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Everything You Need to Know About French Press Coffee


Coffee is a drink that you can find in any place in the whole world. You can find this in any country, city, and household in which almost everyone drinks this. This is most popular as a breakfast drink to start the day and give you that burst of energy to jump-start you for the day. But of course, you can drink this at any time of the day, as a lot of people drink it after meals, during snacks, together with desserts too. In this article we will see everything you need to know about French Press Coffee and get to know how to use this exquisite coffee machine and what sort of beans to use to get the best morning cup of coffee for you.

This drink is prepared differently in different cultures and places. One of the best experiences, when you travel, is to drink the different kinds of coffee all around the world. You must definitely try the espresso and cappuccino of Italy, the egg coffee of Vietnam, Turkish coffee in Turkey, and Irish coffee of Ireland. These drinks may be different in taste and preparation but they all represent the best thing in their region. All of them are good and are worth trying.

The coffee industry is also very large. This industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. One of the biggest coffee companies in the world is Starbucks with a net worth of around 30 billion dollars. This industry continues to grow as the population is demanding more of this product. Click here to learn more about the economics of coffee:

There are many ways to make coffee. Depending on where you are, the way you prepare coffee may differ. The most popular way is to use instant coffee. It’s the most convenient and the fastest way to prepare it. You just need to boil water then add it directly to the instant coffee and then mix it. You can add sugar, cream, and cinnamon too depending on your taste. This is popular because of its convenience and a lot of instant coffee brands mimic the tastes of popular kinds of this drink like the cappuccino and the café latte.

The next most popular way of making a café is the brewed one. This uses a coffee maker where a filter is placed inside the machine, some ground beans, and water. The machine heats the water to make steam and the steam is then condensed back to the area where the ground beans and the filter are to make the drink.

Another way to make a cup of this is to use drip equipment. Ground beans are placed on a filter and hot water is poured on it. You just wait till all the water passes the filter to your cup or container. This is popular among connoisseurs of this drink.  

One of the most famous ways of making a café which is used in almost all the shops is by using an espresso machine. The espresso is very versatile and is used as a base in making many different kinds of drinks like the café latte, cappuccino, macchiato, and the sweet yet bitter affogato. This machine uses steam and pushes it through a thick serving of ground beans where a concentrated concoction is made. Italians love to drink this straight but for the rest of the world population, the other variations are preferred.

Another way of making café is through a French press. The French press is a contraption that is usually glass or fiberglass, which has metal or plastic lid, a plunger, and a fine metal mesh to filter the concoction. This contraption was invented by Paolini Ugo but it was patented by two Italian designers. So now lets see everything you need to know about french press coffee machines.

How to Use

This device can be used to brew both coffee and tea. So if you want a café in the morning and tea in the afternoon, this device is perfect for you.

  1. The first thing you have to do is pull the plunger up and open the device. Once the plunger is up, you can add your ground beans. The best type to use in this device is the one that is coarsely ground. You will need 2 tablespoons of this coarsely ground beans for every six ounces of water. You can, of course, add more if you like it to be stronger or add less to make it lighter.
  2. Add your hot water and close the lid to let it brew. Make sure that the water you added just came off from the boil to allow it to brew the ground beans you placed in the contraption. Wait for four minutes as your coffee brews in the scalding water.
  3. After four minutes, your French press drink is now ready and all you have to do is push the plunger down to separate the ground bean from the drink. Then pour to your cup and mug and enjoy freshly brewed coffee that is rich smooth, and decadent.

What type of coffee maker to use?

How do you choose a French press coffee maker? There are basically three types of French press available in the market: glass, stainless, and plastic. Stainless is the one that can better retain heat so this brews your drink better than the other two. Glass, however, looks elegant and you can enjoy looking at your drink as you prepare it. However, glass breaks easily and is more delicate than the other two. The plastic one, on the other hand, is durable and you can see the process of making the concoction. But this type is not as beautiful as the glass one. The plastic versions are also cheaper so this is good if you are in a budget.

Which beans to choose?

Different types of beans have different flavors and are better tasting depending on the brewing process. That is why in using this technique in making your café, the best tasting beans are the Sumatran ones. Since you will be grinding it coarsely, this bean can give you the best flavor. This is strong and rich in flavor where it gives you that bitter but smooth taste.  

So this was everything you need to know about French Press Coffee. The French press is an exquisite way to make your morning beverage. This is also best in making tea if your tea is not in a tea bag. This can be very handy and any household will be better with one.

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  • Love a cafetiere! A barista in my local coffee shop told me that I should stop short of pressing the plunger and just scoop the grinds off the top before I pour for more flavour. I’m not so sure but I trust him so gave it a go!

  • Hi,

    How are you? I hope you are doing great! My name is Thomas Chevalier and I am from Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee Roasters a company that source and roast the good quality coffee.

    We write a blog about Australian Coffee Beans, Quality Coffee, and Fresh Roasted Good Coffee

    I am reaching out to you to say that I really had a great time reading your blogs it’s so informative and genuine.

  • Hey Praveen,

    There are a hundred ways to geek out over coffee. But in the end, what we’re after is a hot, delicious cup of coffee to see us through the morning. A simple pleasure.

    In my opinion – French press is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make great coffee. Every time your posts on coffee really very interesting because you explore them very nicely. Eventually, thanks for sharing your interesting experience with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Just want to give a word of warning. I drank French press coffee for years. Then after a blood test I found out my cholesterol was very high. I had no medical history for high cholesterol, I don’t eat meat/dairy/eggs, and I exercise. My doctor couldn’t figure it out. I then came across articles from Harvard and other medical journals that showed the correlation between non-filtered coffee and raised cholesterol.

    “The diterpenes, cafestol and kahweol, are both naturally present in the oil contained in coffee. Research suggests that high consumption of these compounds can raise serum levels of total and LDL cholesterol”

    I immediately switched to filtered coffee and cut my cholesterol in half within a few months. I hope that helps others who might have experienced the same.
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