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Best Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Recipe

Making a hazelnut brew is simpler than you might expect. If you want it sweeter or stronger, there are many methods to make this beverage. In the post below, we will break down the fast and simple procedures for brewing a wonderful hazelnut coffee at home.

If you are a lover of nutty and smooth coffee, chances are hazelnut is one of your favorites. This famous taste is provided in cafés and coffee shops all around the globe. You may order it as hot coffee, iced coffee, a cappuccino, and many more variants. Almond milk is an excellent substitute for traditional hazelnut milk.

All You Need To Know About Hazelnut

Nearly nine millennia have passed since the hazelnut was first domesticated. It was initially found in Europe and West Asia, and it originates from the Corylus Avellana tree. Back before brewed coffee was a household beverage, people ate the nuts for their natural sweetness and the health advantages considered to be connected with them.


Over time, the Hazelnut tree moved to neighboring nations like Scotland where the nuts were consumed in the harsh winters. As meat was harder to get by in the chilly winter months, clans would load up on hazelnuts to keep them full, healthy, and with enough stamina to make it through the arduous season.

Why Use Hazelnuts

Some of the benefits of using Hazelnuts are listed below. These health benefits are mainly due to the nutritional value of the hazelnut. They may be higher in calories, but it is well packed with protein, omega fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E & B6.

  • Promotes heart health
  • Prevents several forms of cancer
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Nourishes skin
  • Good for bone health
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Improves blood sugar levels

How To Make Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee

Hazelnut Coffee

Another coffee lover’s favorite this time of year is pumpkin spice, which has recently gained popularity. While we adore all things pumpkin spice, the scents of cinnamon and hazelnut still retain a particular place in our hearts throughout the crisp days of fall and beyond.

Hazelnut Coffee Recipe

Cinnamon Hazelnut Coffee Recipe

Making authentic cinnamon hazelnut coffee is not a hard process. Most of the supplies and ingredients are things you will likely already have on hand.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 4 Cups


  • Drip Coffee Maker


  • Prefferred Coffee Made from Whole beans or Ground Coffee
  • Hazelnut syrup
  • Cream or Milk
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Whipped Cream
  • Nutella


  • Brew coffee — The first step is to make the coffee. You may go with any sort of coffee, but we believe a medium roast works best. In addition, a drip coffee machine is a good option. The finest coffee may take some experimenting, but at least you can produce enough for everyone if you use this method.
  • Add Hazelnut syrup - You can purchase hazelnut syrup at coffee shops, supermarket stores, and even online. Add it to your recipe. They are not all created equal, so you may need to check out a few before you discover the appropriate one. Once you have made your coffee, take a cup and pour two teaspoons of hazelnut syrup to the bottom of your mug. Stir in the coffee until it is well-combined before serving.
  • Add Milk & sugar - To give your drink a creamy texture, you may use cream or milk, depending on your preference. Sweetener is an option, too. However, you must apply the sweetness very gradually. Even natural syrups have the potential to be overpoweringly sweet. Add a half-teaspoon of sugar at a time until you reach the desired sweetness.
  • Dont forget the Cinnamon - Add a pinch of Cinnamon to ramp up your coffee
  • Optional Nutella - In a separate dish, add ¼ cup of heavy whipping cream and 1 tablespoon of Nutella. It should thicken to the consistency of whipped cream after being whisked briskly. Divide coffee into four cups and add whipped Nutella to the top.
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Wrapping Up

Hazelnut coffee is one of the most popular and tasty beverages, and making it at home is simple as long as you know what steps to take. We hope this article has helped you find the right recipe for you and given you some ideas on how to make a unique coffee with this flavorful nut.

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