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Top 10 Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

Are you a serious music buff? Do you always carry your headphones with you while traveling? I like to listen to soft and melodious instrumental music all through the day. As a kid, I had always wanted to learn a musical instrument and I was totally into listening to classical Indian instrumental music. Back in the days, I used to listen on a tape-recorder and I even remember having recorded some very bad-quality music on a tape to listen to. I had an old Sony single tape-recorder, maybe around 40 watts at its best. 

Now, I have my entire playlist on my smartphone and can listen to my favorite music on-the-go. But when we are on the move, I would recommend that you choose from the best wireless noise canceling headphones in 2017 for the most amazing experience one would like to have. Listening to music and “experiencing” the music are entirely different, with the regular headphones that comes with your smartphone, you will just be “listening” to your music. But with one of the best wireless noise cancelling headphones, you will surely be “experiencing the depths of music”. 

It is self-explanatory from the name itself that these headphones will eliminate the external “noise” and allow you to experience your music 100%. Even in some of our workplaces, it may get too loud with your colleagues speaking over their cubicles or maybe you work at a place where you sit among help-desk colleagues. You will definitely need to choose from the below listed top 10 best wireless noise canceling headphones under $100. 

I will be listing only those headphones that cost less than $100 so that it goes easy on your pocket as well. There are many other brands that are well above this price range, but I think the ones listed below have all the features that one may need in a wireless headphone with noise cancellation. 

So, if you are looking for some of the best wireless noise canceling headphones under $100, you are at the right place, just scroll down the list below and am sure you will find the right match for you. 

List of Top 10 Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2017

Wireless Headphone BrandPrice
HIFI ELITE Super66 by Modern Portable$64.99Buy Now!!
Ansin Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth$29.99Buy Now!!
Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones$99.95Buy Now!!
SoundBot® SB220$15.99Buy Now!!
ATGOIN BlueTooth Wireless$19.99Buy Now
Mpow Jaws V4.1$24.69Buy Now
TRAKK AIRR$89.95Buy Now
Cowin E-7$69.99Buy Now!!
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27X $39.95Buy Now!!
Bohm B66 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth $84.99Buy Now!!

Top 10 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

1. HIFI ELITE Super66 by Modern Portable

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

Priced at $64.99 this is one of the best wireless headphones that features the noise-cancellation feature to a considerable extent. It is having a 4-Star rating on Amazon and there are more than 60% of reviewers who have actually given this a 5-Star rating. 

It weighs only 0.53lb and is actually quite light weight though it looks bulky. As you can see this awesome headphone has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed from the seller meaning you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

The HIFI ELITE Super66 is a perfect match for everything from smartphones and tablets to component stereo systems. The Super66 connects wirelessly to your portable devices via Bluetooth, or with anything with a headphone output using a mini-plug wired connection. It will bring beautiful music everywhere you go.

It has a noise-isolating technology for taking it along with you on your travel for best results even in a noise-polluted environment. 

HIFI ELITE Super66 by Modern Portable – Buy Now

2. Ansin Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

The Ansin Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth enabled In-ear headphones are a great steal for a price of only $29.99. Built-in the BEST CSR 4.1 chipset from U.K, with APT-X and CVC 6.0 Digital noise reduction technology.It can provide high-quality, super bass stereo audio experience no matter whether listening to music or making a phone call!

It is lightweight at only 0.3 ounces and is designed for an easy wearable even during a workout without having to fear of them falling off. The battery provides for 6 hours of continuous usage without having to worry about having it charged every so often.

It supports all the Bluetooth devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones,including but not limited to PC, Notebook,iPad, iPod,iPhone, Samsung, LG, Huawei Motorola and other cellphones.

This is the 2nd least expensive on my list of Best wireless noise cancellation headphones under $100 in 2017 only next to SoundBot, but I would definitely recommend going for this for the advanced digital noise reduction technology.

Ansin Wireless 4.1 Bluetooth – Buy Now

3. Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

This is the most expensive of the Top 10 wireless noise cancellation headphones listed and reviewed by me in this post priced at $99.95, falling just short of my original budget cut off of $100. 

The HD 280 PRO is a pair of closed, dynamic stereo headphones that deliver accurate, linear sound reproduction with ambient noise attenuation for critical monitoring applications. It is universally compatible with home listening to studio monitoring. The space-saving design features collapsible, rotating ear cups that are very comfortable to wear, even if used for long periods of time.

It weighs at 1.3 pounds, which also is a little high on the scale, but with these added features and the strong and hefty design, this was expected to be a little more in weight. 

The closed-ear design is state-of-art technology that reduces the outside noise up-to 32 decibels, practically making it the best noise-reducing wireless headphone on this list. 

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro Headphones – Get It Now

4. SoundBot® SB220

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

OK, now we are reviewing the best valued and most economical of the Top 10 best wireless noise cancellation headphones on the list. This cool device is priced at an un-beatable $15.99!!

Now that price is hard to beat by any proven brands, and yet the SoundBot offers Bluetooth compatibility, Noise-Reduction feature, Stereo Headphone for Music Stream & Hands-Free Calling with up-to 20 hrs Extended Talk and Playback Time and not to forget 400 hrs Standby time with even a Built-in Mic!!! 

All these features at a price of just $15.99 is simply a closed deal for me, I would buy this product with a second look or comparison to the price charts. 

The SoundBot features echo/noise cancellation for reducing noise to enjoy stereo music from all A2DP-enabled devices, such mobile phones, PDA, PC etc. It allows you to switch automatically from remote controls on the headset and to play, skip and select your music tracks. Extended music playback time is an awesome feature which most of us music buffs would simply love. 

Grab This Awesome Head-Phone Now!!!

