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Coffee Gear for Coffee-Loving Cyclists: How to Keep Caffeinated on the Road!

Every cyclist needs four things for a successful ride: their bike, proper navigation tools, some great scenery and a good cup of coffee to keep that adrenaline pumping. Depending on where your wheels are headed, you may not always have easy access to a great cup of joe while you’re on the road. In this article, we will list out some of the best coffee gear for cyclists to keep caffeinated on the road!

The good news is that you don’t need to leave your home brew at, well, home. There’s plenty of portable coffee gear that can make the trip with you. Here’s some of the best coffee gear you won’t want to leave behind.

Coffee gear for cyclists

Best Espresso Machine for Cyclists: WACACO Nanopresso

If there’s one item that should make the packing list for your next ride, it’s the WACACO Nanopresso. As a portable espresso maker, this handy little gadget won’t add much weight to your bag. Not to mention, the great espresso it makes will be worth way more than the weight it adds!

Ultimately, the WACACO is “palm-sized” at just over six inches (15 cm), so you won’t have to worry about it taking up tons of room in your cycling pack.

And all the components that you usually need to make espresso – like a water tank, portafilter, filter basket and espresso cup – still fit neatly inside the capsule-like container.

The Nanopresso looks similar to a mini thermos, but with a polypropylene plastic housing on the outside, it’s extremely sturdy. Whether you’re biking down smooth road or over rough terrain, you can count on the Nanopresso to take a few bumps without breaking.

But how does this fun-sized espresso maker really perform? While it may take a few tries to get the hang of this device, you’ll be able to get perfectly extracted espresso in very little time.

Pro tip: You’ll want to preheat the Nanopresso with hot water before you start making espresso. As impressive as this portable espresso maker is, the plastic body doesn’t retain heat well enough for espresso extraction. Pumping some hot water through the Nanopresso will make all the difference for your extraction (and your final shot).

Best Coffee Grinder for Cyclists: Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder

You can’t exactly make good espresso without a good grind, right? Most standard coffee grinders are a little clunky for the road, but the Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder is an exception. While it may look a little flimsy at first glance, the Porlex grinder is much more impressive than it appears.

With ceramic burrs and a stainless steel case, you don’t have to worry about this grinder not surviving the trip. It’s more than capable of handling a few knocks, but the Porlex is more than just durable – it’ll also make superb ground coffee too.

As compact as it is, the Porlex isn’t going to grind enough coffee for an army. You’re looking at around 30 grams of ground coffee at its max. That might not seem like a ton compared to standard grinders, but it’s certainly enough for one cyclist (and maybe a companion) when you’re on the road.

One thing to note about the Porlex grinder is its cleaning process. Although it’s a breeze to take apart and put back together, it’s really not necessary while on the road. You can go for weeks without cleaning and still get amazing results.

Best Coffee Maker for Cyclists: AeroPress

The AeroPress has become a bit of a household name amongst cyclists and commuters and it’s not hard to see why. This piston-style brewer makes a cross between espresso and drip coffee and it does it in the perfect portable package.

The AeroPress is fairly low-maintenance, which is why it’s a great companion for traveling cyclists. Regardless of water temperature, grind size and the type of beans, you’re still likely to end up with a great-tasting, low-acid coffee each time.

You can experiment with the preparation method, but once you’ve finished making a cup, the AeroPress packs up nicely in most cycling packs or bags.

It’s Time To Take Your Brew on The Road

There’s no room for lugging around that super automatic coffee machine or that bulky grinder when you’re biking. Fortunately, there’s plenty of coffee gear that can make the trip with you – like the WACACO Nanopresso, Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder and the Aeropress.

The best coffee gear for cyclists combine portability and convenience without sacrificing taste. You shouldn’t have to settle for gas station coffee or an expensive drive-thru just because you’re away from home. And best of all, it’ll be right there with you as you watch the sun rise or set from that awesome, remote location you just cycled to!

Next time you’re hitting the trails, training for that race or commuting to work, don’t forget to pack your favorite coffee gadgets with you. You’ll be glad you did!

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