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Custom Printed Shopping Bags – Make your Business More Visible


When you have your own business, its very important to make continuous efforts to build your customer base because this is the only way to ensure your long term growth. If you don’t sell products under your own brand, getting your customers to remember your business becomes quite difficult. However, using custom printed shopping bags is the best way to remain before the eyes of your customers and add thousands more without making too much of efforts.

Oftentimes when a customer buys randomly from the market, he/she may not remember about the store or shop from where they purchased their items. However, with the help of a custom shopping bag offered bywww.CustomEarthPromos.com this becomes quite easy. When you use these custom printed bags, all your customer has to do is to locate the bag and they will immediately get the contact information.

Eco friendly shopping bags are now available here in styles and colors that are best for all businesses. A standard shopping bags can have a business logo and contact details and mostly comes in plastic or paper. For that extra touch, you can also get frosted plastic bags in different colors and sizes. You can also get jute bags if your budget allows buying them. In fact, clear stripped candy bags having hard bottoms are now preferred as gift bags. They can be sealed with a custom printed ribbon, a decorative tie and holiday accents can also be added as desired.

Many coffee stores sell loose, whole coffee beans to their customers who are interested in grinding them at home. If you are in this business, you can get coffee bags lined with special polypropylene and many of their variants also feature tin ties to keep its items safe. You can even find coffee clutches that feature color imprinting for advertising your store everywhere your customer takes a coffee.

Whether promotional shopping bags are used in a food store, coffee shop, retail gift shop, or a candy store, they are best for advertisement. They easily show off your attractive logo and let everyone know how they can find your store. Using these custom shopping bags is the cheapest way to advertise your business.

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Praveen Rajarao

Praveen Rajarao is an Entrepreneur and in his spare time blogs on his website –http://www.dailymorningcoffee.com and http://www.pbgeeks.com. His topics range from blogging to technology to affiliate programs and making money online and how-to guides. Daily Morning Coffee is also accepting Guest Posts from Professional Bloggers at this time, take a look at “Write For DMC” page for more details on the same.


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  • Truly shopping bags are being proven to be effective when it comes to market yourself especially locally. With attractive designs of the bags it tends to get attention and so letting your business popular. Its kind of Visual Mobile Marketing as your so called name or add moves from one place to another. The more attractive your designs would be longer will it last and impact.
    Stephen Strings recently posted…Online Universities Set to Tackle Cheating Methods Employed by Test TakersMy Profile

  • Custom shopping bags are great for giveaways and gifts. They are wonderful pieces since you can give them away with the recipient’s personality printed all over the bag. Very wise and innovatve ideas to pack up too!

  • I’m a stationery freak and I even have personalized shopping bags and letterheads even if I don’t have any business to endorse. They are cheap, but very bright gift ideas as well, even if it’s for a post-holiday present or for any other occasions. Thank you very much for sharing this post, I’ll be sure to encourage custom-made shopping bags to my friends. They just give me that satisfaction of an item collector.

  • I agree that customers will easily remember the store or company where they bought the product when the bags used for packing has their name and contacts on it. People will still keep the bags and use it for packing their own stuff which will add up to advertising the name of the company.

  • This is a great idea to get your name out. How do you go about getting the bags printed? do you go to a printing service or have some kind of in house printer you could use on your own?

  • Hey Praven,I have no doubt about custom printed shopping bags advertising idea. I think best idea to make business more visible. Thanks for quite healthy sounds!

  • These eco-friendly shopping bags are all the rage in my area. It’s something you definitely notice when people are shopping, especially if it’s eye-catching. So it’s probably a good idea to design some good ones and start distributing them in your target area. It could really make a difference! If they’re good enough, you can start releasing more. People love collections, even if it is of reusable grocery bags!

  • Personalized promotional items and custom promotional products are the best for any purpose. One can use it for business promotion, brand promotion or as a personalized gift.

  • That’s a wonderful way to advertise while still making a statement to be more eco-friendly. Businesses that are geared towards environmentally-friendly products and services or are even located in areas that are very active in it can benefit from it. Thank you for sharing!

  • Advertising within shopping bags for your own business is an excellent way to let people know about the business… I’ve seen many companies been doing it but only thing is they needed to it with great printing quality. Through following above provided ways anyone can do it easily. Thanks for explaining so much within this short article. 🙂

  • These items are great for building brand awareness. I read on another blog that because they are used so frequently that they have upwards of 85% brand recall.

