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Equipment You Should Donate to Help Hospitals Fight Corona virus

Help Hospitals Fight Corona Virus

The whole world is fighting against the common enemy – corona virus. The fight has been going on for a couple of months, but things are getting serious now since more and more people are getting infected by the virus all over the world. It seems that people and the entire world is in pain while facing challenges during this fight. Most people and countries are under lockdown to prevent an easy spread of this virus. It seems that now more than ever is important to stay at home so you can help your country’s health system and doctors and nurses who are tirelessly helping patients. Unfortunately, no-one’s ready and no-one’s prepared for this kind of epidemic, especially hospitals which are getting crowded day by day. If you’re thinking ‘is there anything I could do to help hospitals fight corona virus?’ here are some suggestions on how to do that.

Use Your Skills

Medical providers are dealing with a serious shortage of medical supplies that they need in a fight against coronavirus. Doctors and nurses need surgical masks and medical face masks that will keep them safe so that they will be able to help others and cure them. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough masks and proper equipment since this is a pandemic that no-one expected. So, if you’re talented and you know how to sew this is a perfect time to use that skill and make masks that you can donate to your local hospital. Even if you’re new at this and don’t know how to sew, you can use this extra time in your quarantine and watch some tutorials on how to make a facial mask yourself. All you need is a proper material and patience. After all, any face mask even a sewed one is better than no mask at all. Before you donate masks to your local hospital, check out if they accept them. Some hospitals still accept them and some don’t because they’re trying to be cautious. But, even if your local hospital doesn’t accept homemade masks, it’s always a good idea to give them to health-care staff eg. the hospital receptionists.

Medical Refrigerators

Medical refrigerators are special medical products that are used for keeping heat sensitive products stored. These refrigerators are usually used in laboratories, hospitals, pharmacies, research centres or blood banks. Medical fridges are designed to keep safe and properly stored vaccines, drugs and other medical or pharmaceutical products which should be kept in controlled conditions. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease and most respiratory virus diagnoses depend on the collection of specimens and the appropriate storage of it before bringing it to the laboratory for testing. Samples and specimens of corona virus should be kept in a fridge at the appropriate temperature. Unfortunately, most hospitals are running out of these kinds of fridges since there are more and more people who are being tested on corona virus so the hospitals are running out of the space. If you’re thinking of what you could donate to help hospitals fight corona virus apart from masks and other personal protective equipment, think of donating vaccine fridge that will be more than helpful to all the doctors and laboratory technicians.

Money Donations

Donating money is one of the easier and most effective ways how you can help your local hospital and its professional staff working during these harsh and challenging times. Most hospitals have created and now have a special local fund dedicated to fighting this virus. This way, the donation is even easier because you can donate directly to your local hospital and do a good deed.

Blood Donations

Due to the corona virus pandemic, most hospitals are now facing a blood shortage. This is happening because of a huge number of blood drive cancellations because of the virus. It’s important to remember patients who still rely on a steady stream of blood donations and that need our help more than ever. Unfortunately, there are still many other patients, except the ones with coronavirus, that are dealing with their battles and trying to beat the disease that’s causing them pain. Some of them need blood donations. To make sure these patients aren’t being neglected and ignored because all eyes are aimed to corona virus nowadays, schedule a blood donation appointment to help others and save lives.


Personal protective equipment includes using protective helmets, clothing or any other part of the equipment that will protect a worker’s body and keep him or her safe. Usually, health workers (eg. doctors and nurses) have the proper equipment but unfortunately, the global supply for PPE is and continues to be uncertain. Most hospitals are actively taking steps that will help them get more supplies and keep health workers safe so that they can help others. Keep in mind that this global shortage can lead to nurses and doctors getting sick, and in the worst-case scenario even dying from complications of corona virus. Is this happens, the number of professionals who are qualified to take care of others who got infected will reduce and then there might rise a bigger issue. That’s why we need to keep our health-care staff safe at all costs. Apart from the shortage of masks, other personal protective equipment is needed too, including gloves, scrubs, gowns, shoes and shoe coverings and hoods.


Due to the corona virus and its fast spread, there have been increasingly pleas from public authorities and healthcare workers not only for helping them by staying safe at home but also for donations of various protective equipment and much needed medical supplies. If you’re able to donate or help in any way your local hospital on this challenging journey, make sure you do that. Your small act of kindness will mean a lot and it will support not only healthcare workers but also patients that need help and their families that are hoping for the best. If we don’t protect the ones who need protection the most and the ones who are fighting against this virus to save others, who will help us then? Make sure you check what your local hospital needs the most and start with that, if possible to help hospitals fight corona virus. Until then, stay home and save your life and lives of others.

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