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Differences Between Popular Italian Coffees – An Infographic

Differences Between Popular Italian Coffees (and Rules on How and When to Drink Them)

It’s quite easy to get confused between the different varieties of coffee offered in Italy. You may often end up drinking a glass of milk instead of a latte or a different version of an espresso than the one you wanted. Let’s learn a little bit more about the popular Italian coffees  and how to order the right one for yourself.

Espresso, the original coffee drink of Italy is often confused with Americano. But there is a clear distinction between the two beverages. Espresso is finely ground, strong dark coffee. This drink is typically enjoyed after meals and is prepared using a unique coffee making machine where the ground beans are placed in a filter made of metal. This filter allows pressurized water to pass through it in order to deliver an aromatic cup of espresso. The drink is offered in small-sized portions, typically in cups with 1 or 2-ounce holding capacities.

The Americano, on the other hand, is a watery version of an espresso. If you grab a regular cup of coffee, add a shot or two of espresso plus some hot water, you have an Americano ready to be served. Rumor has it that the Americano was a drink that originated during the second World War. The American soldiers living in Italy started to miss their routine brewed coffee and hence decided to add some more water to the Italian espresso shots. The resulting beverage closely resembled their native land’s coffee.

A latte and a cappuccino are commonly mistaken for each other too. The former is made by pouring steamed milk on a shot of espresso. It doesn’t have a frothy consistency and is simply a combination of milk and espresso.

The perfect cup of cappuccino, on the other hand, has espresso and steaming foam layered on the top. This steam typically comes out of an espresso machine. This one is slightly less sweet than the latte.

Med Cruise Guide made a fun infographic which you can explore below and learn about different types of coffee enjoyed in Italy, and especially the unspoken rules of drinking it in this coffee-loving culture

Differences Between Popular Italian Coffees


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