  • Custom printed shopping bags are very much in trend today. One can have bag printed in the way he or she like. This is what I found very interesting about custom printed bags. One can give his or her own design ideas. These bags look very beautiful. These bags can be used for many purposes. It was a great share.

    Keep Writing…………

  • Amazing article!
    it was really good to read this article
    you did the best job to prove that you are best writer
    one more thing that like is your website design .
    Keep writing and stay blessed
    thanks for sharing

  • We love stationery and we love anything branded. Building a brand is so important these days, so we thank you very much for this post and for taking the time to publish it. At Polka Dot Design, we love all things printed up to and including personalized stationery. We will share this will our followers!

  • we must replace plastic materials ASAP with Bio-degradable material. the best match for the replacement is jute. we should start using jute made products instead of using plastic made things for the sake of our mother nature.

  • I agree! Custom printed shopping bags can greatly raise brand awareness. It also help your customers remember you the next time they need the type of services you provide!

  • agree that customers will easily remember the store or company where they bought the product when the bags used for packing has their name and contacts on it. People will still keep the bags and use it for packing their own stuff which will add up to advertising the name of the company.

  • You can also find some great printed bags at Pineapple Spark. What’s prettier than a beautiful wallet A pineapple designed wallet! Chic, trendy, and hip, it’s all you could ever ask for!

  • I’m delighted to say that I’m inspired by your article. The printed plastic bags are a powerful form of outdoor advertising and a way to keep your brand top of mind with your customers. I would love to see more bag ideas from your side. Thanks for the great informative tips.

  • We should only use this kind of bags to get grocery from the store but you know in the third world countries people are still using plastic shopping bags which we know that is very harmful, We should also try to spread awareness among these people, well thanks for sharing the article and awesome bad designs.

  • Millions of peoples using plastic shopping bags.this is a very dangerous thing for environment of the world.Eco friendly shopping bags is good.

  • I’m a stationery oddity and I even have customized shopping sacks and letterheads regardless of whether I don’t have any business to underwrite. They are shabby, however extremely brilliant blessing thoughts too, regardless of whether it’s for a post-occasion present or for some other events. Much thanks for sharing this post, I’ll make certain to energize specially crafted shopping sacks to my companions. They simply give me that fulfillment of a thing authority.

  • I agree to your points. Shopping bags are one of the best way to improve brand visibility and reach. Thanks for sharing this article, It was certainly helpful for me.

  • Custom shopping bags are great for giveaways and gifts.
    Amazing article!
    shopping bags are great for giveaways and gifts.
    thanks for your article

  • Yeah, agree with you! If you are in business you have to make continuous efforts to engage your customer in your business. This is the best idea to attract them with this kind of printed bags which looks extremely amazing. Thanks for the idea!

  • printed shopping bags is the best way to remain before the eyes of your customers and add thousands more without making too much of efforts and this company providing too much beautiful printined bags in very cheap price

  • Promotional printing bags are always a good option for promotional products because bags are more cost-effective products than other promotional products. So, a small or new established brand can use it easily. Every 80 out of 100 people carry bags with them. So its a good option to gift. Thanks for sharing a good article.

  • Nice article, Praveen! If these bags will be made of environmental materials, it would be nice and trending also!) I’m using this idea with my clients too

  • Usually the items we find online have better prices. This is because they come directly from the seller and there’s no middleman. It also gives us to option to compare prices to find a better deal for yourself and many online stores offer you discounts and coupons if you buy from them.

  • No a days, we should quit using plastic bags and we should start using custom paper boxes, or paper shopping bags. The plastic is killing us. Almost 300 Million Tons of Plastic is produced every year. we should think about this and let our next generations have a save planet.

  • Custom printed shopping bags are very much in trend today. They are really good for your custom boxes business. They attracts customers and grow your sale for long term. Thanks for this amazing content.

  • Arka is providing the best custom packages, boxes design, cartons, custom accessories witch eco-friendly and best quality materials. We provide our services in the best and the quickest way.

  • Hello Parveen, I appreciate your point in the printed eco-friendly bag. This is good and very helpful content. Where we all are spending lots of money on branding, Printed bags are a nice option.

  • In my opinion
    For take away cafes, take-out is very important. In the trend of environmental protection, people started to use a paper bag for coffee. Thanks to the innovative design and color bring eye-catching appearance. This makes customers feel more impressed and excited.

  • I think
    You are the owner of a roast coffee shop, want to compete with the big coffee brands in the market. Instead of using a plastic bag to store take away coffee for your customers, why not try replacing it with a paper bag of take away coffee.

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