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What is the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino

Ah, coffee! The perfect way to wake up to a great day and stay alert at any point! It is surely going to perk you up any time of the day! In this article, we will learn everything there is to know about What is the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino. 

Coffee, however, can be confusing, especially for the uninitiated. It is common for a lot of people to walk in a coffee shop and end up being bewildered when they see the menu. Aren’t they all coffee? Aren’t they all the same?  

To provide you with the enlightenment, read the rest of this post and we’ll make things clearer for you. To be specific, there are four drinks that we will discuss in the rest of this post – coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte.

What is Coffee?  Differences With Espresso, Cappuccino, and latte

 What is the difference between a Latte and a Cappuccino

If there is one word from the four (coffee, espresso, cappuccino, and latte) that most of you will easily recognize, it would be coffee. This is an umbrella term that refers to the other drinks that will be mentioned in this post.

Simply put, coffee is a drink that is often served hot or iced, made using roasted seeds of the coffee plant. When people say coffee, however, more often than not, it is a reference to the beverage and not the bean derived from the tree.

The preparation of a regular coffee is accomplished by mixing roasted coffee beans with hot water. The mixture will then be allowed to steep for quite some time and then strained. The size of a regular coffee is eight ounces, often served with creamer or sugar depending on personal preferences. 

Coffee refers to the liquid that is extracted from the beans and not to a specific method of preparation.

On average, brewed coffee will have two to four calories and zero fat. This, however, will depend on the additional flavors that will be present in your drink, including sugar and creamer.

So, in short, espresso, cappuccino, and latte are all types of coffee.

What is Espresso?

what is the difference between espresso cappuccino and latte
Mug Beverage Drink Decorative Cafe Coffee Latte


For those people who prefer coffee with a strong kick, espresso is their drink of choice. Basically, espresso refers to a “full-flavored, concentrated form of coffee that is served in shots.” It is not made using any special type of bean. But the difference lies in the way the drink is prepared.

While the preparation of coffee is pretty much simple, the process is quite more complicated when it comes to espresso. You need a machine that is pressurized and must be able to reach a temperature that is near boiling point. The grind size of the coffee will also be critical.

Nonetheless, an expensive machine is not a pre-requisite in the preparation of espresso. You can also do it manually, although this might not yield the same consistent and robust flavor.

There are usually two types of espresso: full-shot and short-shot. The latter is also known as ristretto which is ¾ of a full shot. It is sweet and has a caramel-like flavor compared to the full shot (lungo).

One of the unique characteristics of espresso that makes it different from other methods of preparation is the crema. It is the froth that forms air bubbles on the top of the drink. It is like the head or foam of a beer.

While the crema will help in giving the coffee a fuller flavor, it is more of an indication of the quality of its preparation than its taste. It is a sign of how skilled the person is who prepared the coffee. Again, this is one thing that you won’t find in a regular cup of coffee.

If you are conscious about the calories and fats that go into your diet, an espresso may provide you with peace of mind. As long as it is unsweetened, it has 1 calorie and .1 gram of fat.

What is Cappuccino?

what is a cappuccino
Drink Coffee Drink Cup Cappuccino Cup Of Coffee


If a shot of espresso is too small or too strong for you, then a cappuccino will make a great alternative.

It is an Italian drink that uses equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. 1/3 of each will go into a standard cup, providing a balanced flavor and aroma. This is even more difficult to prepare than an espresso since there are two other elements that you will need. 

Also, it is worth pointing out that the milk in a cappuccino is frothed, which is done by using a special tool that will allow the creation of a micro-foam. This will be twice the volume of the original amount of milk that you used.

On average, a cappuccino will have 110 calories and 6 grams of fat.

What is Latte?

what is latte
Coffee Hot Cafe Cup Cappuccino Latte Drink Faom


Latte is also coffee. And, just like cappuccino, it also contains espresso. However, it is prepared in a different way and also comes with a distinct taste.

It also contains the three basic ingredients that you can also find in cappuccino, but the amount of each that goes into a cup will be different. In a latte, you will have one to two shots of espresso, five to six ounces of steamed milk, and a thin layer of milk foam to top it off.

One of the things that will make it easy for you to spot a latte is to look at the top. Often, a latte will have attractive foam art. This is the coffee drink that you can often see in the Instagram feeds of many people.

Unlike in the case of cappuccino, the milk used in latte is not frothed. Instead, it is only steamed. This will be done using the same want that is used for frothing milk in espresso, but the technique will slightly vary.

In terms of its nutritional value, a normal cup of a latte will have 120 calories and 7 grams of fat. If you want it to be non-fat, change the milk that you are using to skim-milk and drink a smaller size.

You will notice that a latte will have more calories and fat than a cappuccino, although the difference is just small. This discrepancy is because of the obvious fact that a latte uses more milk compared to a cappuccino.

Wrap Up

So, to sum it up, let us go back to the main points that have been raised in this post. Espresso, cappuccino, and latte are all coffee-based drinks. If you want a perk-me-up beverage, they will all prove to be great.

Coffee is the go-to drink of most people. It is the standard drink that you can find in most coffee shops.

If you want a drink that is stronger than regular coffee, go for espresso. Basically, it is a concentrated caffeine fix. Espresso refers to the method of coffee preparation and not the type of coffee used.

Cappuccino and latte, on the other hands, are two types of espresso-based beverage. In a cappuccino, there are equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. In the case of latte, while there is espresso, there is more steamed milk, making the flavor less intense.

Regardless of which drink you decide to have, one thing is for sure – it will be a treat for the taste buds! It will awaken your senses!

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  • I didn’t know about 0% fat in coffee. Great! ♥ It’s very in-depth post about the difference of this coffee drinks. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome post… Praveen Rajarao,
    But I really like the Espresso…But look like coffee is best for weight loss…
    Anyone suggest me how I lose weight fast…there are many programs is claiming to lose 1 or 2 pounds in a day… here is one bit. ly/2V31H0V but I don’t know which is good for me…
    suggest me I have to buy it or not…

    Thanks in advance.

    – Jack Michel

  • Hello Praveen Rajarao,

    I am a lover of espresso. But I don’t have the knowledge about cappuccino and latte. Thanks for the information.

  • For cappuccino, we start with equal portions of espresso and milk. The milk is then “frothed” (in a special frothing pitcher) into a microfoam that is roughly double the original volume of the milk. The microfoam is then poured over the espresso. (If the espresso is poured into the microfoam, then the drink is called a “latte macchiato.”)

  • Good post! Sometimes people are a bit shocked when they order an espresso and get that little syrupy beverage. Another good addition to this comparison is a Flat White, pretty awesome drink as well.

  • Very useful coffee knowledge for all coffee lovers. As a big fan of coffee, I like to try different types of coffee all over the world. Latte is my favorite and in my opinion Melbourne is the best city for coffee lovers.
    James recently posted…Ristretto vs EspressoMy Profile

  • Hey this is really amazing post, I don’t have any clue about the coffee types but I love to have a sip of coffee every morning. After reading your post I am damn sure I can explain very well about coffee to anyone especially to my wife. Thanks for the informative post, really glad to read this post.

    Keep it up.!!


  • Praveen, good job summarizing the espresso / cappuccino / latte puzzle. In my opinion, when someone starts including additives like milk, foam, sugar, etc. to a perfectly good espresso, all they’re doing is covering up bad espresso. The trick is to get good fresh roasted beans that aren’t burnt. When you do that, then the espresso is all you need. You won’t want all those additives. IMHO.

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