 5. ATGOIN BlueTooth Wireless

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

Another Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancellation Headphone at a reasonable price of $19.99. CVC noise cancellation 6.0 technology reduces outside noises, enable clearer sound from microphone, you get high-quality sound.

Improved lithium battery provides un-interrupted and seamless listening to music for up to 5 hours and 175 hours on StandBy.

Every ATGOIN product includes a 45 days money back and 18-month warranty.

These head phones come with an Ergonomically designed flexible ear hooks with gel flex silicone earbuds to ensure your headphones stay comfortable.

So looking at all these awesome features, and the price of just under $20, I think one should definitely try this headphone if you are looking for one of the best wireless noise cancellation headphones for listening to music either from your smartphone or your laptop. 

ATGOIN BlueTooth Wireless – Buy Now 

 6. Mpow Jaws V4.1

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

The Mpow Jaws comes with a built-in magnet which attracts the earplugs when you don’t need them, greatly decreasing the burden on ears and giving you a convenient storage way to carry around

These headphones features a noise canceling technology of CVC6.0 which practically zeroes all the external sound and makes your music and your calls more clear and crisp.

The battery is super powerful and provides up-to 13 hours of continuous talking/music time per charge.  It weighs only 1.2 oz and comes with a flexible and durable silicone neckband, 60% lighter than any other neckband headset, you’ll even forget you have them on!

Easy Button Control Unlike ordinary Bluetooth earbuds for running and workouts, this comfort-fit earbuds allows for easy and accurate one-touch control located on the neckband, no need to take off the earbuds.

Mpow Jaws V4.1 – Buy Now


Best wireless noise cancelling headphoneThe TRAKK AIRR is slightly on the higher price range with the other good ones up on the list, but there is a solid reason why you would want to pay the price of $89.95 for this awesome device. 

TRAKK AIRR boasts a high-tech digital chip that identifies and monitors ambient noise. It uses this information to accurately cancel noise thus giving you only the clearest noise-free audio output. This is what separates TRAKK AIRR from other noise cancellation headphones. Noise cancellation can be turned on and off by toggling a switch on the right headpiece.

Are you a frequent user of iPhone Siri or Amazon Alexa? No sweat with this headphone, you can easily command Siri and Alexa using the built-in mic. Do you want to use wired connection? This awesome headphone allows you to do the same using a 3.5mm headphone jack port on the left earpiece. 

With all these superior qualities, the TRAKK AIRR ranks high on my list and I can imagine why anybody will still want to buy it for the price. I would recommend this for serious music lovers who would want to enjoy the cool features offered. 


8. Cowin E-7

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

This headphone by Cowin uses the Active Noise Cancellation Technology and offers a significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. Of course, as other high priced models, this also allows you to switch off the noise cancellation by the flip of a button. Priced in the mid-range of $69.99, I think Cowin has everything that the best wireless noise cancellation headphones offer in today’s market. 

It offers 30 hours of playtime on the Bluetooth mode and comes with a 3.55 mm audio cable to continue enjoying music when you are out of charge for a wireless connectivity. 

Proprietary 40 mm large-aperture drivers. Exceptional clarity throughout an extended frequency range, with deep, accurate bass response. It is quite light weight at only 0.85 lb and with pillow-like softness on the headband and protein ear cushions, while the ear-cups rotate for a fine-tuned fit.

So, what are you waiting for, if you can afford the price, I think this is a good bet and am sure you will have a loving last longing relationship with this headphone. 

Cowin E-7 – Buy Now

9. Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27X
Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

The Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27X Quiet Point Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones, as the name suggests it is the quietest of all these noise canceling headphones by reducing 85% of external noise thus allowing the most clear and impactful high-audio playback. 

The on-off switch is on the ear-cups with no external modules or wires involved. These headphones deliver exceptional sound quality with powerful bass, a natural mid-range, detailed treble and precise imaging in an immersive sound field.

I feel these headphones are ideal for use with portable music and DVD players, in-flight entertainment systems, laptop and desktop computers and many other devices. It is compatible with the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPod touch. The audio functions even if the battery runs down.

 It is priced a little higher than the Ansin at $39.99 but the Quiet-Point feature is worth the money you are paying for. If you are bent upon noise-cancellation as your main feature, then this is a must-have. 

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC27X – Buy NOW!!

10. Bohm B66 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth

Best wireless noise cancelling headphone

The Bohm B66 comes at a slightly higher price of $84.99 and boasts of an Advanced Noise Cancellation technology for a seamless playing of music and attending your calls. 

It has a built in Industry-leading CSR Bluetooth 4.0 for a fully wireless experience; stream music to your wireless Bluetooth headphones from your PC, smartphone, tablet & more with over a 33-Foot wireless range.

If you charge the Bohm for 3 hours you can enjoy without any downtime for 18 hours of talk-time or 16 hours of playtime.

This also has the auto-resume capability which means, if you are listening to your music and attend a call in-between, the music auto resumes immediately after the call from where you had left off.  

Bohm B66 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth – Buy This Now!!!

 Over To You

Music plays an important part in my life, and am sure many of you agree with me. There are many ways to listen to good music, and my preference is to use one of the best wireless noise cancellation headphones available today through various companies. I do not want to compromise on the listening quality with any other unwanted feature. 

In this post, I have tried to list the Top 10 of such wireless headphones that promise noise-cancellation at it’s best. I hope I have answered some of your questions if you are seeking to buy one. If not, maybe you can leave a comment below and I promise to get the right answers to you. 

My opinions are not biased and are purely my personal choices. Please bear this in mind when you make a choice, compare the headphone features and read their reviews, but most importantly, make sure you know what is the primary reason for your purchase and choose wisely. 


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