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Best ways to decorate your office


The office is not just the place where you work, it is a place where you grind and hustle to achieve your dreams. Whether it is a personal office at home or your desk or a big building, the office ambiance is something you need to give attention to and in this article we will see some cool ways to decorate your office.

The ambiance and the décor of the office can play a major role in employee’s productivity. If you want your team to have an organization and work better, make sure that their environment is not dull, cluttered, or negative.

You have to ensure that there is plenty of light, appealing wall colors, better furniture, and so on. A person should feel happy and light after entering the office building. If it makes them tired or inattentive, it will be hard to work and procure great results.

A lot of studies show how the decor of an office can have a great impact on your employees. So, for better productivity, a nice office is important. Also, this is the same for people who are working remotely or who bring a lot of their work home from home.

A dedicated room (if you can) or a desk or corner for your work is crucial. In addition to this, you also need to decorate it accordingly, so that when you are in that space, you think about only work. For instance, baskets to organize your work materials are a start.

Here are some more tips for ways to decorate your office for better results and productivity.

1.      Allow personal items for employee’s desk

The employees should have the freedom to decorate their desk as per their liking. It means allowing them to use some personal material like photos of their family or so on.  A desk is a place where they do all the work, if they are boring or uncomfortable, it can create dissatisfaction or make them lose concentration.

So, an employee can and should make it more to their liking by adding posters or images and more. Just make sure you limit the number of things they use, too many personal items can also be a distraction.

2.      Tons of lights

If you have low lights or not enough lighting in the office, it can have two issues- eye strain and laziness. When lights are dim, people tend to feel lazy and unenergetic to do anything. Do you feel like doing anything when there is no electricity in your house? No, right?

So, while creating a model for the office building, make sure the architecture allows tons of natural daylight to sweep into the office.

Also, have tons of artificial light options, like lamps, or ceiling lights, and so on. The artificial lights should be sustainable, something that doesn’t consume too much energy and money.

3.      Have an area rug

A rug can bring out the character in your workplace. While the whole office can’t have a rug, maybe some areas can have it. For instance, the dining area can have a rug or a relaxing room where there are sofas and comfy chairs for people to relax, and so on.

You can put the rug in your office or employees can bring one from home and put in their cubicles. It adds charm to the area, and also energizes it.

4.      Have pretty storage space like baskets

This tip works well for home offices and an office building. A company has a lot of data, and they need physical storage space for the same. While the big files and documents would find a place in a warehouse or a room, you need storage space for daily items too. Even these documents should be in a breakfront or storage boxes or baskets so that they are safe and organized.

For your cubicle or office, have proper space like boxes, or storage cabinets that can hold your writing utensils or papers or office merchandise, and so on. When everything has a place, it looks better and clean.

It helps increase productivity as there is no clutter, and everyone can put the things back from where they took it if it has a designated place.

5.      Motivational posters or painting

An office looks more appealing when it has some paintings and posters. Take this opportunity to find some great artistic paintings or print out some motivational posters using Canva, and hang them in your office.

There should be prints in the dining room, the reception, around cubicles, on offices, and so on. It is a great way to liven the place up, and also if someone feels blue or unmotivated, these inspirational words can help them.

6.      Give importance to desk colors

The colors of desks in an office are usually white or neutral or black. But you can experiment with this. Try getting desks that have bold colors like red. They stand out and look more appealing to the eye.

Of course, you would have to make some tweaks to the wall color or overall color of the office, if you want red or green desks. But for small office space, doing this change might be good.

For your home office, this can work wonders. You can paint your home desk any color you like, to make it more happening.

7.      Add plants

A bit of greenery can be nice and welcoming. Small plants on each desk can provide freshness to the area, and cleaner air. Also, grow lots of plants and trees in your office area, if you can.

When you are inclusive of greenery in your office architecture, you can play with tons of pots and vase ideas. It gives you a lot to do with your interior. If you have a big open space surrounding the office which is part of your building, grow tons of trees, and set up a garden area. It can be a great relaxing area for everyone.

8.      A space for books

You can have a little space in your office for a bookcase. When you add books and journals on this place, it adds visual charm to the place. Moreover, it makes for a great way to take a small break and chill.

Also, every personal office or desk can have a little book holder or case according to the area. It can help you put your note pad or writing material organized. You don’t have to write it on notes and stick it to the computer or dashboard.

9.      Have comfy furniture

Most offices have white wall colors because they look clean. They are hard to maintain, but they look the best. Now, the furniture in the office should be in contrast with the wall color. So, when you are picking the chairs or desks or anything, keep this in mind.

Also, always buy comfortable furniture. If the chairs are not comfortable, employees won’t work much. It is hard to work for eight hours on a chair which hurts your back, so keep this in mind.

These tips will help you create an office environment that is friendly, casual, inviting, yet at the same time serious. You want your employees to work hard, but also to ensure that they have a place to chill and relax which rejuvenates them and motivates them.

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  • This is a great article, if you are going to be productive at work i think it is essential to have a work space that you feel comfortable in. In my opinion having comfy furniture has got to be the most important thing in any working environment. Like you say, your employees aren’t going to get as much work done if they are uncomfortable sitting at their desk day in day out.

  • Great Post! Your article is really helpful. I will follow this tips for my new office. I am glad to read this awesome post. Thanks for sharing such a helpful post. Keep Posting!!

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