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Develop a Link Building Strategy for Large Sites

174723979_f1bae4124cThe link building option is one of the best ways to make your site visible over the search engines for both the big and small sites. You can even rank some of the inner pages of your website using the link building strategies. This strategy could be called as the basic source of web traffic and information building block for both the search engines and users. You as an online marketer have the option of using these links in a number of ways to promote your big or small site. A majority of time making the link building strategies could become a little bit complex thing since you would need a good understanding about the science that goes behind this process. You are supposed to have a better understanding of search engine algorithms and the resources required to carry out this process. The basic reason why link building becomes complex is a fact that it is a situational thing. Also, the other fact you need to know is that you will never find any one key strategy, which work the best for everyone, since what works for others may not work for you. You can try them with different combinations while devising your own link building strategy for large sites. Let’s check few of these as under:

Link at the inner pages as well

The common problem with many websites especially the bigger ones is that more than 90% of the links is seen pointing over their home pages. If your site belongs to any organization wherein you simply want your visitors to land over the home page to get converted then this strategy could acceptable to certain extent. However, for other sites, where every page has some information or the other, every single internal page counts and could be instrumental in converting visitors coming over your site. The fact is a very small amount of conversions could occur over the home page. In order to drive good amount of traffic over your inner web pages within your website these pages could get better ranks over the search engines.


Regardless to the way your site is designed to lead visitors to the right web page, the fact is with long tail searches people are able to land over the highly relevant pages directly using the search engines. Hence such people are more likely to be converted than the ones coming via the home page. Now let’s talk about link building considering this point. To get higher rankings of your internal pages, your link building should be carried out focusing exclusively towards all of them. Though at times you could find several cases wherein links coming to the home page could be beneficial especially when you talk about the search engines that need to understand your specific keywords or the relevant content. However, if you are talking about bigger sites, which cater many inner pages, link building could play a vital role and must be included in your link building strategy.

Capitalizing over your Keyword Strengths to get rid of the loopholes

You could trust a lot over the search engines for your most relevant keywords. However, when it comes to leverage from this for your link building strategy you could certainly think of doing targeting these keywords inside your inner web pages, which happened to be very much relevant to your business. If you adopt this strategy in your link building efforts, you could easily put your site from zero rankings to top ranks over different search engines for your targeted keywords and phrases. The traffic levels could therefore follow you accordingly. The remaining of the site’s structure especially the content found over these inner web pages and even the titles and description could certainly end up supporting a lot in your link building efforts. So, if you are able to do things right you could certainly capitalize over the strengths of your keywords and get rid of the loopholes to rank better over search engines.

Say no to the link sellers

Many people compare the link building strategy like a cottage industry especially talking in the perspective of SEO. So, they do not mind entertaining the link sellers and several exchange networks to benefit their link building efforts. However, it is often recommended to avoid failing into this trap as the search engines while realizing this could penalize your site. Link relationship must be measured in an individual basis and has to be carried out as per one golden rule. The rule simply states to put links which happen to be very much relevant to the content over the particular web page. If you do not find this for your site, make sure do not get tempted to the promises done by the higher page rank sites since you would only get artificial or irrelevant traffic.

Final word

Link building is often a complex process especially when you talk about the bigger websites. However, if you consider the above three important tips, you could end up devising a right link building strategy.

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