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Five Different Ways to Enjoy the Beach

Are you ready to go to the beach? It’s not a place for you just to swim or get a tan (which is probably not a good idea, anyway). It’s the best place for you to relax, drink in nature, and breathe out all your stress.

You need a place to unwind, so why not pack up your bags and head for the seashore? Here are a few tips for you to enjoy the many wonders a beach vacation can give you.

1. Get a Massage

Find a place under the shade, get a blanket, and get a massage. A massage on the beach is a holistic experience: your senses drink in the sight and sound of waves and sea air. Your lungs can clear out the pollution of the city. Even the feel of leftover sand between your toes encourages you to leave thoughts of work behind.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, not all beaches have their own massage therapists on hand; and even if they do, massages can be expensive to come by! So what can you do?

If you have a friend who’s a massage therapist and who wants to go to the beach, invite that friend. You can pay for your friend’s way, or your friend’s food – just ask for a massage.

Some beaches do have massage therapy clinics nearby. You can inquire if you can have your massage on the beach.

2. Bring a Book – and Read it Slowly

Have you ever tried reading a book while you were stressed or thinking about work? Your brain was probably skimming over words and simmering with thoughts of getting back to the keyboard. Worse, you might not even remember what you were reading about!

Books aren’t meant to be taken in like pills. They’re meant to be chewed on and digested. Research shows that brain activity increases as you read fiction. So don’t skim over the words – read them slowly.

Now, take that reading to another level by reading on the beach. This is an ideal activity when it gets too hot for a swim. Simply sit down, read a book, and relax. You’ll find that your brain tunes in to the book much faster, and your attention is far more focused.

3. Drink Coconut Water

Not all beaches have coconut trees, but if you’re out in the tropics, make sure that you drink this wonderful health drink while you’re sitting on the beach. Coconut water has been lauded by celebrities and nutritionists the world over as a natural source of minerals – so drink your fill!

And don’t drink coconut water out of a can. Go to a restaurant and order fresh coconut off the menu. Chances are, you’ll get to drink it straight from the coconut, and you’ll get the chance to eat fresh, soft coconut meat afterward. How’s that for a vitamin-laden stay on the beach?

4. Don’t Hunt for Seashells

Well, this should be more of: look for other things on the seashore that are less common but more fascinating than seashells. Try sea glass, which are shards of glass softened by the waves after years and years of being at sea. You can use them to decorate your vases at home, or add them to a classy, but earthy art project.

And while you’re at it, do something good for the planet. Pick up the trash that gets washed up and throw it away. You don’t want the sea to get all polluted now, do you?

5. Nap

Have you ever fallen asleep to the sound of the waves? Get yourself into a comfortable hammock in the shade, just so you don’t burn your skin under sun. Drink a lot of water just so you don’t get dehydrated after being out in the heat.

Then, finally, breathe deep. Relax. Listen to the sea, or the children playing in the waves, or the people talking idly by the shore.

You’ll find that the beach can rejuvenate you, and take you out of the humdrum of everyday. Whether you’re there for a swim or just to see the sea, make sure that you forget about everything else. Your brain needs a vacation, and as your brain takes that vacation, so will your body.

Author Bio: Inez Ponce de Leon is a writer, science communicator, scientist, and belly dancer. She loves beaches, books, movies, and way too many things – hence, she writes way too much, too. She loves taking on a wide variety of topics, from how to critically look at Internet health claims such as Healthy Trim Reviews, how vitamins can be supplements for brain health, and how racism is being fought in Philippine football (


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