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Does Coffee Ice cream have caffeine ?

In our previous article, we answered the question does cocoa powder have caffeine and determined that it does have considerable amount of the stimulant. Another most common question most of us have is does coffee ice cream have caffeine or it is just the flavor of coffee with no caffeine in this sweet treat.

does coffee ice cream have caffeine

Does coffee ice cream have caffeine

Yes, they do! As simple as that, only exception being if it says “artificial flavor” in the ingredient list, then its free of caffeine. Now lets see 3 top brands of coffee ice cream and explore how much caffeine they each contain.

Häagen-Daz Coffee Ice Cream Caffeine

CaffeineInformer reports in this article that an 8oz of Haagen Daz coffee ice cream contains around 60mg of caffeine which is the same as in one teaspoon of instant coffee or in a single shot of espresso!!

Let’s convert 12oz to grams and we get 340grams. So, for 12oz of Haagen Daz ice cream, we have close to 90mg of caffeine.

Talenti Chocolate Chip Coffee Ice Cream

The question does coffee ice cream have caffeine has become so common that Talenti has listed it in their FAQ page itself. Their two top coffee ice cream brands – Coffee Chocolate Chip & Coffee Toffee gelato roughly contains around 5 to 8mg of caffeine per 1/2 cup serving (4oz). So this makes it far less than the Haagen Daz coffee ice cream caffeine level of 30mg.

Talenti is actually the lowest in the several brands of coffee ice creams available today in your grocery stores. It’s just slightly higher than a cup of decaf coffee which is around 4 to 6mg of caffeine!!

So, if you see how many cups in 64oz of Talenti ice cream, we get 8cups, and it contains only 80mg of caffeine.

But then, I am not saying you replace your morning cup of java with a cup of Talenti coffee ice cream, nope, not gonna happen 🙂

Ben & Jerrys

While Talenti & Haagen Daz has somewhat lower levels of caffeine, the Ben & Jerrys classic Coffee Coffee Buzzbuzzbuzz has 45mg of caffeine in 4oz serving and 180mg in a pint, which is equivalent to 2 cups of java.

Now we saw that 12oz in grams is 340grams, so a 12oz cup of Ben & Jerrys will contain 120mg of caffeine, enough to keep you awake.

As you can clearly see, the amount of caffeine varies across each brand, if they add dark chocolate on top, it makes it even stronger and the caffeine content will naturally go up.

Does Coffee Ice Cream keep you awake?

Many of us dont wish to drink coffee later in the evening fearing that they wont be able to sleep well through the night. The same goes with Coffee Ice Cream, with these varying levels of caffeine, its enough to keep you awake for a while.

does coffee ice cream have caffeine

But if you aren’t sensitive to caffeine, then don’t worry about it. Like I can have a cup of coffee after dinner and go straight to bed.

Does Decaffeinated Coffee Ice Cream have caffeine in them?

The best way to ensure there is no caffeine in your coffee ice cream is by preparing one yourself (recipe below). This is because if decaf coffee has slight amounts of caffeine as we have seen earlier. Even decaf coffee ice cream will still have some amounts of caffeine because they basically use decaf coffee which again contains 7mg caffeine per 8oz serving.

Here are a few brands of decaf coffee ice cream if you would like to get one instead of preparing yourself:

Straus organic coffee ice cream – This maybe your best bet and close to “no caffeine”, however it contains some cocoa and we have seen that cocoa does have caffeine in them. But the levels are far less and close to zero mg of caffeine.

Nightfood Sleep Friendly cold brew decaf – As the name suggests, this has decaf coffee and is “Sleep Friendly”, and it doesn’t contain any cocoa or chocolate in it.

Blackbean decaf coffee ice cream – This also looks like a great option for those decaf lovers, since it doesnt contain any cocoa and is made from decaf coffee.

Easy To Make Coffee Ice Cream (Recipe)

It’s super easy to make coffee ice cream, you can start out with a vanilla ice cream base to make it even easier.

Coffee Ice Cream Recipe


  1. Ice Cream
  2. Water
  3. Instant Coffee (decaf or regular)


  1. Coffee Syrup in the making – Take a teaspoon of instant coffee in a cup, add a tsp of water and mix it until it becomes a syrup
  2. Add the Coffee Syrup to your Ice Cream base – Add the coffee syrup in small batches of 1/4 tsp at a time to your ice cream and sample it until you get to the perfect taste that suits your needs.

Now this was the “lazy” version of the recipe for a quick and satisfying coffee ice cream to meet your cravings. If you are a little more adventurous, you can try this recipe which looks pretty cool and amazing. It’s made from coffee infused milk which by itself sounds really cool.

I hope your quest for does coffee ice cream have caffeine has been answered by this article and also given you some tips to pick the right coffee ice cream from the available brands in the shops or even prepare your own.

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