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Cuppa Sunshine With My Coffee

This tweet from Ruth Zive of Freelance Writing Blog  made my day yesterday.

@tomewer @EndGrind @brpraveen @prolificliving – you inspire me – http://t.co/gbR5dg5o #contentmarketing

It was an honor and privilege for me to be receiving this wonder “Sunshine Award” from a well known blogger and writer such as Ruth. I had mentioned her as one of my source of inspirations in my RoundUp post here – My First GiveAway

It has been a wonderful journey for me over the past few months since I started this blog, and the even more relishing fact is that I have got to know people like Ruth who have set some standards in this blogging world and been professional enough to share their thoughts with all of us.

Of course when I first started, it was a tough ride for me. I should admit that I am not a writer of any sort, just wanted to put my thoughts over this blog and as days progressed, and I met these awesome bloggers, and I found a new  form of me evolving after reading some great articles published by them.

Ruth is a professional freelance writer and one should take a few minutes to read about her bio in the About Section of her blog. It is really motivating and inspirational for all bloggers to read such success stories and try to follow her path to achieve something similar in life. Thanks once again Ruth for nominating me for this highly appreciated Sunshine Award and I hope I live up to your kind words.

For those who are New to this Sunshine Award 


This award doesn’t come with any medals or prizes, but it is to “honor bloggers who have been a source of inspiration to others in this blogosphere“. It is a wonderful way to recognize and pass on your well wishes to other bloggers who have been a continuous source of motivation for you to continue blogging. Now you can see why I am so happy to be getting this!!!

As a recipient of this award, there are some rules to follow:

1. Recognize and thank the person who has awarded you this honor.
2. Answer some basic questions about yourself.
3. Pass on the award to 10 or more deserving bloggers of your choice, link their blogs, and let them know about your nominations.

Here you go:

My Favorite Color – Maroon (as you can see on this blog, most of my headers and borders are)
My Favorite Animal – Elephant (significant to one of the million Gods we have in India)
My Favorite Number – Not a clue, never gave it any thought. I should go with 7 i suppose.
My Favorite Drink – Coffee (Any doubts?)
FaceBook or Twitter – Twitter
My Passion – Live Life to the Full Extent and Enjoy every minute of it. Help others discreetly and enjoy the look of surprise and happiness on their faces.
Giving or Getting Gifts – Love both, giving gifts makes me more satisfied.
Favorite Day – Tuesday (dont ask me why, because even I am not sure)
Favorite Flower – Whichever makes my wife happy
Favorite Food – Indian (for obvious reasons)

My 10 Sunshine Awards Goes To:


This should be a tough one to pick 10 out of the many awesome bloggers I am aware of.  Many of them have already received this award one or more times, so it will be a shame to exclude them from my list. Let me give it a try and see where it leads to:

Bryce Christiansen @ BalancedWorkLife – Bryce has become an acquaintance from my beginning days of DMC and has a very inspiring blog over at his website.

Michelle Shaeffer @ MichelleShaeffer – Michelle is always a great source of topics for your new blog posts when you are running out of ideas. I always make it a point to visit her blog for some fresh thoughts.

Atish Ranjan @ TechTricksWorld – Atish is always about new advancements in technology and gives out some awesome tips to make your tech-filled life easy and comfortable using gadgets.

Leora Wenger @ LeoRaw – Leora is an expert in setting up websites for small business ventures and also writes several interesting articles on social networking and social media marketing. She has also opened her blog for guest articles recently, a blogger should definitely check it out.

Harsh Agrawal @ ShoutMeLoud – Harsh is continuous source of blogging and SEO information through his wonderful articles. I still owe you my guest post dude 🙂

Priyangshu @ MoneyEarningSecrets – Priyanshu’s website is having an overwhelming repository of various methods of monetizing your blog via affiliate marketing, blogging, networking etc.

