Landing Pages – Explained & Discussed

Landing Pages are those web pages that are designed specifically to promote a business or a product or even request permission to sign-up for newsletters and feeds. It is very important for this page to build trust in the reader from the very beginning and ensure that there is not too much information or too less information in the page. Since this is the page that the visitor is directly lead to in hopes of making a sales-lead, one also has to keep in mind that it has the right information which any visitor might be interested in the website. Landing Pages play an important role in internet marketing for a company as it leads visitors to leads and to potential sales!!!

Cuppa Sunshine With My Coffee

It was an honor and privilege for me to be receiving this wonder “Sunshine Award” from a well known blogger and writer such as Ruth. It has been a wonderful journey for me over the past few months since I started this blog, and the even more relishing fact is that I have got to know people like Ruth who have set some standards in this blogging world and been professional enough to share their thoughts with all of us.