How Dark Chocolate Can Make You a Better Athlete?

Dark chocolate has rapidly earned a good reputation as a super-food with several health benefits. This chocolate has more content of cocoa and is highly nutritious.

How Dark Chocolate Can Make You a Better Athlete?

Besides, dark chocolate provides nutritious value, it really provides great health benefits to athletes. Eating cocoa and dark chocolate can enhance the performance of an athlete and helps at the time of fitness training. Both the chocolate and cocoa are known to have a positive effect on the cardiovascular health. Have you checked out my previous article for the Top 6 Chocolate Desserts Destinations in India?

Now, let’s have an insight on health benefits of dark chocolate for athletes:

Control weight

Cocoa extract in dark chocolate is capable to control the digestive enzyme to digest the carbohydrate and fat appropriately. The proper digestion will quickly transform the carbohydrate and fat into energy that is required by athletes.

Additionally, a few of athletes, particularly who undertake martial arts control their weight to a great extent in their training classes. In this situation, dark chocolate consumption will help you in maintaining weight. Though, the correlation between the consumption of dark chocolate and body weight might be a supportive agent only. Athletes must go with a low-calorie diet if they want to lose their weight.

Release the Stress

Dark chocolate is not only a healthy for a healthy body, but it is the healthy food for the mental well-being of everyone. Since the athletes are very much prone to the stress, daily consumption of dark chocolate bar size is very much effective in relieving out their stress. This is because the dark chocolate has the potentiality in reducing the number of stress hormones.

There are two other health benefits of eating dark chocolates too and these are – control blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate Boosts the Thinking Power

No just stamina, athletes likewise requires a good thinking power. As we probably know that athletes in some cases need to deal with the strategies to win. A few of games, such as badminton, basketball, chess and tennis necessitate high thinking power. In such a situation, dark chocolate has the ability to provide the brain booster function as it aids the athlete thinking power.

Dark Chocolates are Great for Exercise

As we probably know that athlete needs more energy when they do training, practice or during their performance. In such a situation, dark chocolates are great because they comprise of protein, sugar and fat. These nutrients are very much important for boosting up the energy in an athlete.

Strengthen Heart

Athletes usually require stamina to perform better. One of the steady factors for the stamina is the strong and healthy heart. As we know that dark chocolate has been observed as a great food as it included antioxidants.

The flavonoid, an antioxidant in cocoa as the primary ingredient of dark chocolate is extremely useful for the health of the heart. It has the ability to strengthen the heart and as well as keep the athletes healthy. Additionally, it minimizes the risk of cardiovascular ailments, for example, coronary heart, heart attack and stroke.

Enlighten the Mood

When the athletes have their thinking power and stamina, they are capable to perform very well. In any case, they require a good mood for enjoying the game. Isn’t it good to enjoy the game rather than just doing it and forget the same? Indeed, by enjoying the game, athletes tend to accept the result of game, regardless of whether they win or lose.

As we are well known of the fact that any types of chocolate including of dark chocolate has caffeine content that is capable to release endorphin – a hormone which is capable to boost the mood of everyone. Hence, consistent dark chocolate consumption might be effective for boosting everyone mood involving of the athletes.

Helpful in Muscle Irritation

Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants produced by cocoa as the ingredient. The antioxidant is also described as anti-inflammatory property that is efficient in minimizing the inflammation within the body. Athletes are known to work with their strong muscle. In any case, do you know that the athlete likewise encounters post-exercise muscle sore that leads to severe body pain.

In such a situation, dark chocolate can provide the health benefits of eating dark chocolate as it treats inflamed muscle exceptionally well.

The Bottom Line

Dark chocolate is very much beneficial for the athletes as it is rich in flavonoid which is a useful antioxidant. Moreover, besides the useful nutrition, it comprises of relatively high cholesterol, a small amount of Trans fat and obviously the added sugar. Therefore, consistent consumption of dark chocolate is very much beneficial for athletes as they need to constrain their everyday consumption. Additionally, the intake of chocolate should be around 30 to 60 grams in a day. In excess of 60 grams, it might provide you with the undesirable impacts, for example, weight gain and high blood pressure.

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