Bloggers Vision

In my previous post (click here), I had briefed about the various health hazards that a blogger maybe succumbed to in his/her path to a successful website. I was reading related articles over the net, and I found this video very interesting and closely associated to my previous blog. Thought I should share with my readers.

20-20-20 – Have you heard of this rule? For those of us, who spend most of their day in front of their laptops, blogging away as if there is no tomorrow, it is very important to understand and follow this rule. In simple terms, it says for every 20minutes, we need to take a 20 second break by focusing our vision on an object that is 20feet away. Simple, yet so effective.

Is Blogging a Healthy Habit?

Limited Resources – Nothing can get you more than 24hours a day, 7Days a Week, and 52Weeks in a year, and you are expected to keep up with your work, your personal life, spend time with your loved ones & get some sleep in this limited time. This can sometimes be physically challenging and leaves you asking for more.

Inspite of all these challenges, having a full time job on hand, a family with a lovely wife and a wonderful kid, I somehow got pulled into this world of “blogosphere” to become one among the millions already blogging away to glory. My blog allowed me to express my views regarding various topics from different domains, I felt at ease writing out my thoughts and opinions without having to impress anyone or having to seek guidance from anyone. This is what I really liked, today anyone can become an author, write an eBook and publish it in matter of days if they have the potential. The world of internet and particularly “blogging” has opened up a can of unlimited opportunities to a common man who can be heard across the world. Blogosphere has put the saying “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword” to a reality.