Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Creative Ways to Use Artificial Grass

Everyone likes having a beautiful yard and a garden. It’s one of the most calming and relaxing places of your property. The only thing that may cause the frustration is the grass that keeps drying out or is in constant need of mowing. Luckily that can be sorted out by using the artificial grass.

It’s commonly known that the artificial grass is used instead of the real turf, on the lawns. But did you know that this isn’t the only use of artificial grass? With its unique texture and colour, every home improvement project now transforms your house into the original, lively space. 

Give the artificial grass the chance to improve your indoor and outdoor space. It’s low-maintenance and easy to install. With just a couple of simple steps, you’ll have the decoration many will envy. So let’s check out some creative ways to use artificial grass below:

1. Table décor

Artificial grass is an amazing and impressive table décor. You can create the table décor yourself by using the leftovers of the artificial lawn outside; and amaze your household and guests with interesting table décor.

For example, you can make fun and colourful table coasters. The fake grass is thick enough so cups containing hot drinks won’t damage your wooden or glass table. Also, you can make a cute serving tray. Imagine breakfast in bed on the beautiful, green trey. You can take this a step further and create an intriguing table centrepiece. It will make everyone gaze in awe once you tell them that you created that by yourself. Possibilities are endless, all you need are the scissors, glue and imagination to spark up that creativity.

2. Dish dryer

Who likes to wash the dishes? It’s a boring everyday routine you mustn’t skip. If only there way the way to add more fun and cleanliness into this repetitive chore…

To add more fun and beauty to this process, think about using the artificial grass as the dish dryer. It brings more colour and fun in this routine. You can leave your dish dryer in the full view of your cooking area, without being conscious about how it looks to your guests. Artificial turf soaks up all the water from your cutlery without making the mess. Plus, it looks chic and modern. Who would have thought one of the creative ways to use artificial grass is using it as a Dish Dryer 🙂

3. Fish tank décor

Every living creature likes to be close to nature. If you’re keeping fish in the tank, make sure that it feels like home to them. What does that mean?

Fish live in the water where natural greenery, stones and plants are a must. To make their living space more comfortable to them, and aesthetically pleasing for you, you can add fake grass to the bottom of your fish tank. Fake grass is non-toxic, which makes it ideal for aquariums and pets. The best part of it is that it’s easy to clean. So, instead of spending hours to clean the tank, you can enjoy the view of the amazing and exotic fish you keep. 

4. Wall decoration

Naked walls aren’t modern anymore. Different patterns, tiles, colours and tapestries are in. They make your house more aesthetically pleasing and lively. It should be a living spacey you’re proud of.

Believe it or not, you can use the fake grass for wall decorating. They add an eclectic touch and make your home seem more eco-friendly. It’s a great way to transform your plain wall into a beautiful vertical garden. By adding a couple of hanging plants or shelves with flowers and plants, you can make your indoor space come to life. Green walls can easily impress every guest or a visitor. That’s why they are perfect for your office space as well.

5. Shoe tray

You can’t escape the weather. Shoes and trainers have never been dirtier than during the raining season. No matter how much you try to avoid the puddles, getting the soles of your shoes wet is inevitable. Once you take off the wet shoes, they make a yucky, muddy puddle in your hallway.

To prevent that, a simple cloth isn’t enough. Mud leaves almost non-washable stains and washing your shoes every day isn’t practical. Consider getting artificial grass for your shoe tray. It’s a fancy-looking and functional way to store your shoes and trainers. In addition to that, it protects your wooden flooring from the damage caused by wet, muddy shoes.

6. Patio

Patio and terrace are the perfect places for the midday break. Drinking your cup of tea or coffee and listening to the relaxing music really gets you in the mood to stay there forever. However, not all patios are the same.

For the maximum comfort and beauty, consider putting artificial grass on your patio. It can be an incredible space for your morning workout routine or evening yoga class. In addition to that, you can simply sit and relax on the turf next to your lovely terrace garden, while you’re reading a fantastic book. The pleasure comes with simple things. 

7. Roofs

Have you seen the roofs in those cute, rustic neighbourhoods? They have grass on their roofs for a cosier and greener look. On the other hand, many fancy modern houses have rooftop lawns as well.

Whether you live in the building or in the house, you can create an amazing rooftop garden and add artificial lawn for a greener and more satisfying look. Rooftop gardens are an ideal space for late-night gatherings in nature oasis in the middle of the city. They freshen up space and increase comfort. Besides that, rooftop gardens with artificial lawns don’t require too much maintenance. It can be a great common area for everyone or an intimate hideout with a romantic view of the sky.

8. Pet Bedding

Cats and dogs love rolling in the grass. It gently scratches their body and gives them a ticklish sensation. They also love sunbathing and soft surfaces, just like your lawn. However, leaving them outside unattained usually is not an option. They are safer in the house.

Luckily, you can use artificial turn in creative ways. For example, instead of the regular beddings, you buy for your pet, you can replace them with the fake grass. It’s a soft and cosy pet bedding. In addition to that, there are ways to clean the artificial grass, so your furry friends will always have a clean and tidy spot to sleep on.

9. Kids play area

Besides the pets, you need to look after your children as well. Children love nature. They enjoy playing outside while the sun warms their backs and the grass tickles their feet. However, not every weather condition is ideal for an outdoor play date. Would you want to deny that kind of pleasure to your cute little ones?

Instead of waiting for the sun to come out again, create an indoor play area for your youngsters. No matter the weather condition, they can have fun playing on the high-quality artificial grass. The soft feeling and realistic texture make it feel like they are running through the endless fields of lush grass. Whether you place it in the living room or the kids’ room, you’ll know that your kiddos are playing safely and soundly.

10. Recreational Areas

Owning a home has many perks. You can use the available indoor and outdoor space however you like. For example, if you’re a sports lover, you can create a mini football field or a tennis court in your back yard.

Sports played on the grass require a flawless and spotless lawn. This means that no bumps, unlevelled terrain or other irregularities usually found on grassy areas are tolerated. As the fake turf needs to be installed, you need to be careful about the common problems and find ways to avoid them. That’s the only way how you’ll be able to peacefully and fully enjoy playing sports.


As you can see, there are various creative ways to use artificial grass. Besides having a beautiful, easily maintained lawn outside, you can create decoration and cosy areas inside and outside of the house.

The only thing you need besides the artificial grass is the imagination and creativity that can get you far. So, what are you waiting for? Create unique and beautiful things using something as simple as artificial grass. I hope this article on creative ways to use artificial grass was an eye-opener to you all and do leave your comments below.

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