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Company Perks You Didn’t Realize You Could Negotiate at an Interview

OK so the salary is what it is, but there are ways to enhance your overall employment package that are not always monetary. These enhancements can actually make a big difference to your work life balance and can actually prove to be of more value than simple cash terms. So let us see some Interview Negotiation Techniques to avail the Company Perks you didn’t realize you could negotiate at an interview.

Interview Negotiation Techniques

What’s in a title?

When you’re looking for a new job, sometimes it’s because you have to, other occasions it’s because you are looking for something different or progression. You’re not sure how long you are likely to stay in your new post, but it always helps to demonstrate on your CV that any move was for some sort of progression and development.


You’re not asking to change the job, but you could negotiate for a better title. Your job is more than just a line on your business card or email signature. Search for jobs in your industry using a tool such as this, identify a title that could help with future career progression and a title that could be applied to the job role. Make sure you’re prepared, if you’re going to ask the question at interview at least have some ideas beforehand.


Remember to stress you’re not asking for a job change, or a change in salary, you would just like a title that accurately reflects the position and the role that you have. After all, the title Executive Assistant compared to Secretary can demonstrate seniority and responsibility.



There is a course you would love to do but financially there has been no way you could find the funds to do it. Have a well-prepared case ready in the interview to secure funding for a course, use your case to explain how it could add value to the position and the organization. Demonstrate how you will minimize the impact of any study on your productivity and how the study could actually maximize the quality of your output. You can also sell the idea that it demonstrates commitment that you will agree to stay for a reasonable period of time after any qualification has been completed.


Work life balance

If you are a parent or a carer there are procedures and precedents that you can get to help you manage your home life. However, you can still negotiate better and more flexible working days even if you do not have these responsibilities. If you’re moving jobs which results in a long commute, try and negotiate flexible working, but on terms that work for you. Try and negotiate a work from home day or earlier finishes to make your working week better.


Career Transition Perks

With more and more people career transitioning on a more regular basis it’s no surprise that both organizations and employees are planning for this. According to the BLS, the average person in the US will have had 12 jobs by the age of 50 years old. This constant flux in labor movement means that some organizations are now providing outplacement services as an “insurance” for employees if in the unfortunate event they are laid off. This service can provide job seeking help, resume and interview help if you are laid off. Consider asking about this perk at your next interview or appraisal.

Tech perks

If a requirement of your job to work after office hours then negotiate a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop or at least a contribution to your phone and or internet bill. This can actually be a huge financial benefit. The best way to go about negotiating this perk is to drive home the point that by the organization providing you a piece of tech such as a cellphone, you can stay in touch out of hours and for emergencies, improving communication and productivity.


Make sure when you enter an interview or appraisal that you consider that your employment package is more than your take home pay. These Interview Negotiation Techniques may come handy for you in getting that extra edge during your HR round!!!


Joe Flanagan is the Senior Career Consultant at Velvet Jobs where he helps both job-seekers and organizations with work transitions. When he’s not trying to reduce the unemployment rate you can find him solo-traveling the world and learning new languages.

P.s. Image source: Pixabay

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