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Does Coffee And Fashion Coexist

Does Coffee And Fashion Coexist? Read More To Know About It

Leaving the bed in the morning is a thought that brings a frown on people’s faces. Still very much sleepy, your body tries to cling on to the pillow, while your mind tells it repeatedly to get ready for the rat race. It is a tough choice that we all have to make daily. The only thing that can set your mood straight is a cup of piping hot coffee. Black, espresso, decaf or just latte with foam, a cup of coffee will give a kick that will assist in shaking off the morning lethargy. It is a powerhouse of energy and wakes up your nervous system completely. Apart from coffee, you can also enjoy a cup of Darjeeling tea. Hot or cold, these beverages are a must as they help in starting the day with a bang.

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Coffee and fashion: The unlikely combination

Coffee is a drinkable beverage. Fashion is the way you style yourself. It is an extension of your personality, a way to express your mood through clothes and accessories. So, mentioning terms like “fashion” and “coffee” in the same sentence might seem awkward to some. Once you finish reading this article, you will have a change of mind for sure.

Does Coffee and fashion coexist


What will you say if someone told that it is possible to differentiate between a tea drinker and someone who cannot do without coffee? Sounds bizarre or even impossible, right?! It is actually true. Studies suggest that tea and coffee drinkers have specific traits in their personality. In fact, it is possible to tell the coffee preference of an individual by taking a closer look at their style. People who prefer coffee over tea or other beverages tend to be more stylish. They have a strong sense of fashion.

Coffee was expensive during early days. Thus, only the rich and famous could afford. They usually had refined tastes in art, culture, food, and fashion. Thanks to globalization and commercial expansion, anyone can purchase a cup of coffee from the nearby café store. Though times have changed, coffee lovers still possess an immaculate dressing sense.


Identify fashion taste according to coffee preference

Each coffee has a different characteristic. Not all people have the same choice in coffee. So, it is safe to conclude that coffee likes and dislikes depend on the personality of each coffee lover. If personalities are dissimilar, then style statements will be different as well. It is time to take a look at how your personality and dressing influence your taste in coffee.

Less is more – Black Coffee

Light makeup, crisp and sleek clothes, professional blazers, sophisticated handbags and personality, these will define today’s, careerist woman. They don’t mince words and don’t have time to tolerate any nonsense. Minimal accessories highlight their charm. These women like coffee on the go, and thus, black coffee suits their style.

Always elegant and classy – Cappucino

Just like its refined taste, cappuccino lovers have sophisticated fashion sense. You will never see a cappuccino lover dressed shabbily. They know what to wear when to wear and how to wear. These fashion icons can carry vintage as well as high-end trendy clothes with equal panache. They understand that a Chanel sling bag will complement a floral mid-length dress, with subtle accessories, but will not fail to create a stunning look with the same bag and their grandmother’s fur jacket. The pieces these ladies possess will be in fashion forever.


Setting the trends – Iced Coffee

Just like the latest fashion trend offers a cooling sensation to your eyes, iced coffee gives the same relief to your internal organs. Both this coffee and the coffee lover provide a refreshing feel. These women are well aware of the latest styles. You will surely spot most high-end brands and in-fashion attires, shoes, accessories, and bags in their collection. For these ladies, classic style is boring.

Rock the downtown image – Espresso

A close look at the wardrobe of these divas will leave you craving for more. They make it a point to invest in vintage, classic as well as latest trends. They know how to mix and match clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags to create a new look each time. They are bold when it comes to flaunting their clothes and sensuality.

Classic and refreshing – Latte

If you like the latte, you must have a thing for chic and relaxed dressing styles. Denims, shirts, shorts, casual blazers, and knitwear are must-haves in your closet. You don’t bother if the shirt is not ironed correctly. That is your innate style. You can take several not-so-perfect things, and combine to create a stunning ensemble.


Coffee and clothes under one roof

People would not dream of entering a clothing store with a lidded cup of coffee in one hand even a few years back. Forget about doing that in real life. It was impossible to get past the security person, stationed at the door. They had good reasons for this rule. What if the lid comes off accidentally? What if the customers trip and fall, spilling coffee all over the store? No one desires coffee stains on brand new clothes. The store owners cannot force the customer to purchase damaged garments. Discarding new clothes is a loss for the clothing store.

Today’s woman needs to multi-task to keep the world spinning. They don’t have much time on hands to finish the coffee and then embark on a shopping expedition. The latest trend is to combine wearable and drinkable commerce. Several high-end and affordable clothing outlets have eliminated the barriers. One can find fantastic coffee as well as trendy blazers under one roof. Coffee and clothing stores have gained immense popularity over a short span. One can search for the right shorts or dress, try out new office-appropriate blazers, or just look at the latest fashion trends, while his/her coffee is brewing. You can take your time, and enjoy both shopping and coffee.

Over To You

So what do you think about your fashion style? Does coffee and your fashion style have something in common? Does coffee and Fashion Coexist? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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