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Dismantling Trailer Park Stereotypes

Trailer and mobile home parks often get a bad rap. They can be seen as cramped, crowded, and undesirable. These are all misconceptions; trailer parks and mobile home parks provide affordable housing, luxurious living spaces, and in many cases are more desirable than rented apartments.
Camper Trailers, Singlewides, Doublewides, and Triplewides

There are several different varieties of trailers, and the vast majority of them are actually extremely nice homes. Trailers are as varied as any other type of home. Camper trailers are notorious for being small, which is why most people who own them use them strictly for affordable vacation getaways. You will see camper trailers set up in campgrounds specifically tailored to these types of vehicles. (Trailers are considered moving vehicles, simply because they are transported on wheels and are considered “mobile.”)


Singlewide trailers, on the other hand, are usually stationary, single-family dwellings and can be located either in a trailer park or on a tract of land. Singlewides usually boast 2 or 3 bedrooms, 1 or 2 bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen. They are perfect for young couples with limited income who are just starting out, as well as senior citizens whose children have “left the nest” who are looking to downsize on their living space and expenses.


Doublewides and triplewides are by far the nicest of the trailers, or mobile homes. Both offer spacious, luxurious living at a surprisingly affordable price and can be found in trailer parks. These homes usually feature large kitchens with ample cabinet space, and some even boast those coveted center islands as well. They also feature large living rooms, some complete with fireplaces. Both double- and triplewides offer multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as closet space at every turn and large laundry rooms that would make most homeowners and renters jealous.

The Benefits Of Trailer Park Living

Some people succumb to the stereotype that trailer parks are home only to those who can’t afford anything better. While this may hold true for a small percentage, it is definitely untrue for the vast majority. While some mobile home owners are considered low income, the majority aren’t. All sorts of people reside in trailer parks, from retirees to web designers. In these tough economical times, who wouldn’t want a nice, affordable home? Mobile home living can even be preferable to apartment living simply because with the mobile home you get a small yard, you’re able to have pets, and you don’t have to contend with your upstairs neighbors throwing a party that lasts all night.

Trailer Parks and Crime

As for the long-held belief that trailer parks are cramped, unattractive, and riddled with crime, this is also a misconception. Trailer parks must have separate lots for each trailer, and these lots are often spacious, allowing the benefit of having yard space. While some trailer parks feature older homes, a majority of them have requirements regarding the age, size, and condition of the mobile home that is allowed in the park. Some trailer parks consist of the nicer doublewides, and those have much larger lots and nicer yards. Sometimes lawn maintenance is provided by the trailer park owner, while other trailer parks require the residents to keep their own grass cut. All of this contributes to a feeling of security and safety from crime. Studies have even shown that there are no statistical differences in the rates of crime between blocks with trailer parks, blocks adjacent to trailer parks, and all other “traditional” neighborhoods.

There’s no reason to dislike trailer parks! They provide spacious, comfortable homes at extremely affordable rates. Crime is no higher in mobile parks than anywhere else. The benefit of having a yard and a little distance from your neighbors also makes living in a mobile home more desirable than in an apartment, for some.



Thomas Queens is a freelance writer based in New Brunswick, NJ. To learn more about RVs and RV culture visit Dynasty Motorhomes for additional information.

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  • hi Praveen Rajarao
    i really like your post i some words say about this post i notice that Trailer Park Stereotypes not in asia i saw in few places but i saw them in u.s.a and others country and i agree with your all points there peoples to prefer living in Mobile home the reson is low income.
    salman asad recently posted…Ramadan and the Practice of FastingMy Profile

  • I don’t know about other but I have always wanted to live in a trailer. I often think about it and when I retire.. many years from now I will definitely buy one and travel all over the world with it. Thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

  • To be honest with you i don’t like living in a trailer myself either. It doesn’t feel like home, OK as for trips, holidays, camping they are perfect and a whole lot more comfortable than tents.

    Yet, I’m a house guy and i really like the coziness of a house.

  • Living in a trailer is one of my fetishes, and I surely want to spend a day at a trailer. But, yeah when it comes to living in a trailer for a longer period of time, it would be a big trouble for me. Thanks for the share.

  • Trailers are obviously hit or miss. They can be pretty nice though. Would you rather live in a run-down, crappy old house or a nice trailer? For me, I’d take the trailer so long as it’s genuinely nice.

  • Good article. I am a landscaper in Michigan and a lot of these points I tell my clients about. Many of these tips are not really that expensive either and can really make a big difference to the curb appeal of a home. Thanks.

  • I do not know what kind of negative social stigma is attached with living in the trailer,I have always been wanted to live at least a week in a trailer, the bad thing is It would not be able to accommodate my three kids. Sometimes only minor things keep you from doing what you desire. Love your article, keep writing.Cheers

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