate data. There are many assisting articles available which may help to trace the duplicate data if there is any on your website. This is very complicated and critical to find out the duplicate data. There are various preventive measures which can be used.


  • High quality content

The high quality content helps to protect the content from the threat of panda. If your website requires massive description you should not deal the data with crisp and shorten details. The shallow pages should be avoided up to the maximum level. Informative content should be placed on the website. As there every word is paid and according to the panda security this is wise idea to maintain the quality of the web content.

  • Concise the data of website

Supposedly, you deal in different types of products and services. This is not a good idea to store and present the data on one website. You can categorize similar products and services. This is better to distinguish and present differently. Such procedure may increase the cost but may protect the website from panda error.


  • Strategic plans

This is appreciable if you follow a strategy. Most of the marketers fail when they don’t follow a strategy and make efforts without any direction. Web content should be a very sincere and serious effort. The strategies are followed for marketing and accomplish the pre planned marketing strategies.

  • Traffic compatibility

.The traffic is very important for website. This is very important to concentrate on the right traffic. Most of the websites nowadays follow social links and advertise on social sites to get the traffic. The traffic should be prioritized there should be nothing better than goggle. Most of the time social sites make your data virus affected and you start getting panda and other rejections. So this is better to check the traffic.  This should be analysed that whether this is trustworthy and compatible to use the site for your website security.

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  • Yeah, Google has really been putting the hammer down on a lot of us. It is definitely not a good idea to have all of your eggs in one basket and publishing on multiple websites, blogs, writing sites, etc., is not a bad idea.
    I enjoyed reading this page full of useful tips.
    As for that duplicate content stuff, does that also apply to the ones who transfer old content from one site to another? I mean, if I remove several articles from a publishing site to put on my blog, will it count as duplicate content, even though I deleted it from the other site? I suppose I’d have to wait for the SE’s web cache to clear, eh?

    • Kevin – Welcome to DMC and am grateful for you to have left valuable comment to this article, making it more useful to my readers.

      I certainly do not think that will be considered as a duplicate content as long as you have removed from your website. We can expect google to have such dumb algorithms in their updates to mis-calculate those ones. I am sure you will do well and nothing to fear 🙂
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…What Makes a Good Barista?My Profile

    • Justin – I certainly agree with you, just because of a few “offenders”, the whole blogging community has to suffer with such strict rules and updates. It is really sad, but that is how the internet has evolved, and I do not see a way out.

      Let us be sure we stick to the regulations and make our sites secure and resistant to any updates.

      Have a good week ahead.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…What Makes a Good Barista?My Profile

  • Hi Praveen, This was very informative about Google. While they seem to come up with very cute names for their updates, they seem to be very serious about keeping their search engine running smoothly. When people try to “game” Google by offering repetitive articles and paying for links, they will be penalized.

    Thanks for bringing Sofiya here to tell us about Panda, Praveen!
    Carolyn recently posted…8 Easy Ways to Get Free Dropbox SpaceMy Profile

    • Carolyn – Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts on this article. Yes, Sofiya did a good job with this article by explaining how to withstand such negative impacts from the updates from Google.

      Penalizing by Google is very common these days and has made every blogger think twice before putting out a link or publishing any guest posts. Duplicate content is serious offence and I agree with Google on that one.

      Thanks and have a great week ahead.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…What Makes a Good Barista?My Profile

  • Hi Praveen,

    I have been here for the first time and I think I have the right to make a statement, hope it goes well with you

    “YOUR BLOG HAS THE GREAT DOMAIN NAME”. It really relieves the person from the bloggers self proclaimed naming conventions.

    Coming on to the post, I feel we all get scared by Google’s animal series and which animal they are going to target next has to be seen. Your suggested steps are going to be handy for sure.

    Thanks for sharing this.


    • Hi Sapna – Welcome to DMC and am glad to see you here. Nice to read your comment and yes, I have got that from many of my readers, my blog name doesnt have to do with anything that I post or a particular niche. Glad you liked it 🙂

      Google does seem to scare us bloggers with their regular updates and even more strict impositions about their regulations. Sofiya has pointed out the right steps to keep our blogs going fine without having to worry much.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead. Hope to see you back soon.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…What Makes a Good Barista?My Profile

  • Google…

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  • generating backlinks the genuine way and updating fresh and quality content can be of great help. Google always makes sure only the authentic ones stay in the market. Great points you have made here.

  • Hello Praveen, indeed the next thing to cover your back against Panda update is the Unique and Original content. I believe that writing good can get you enough natural links that will help with your rankings.
    Radu recently posted…PowerliftingMy Profile

  • Often people get effected from Panda due to bad or duplicated contents, if you are looking for panda free website then it is important to focus upon the quality of your contents as well as review the linkbuilding strategy. Your 5 tips are pretty helpful for bloggers to made their website penguin and panda friendly 🙂
    Steph Riggs recently posted…Google Penalty hits a Major California CityMy Profile

  • every body in the web is discussing about google panda about the quality content. is it possible to write a quality content for a un known techy?I know many of the website owners and bloggers put lot of ads in their sites. If google eats away the traffic , what about the owners who spent lot of money to earn some extra money through ads.

    is this fair for google to do this kind of practices ?
    we only made Google to rank No 1
    it seems there is no alternate to Google ?.

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