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Data Recovery Myths

Demystifying five most common data recovery and data security myths.

If you have a problem with sudden data loss, it’s very important to know how to prevent more damage and find real experts who will treat your data professionally and protect their privacy.
Hoping you will read this article, we demystify for you the most common myths related to data recovery service. Whether you listen to our advice is up to you.

No diagnosis – Fixed price

Companies that offer data recovery services often promote themselves as companies offering free diagnosis and fixed prices for their services. The client often chooses the cheapest offer, hoping to pay as little as possible. This is the most common scenario: after leaving their media in these companies, the client then has to pay the spare parts expenses in addition to the fixed price or recovery is charged by the quantity and even more unprofessionally, sensitivity of the data. After an unsuccessful recovery attempt, service providers avoid them or they simply don’t give clients the possibility to check the result before paying for the recovery service.

When choosing a provider for data recovery service, try to gather as much information as possible about the company, its references, procedures they employ and cost of services, privacy and protection policies, read reviews from other users and make sure that you can check the data recovery results before payment.

“It won’t happen to me”

This one is always popular. It starts with: “If I haven’t had problems with data loss by now, I never will”. It usually ends with: “I never thought this would happen to me…”
The fact that they haven’t had problems with the sudden data loss, many people relate to hardware quality or the experience of system administrator. This is more applicable to companies who often don’t have an adequate disaster recovery plan. Our advice – if (well, in this case it is not if, but when) you get into a situation to lose important data, and you have never used data recovery services, try to be well-informed, read in detail data protection and privacy policies, ultimately, be sure that behind a web site with good design is not hidden some kind of fraud. After all, those is your data, and ask yourself, would you like to see it somewhere online, or let unknown persons go through it?

We have a “Super System Administrator”

It’s not rare that a damaged media is property of a company or organization, and that, system administrator in charge made a data recovery attempt. In most companies, system administrators are looked upon as little gods of IT (and they usually promote that outlook). They are usually well informed when it comes to ICT. The problem arises when you need specialist knowledge and experience ie when there is no responsibility for concrete actions.

Star Trek technology

It’s not always possible to perform a successful data recovery. Sometimes, despite the superior technology and the best experts, it’s simply not possible to recover the data. It rarely happens that the technicians are not able to recover data due to problems related to the operation of device, its firmware or configuration; while on the other hand, it is often the case that it’s impossible to recover data due to overwriting the content, usually when inadequately trained or self-proclaimed experts try to recover that data. There are namely many who promote themselves as superior laboratories for data recovery – they can recover data despite any possible damage. Often behind the expensive SEO campaign, you find only smokes and mirrors. It is usually a computer store that forwards damaged media to a real Laboratory.

My data is secure when I leave it in data recovery company

Data security is an essential part of every data recovery process. Not every company treats your data in the same way and not many of them have detailed procedures and methodology to ensure that your data will not end up in wrong hands. Not all companies have an adequate security protection, and many of them advertised as the best do not use a simple anti-virus protection at all, not to mention other kind of protections. Because of that it’s not rare that your personal pictures or videos end up published on some internet site. Sometimes even as an object of blackmail. When choosing a company, find out about its privacy and protection policies, if provider has adequate protection during the entire process or only during the actual data recovery. Check the client’s reference list and ask to see an agreement of confidentiality of data before submitting the media.

One final advice: Backup is a habit you need to acquire. Leave the rest to professionals.
And one final comment: If you don’t think these advices are not worth following, see you soon…

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Ivan Dimitrijevic is an internet marketing professional, part-time blogger and social media enthusiast since 2003. He moderates Data Solutions page on Google+ and writes regularly for many blogs including Data Solutions Belgrade, writing about data recovery and the best ways to keep your data safe and secure.

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