Kimberly Castleberry @ JustAskKim  – Kim is a blogging expert and has several reviews on WordPress plugins and other blogging tools. She keeps herself and her readers updated on the various features of new WordPress updates and as her blog name suggests, she is always there to answer any technical questions you have.

Justin Mazza @ MazzaStick – Justin writes articles varying from how to lead life to some spiritual & philosophical stuff about life. His posts take me away from the regular tech-stuff I read to a different level of thinking.

Emily Suess @ Suess’s Pieces – Emily was one of the first bloggers I came across whom I immediately noticed as a professional writer. I am very much impressed with her flow of thoughts and the way she writes is very humane and inspiring.

Radu @ RaduDascalul – Radu has some interesting posts on home based business ventures and how to make them profitable using several techniques.

That wasn’t hard at all, I am sure I would have gone on with this list for another dozen or so. Apart from these wonderful bloggers, I should also mention here some of the others whom I follow religiously like Adrienne @AdrienneSmith, Carolyn @WonderOfTech, Harleena @ Aha-Now, Janet @ JanetCallaway who have been of wonderful support for me and my blog.

Have a Wonderful New Year

Thanks once again Ruth for this wonderful opportunity to recognize and nominate all of my fellow bloggers for the “SunShine Award” and this was quite an experience writing this post. It has given me immense pleasure and pride to be included in the list of all the professional bloggers out there.

Hope all of you have a wonderful new year and hope 2012 brings all of you happiness and keeps you healthy and wealthy 🙂

I do look forward for your comments as usual and if you like this post, do not forget to share with your readers.

About the author

Praveen Rajarao

Praveen Rajarao is an Entrepreneur and in his spare time blogs on his website –http://www.dailymorningcoffee.com and http://www.pbgeeks.com. His topics range from blogging to technology to affiliate programs and making money online and how-to guides. Daily Morning Coffee is also accepting Guest Posts from Professional Bloggers at this time, take a look at “Write For DMC” page for more details on the same.


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  • This is a wonderful honor! Whenever you list a blog name or blogger, Praveen, I soon go check the blog out.  I like how your favorite flower is whatever makes your wife happy.

    • Leora – I have mentioned this several times before, and one more time doesnt matter much. Your blog has given me the break that I needed and I will always remember that. 

      Glad you found the other blogs from mine and am sure you will find them very inspiring. 

  • Congrats again Praveen, and thank you so much for the link love and the VERY kind and generous words!  I know a few on your list, but I’m off to check out the others.

  • Congratulations Praveen!

    You do deserve the award and it’s indeed kind of Ruth to have passed on the torch to you as well. I guess we share the same passion about life, as well as the color, as maroon is one of my favorites as well 🙂 It sure is nice to know a little more about you Praveen 🙂

    I loved the list of awesome bloggers listed, most of whom I do know, while the others I am surely going to check out- as their reference comes from you 🙂

    Thanks so much for the kind words, I am indeed humbled and privileged to be placed beside Janet, Adrienne, and Carolyn- all of whom are simply wonderful people and whose blog remains a source of inspiration to many like me 🙂

    Thanks so much for sharing, and wishing you and yours Happy Holidays 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena, it was a great honor for me to be getting this award so early in my days of blogging. Ruth really made my day by mentioning me and my blog in her list. 

      You do belong among the best of the bloggers out there with no doubt, and that is the reason why you have been given this award 3 times until now!!!!

      Hope you have a wonderful new year.

    • Emily – It is my pleasure to have known you and followed your blog. I am very much impressed by the way you write and hence the listing. 

      Thanks for the wishes and you too have a great year ahead.

  • Thank you Praveen for this post and mention. I felt good that my blog is an inspiration for you. I will gonna check out all the awesome bloggers.

  • Hi Praveen, thank you very much for your kind words! 

    Congratulations on winning the Sunshine Award! You very much deserve it as your blog is wonderful and you are a ray of sunshine in the blogging world.

    Best wishes for a wonderful 2012 and much continued success!

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