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Best Coffee for French Press

You’ve probably heard of the French press if you enjoy coffee. To achieve the finest results, however, you must select the appropriate coffee beans. The best coffee for French press brewing is covered in this article, along with instructions on how to produce the ideal cup of coffee

Best Coffee For French Press

What Is a French Press?

Before we discuss the best coffee for French press, let’s first define what a French press , commonly referred to as a press pot or plunger pot, is a straightforward appliance for brewing coffee via immersion. A French press requires only coarsely ground coffee, boiling water, and a few minutes to steep. The brewed coffee is then separated from the coffee grounds by pressing down on the plunger.

Why Pick a French Press?

The ability to produce coffee with a robust flavor and fragrant scent is one of the main draws of the French press. The prolonged steeping time with immersion brewing produces a more robust flavor. Also, the mesh filter of the French press keeps the coffee oils in the finished result, giving it a distinctive flavor and aroma. A French press is a practical choice for use in the home or office because it is simple to operate and doesn’t require power.

Selecting the Finest Coffee for French Press

Let’s talk about how to pick the best coffee for French press now that you know what it is and why it’s a terrific method for preparing coffee. While making French press coffee, the consistency of the grind and the quality of the beans make all the difference. Here are some pointers to help you select the best coffee beans for your French press:

Choose Whole Beans

Whole beans keep their flavor and freshness longer than pre-ground coffee. A cup of coffee made from freshly roasted beans is also richer and more flavorful. Most coffee shops will grind the beans for you if you don’t have one at home.

Choose a Coarse Grind

Another crucial aspect to take into account while brewing coffee in a French press is the grind size. The recommended grind size for a French press is coarse, which implies that the coffee grounds should be larger than those used for drip coffee or espresso.

Seek for Distinct Taste

French press coffee is known for its robust flavor and aroma. Look for rich and robust flavors like dark chocolate, caramel, and nuts when selecting coffee beans for your French press. To get the most out of a French press, choose coffee beans with a medium to dark roast, since they will release more flavor throughout the longer steeping process.

The Finest French Press Coffees

Brazil is a major producer of coffee, and its beans are renowned for their robust flavor. Due to their mild acidity and chocolaty undertones, Brazilian coffee beans are perfect for French press. Brazilian coffee is typically medium to dark in roast, making it ideal for the French press.

Colombian Coffee

columbia coffee for french roastOne of the most well-known coffee kinds in the world, Colombian coffee is renowned for its rich, complex flavor. The medium roast of Colombian coffee beans makes them ideal for the French press. Those who want a robust and flavorful brew will appreciate Colombian coffee’s caramel and chocolate undertones.

Kenyan Coffee

Kenyan coffee is renowned for its robust and fruity flavor. The coffee beans are medium roast and have a sharp acidity, making them a great choice for French press. Kenyan coffee features flavors of black currant, grapefruit, and citrus, which give it a unique flavor that distinguishes out from other coffee variations.

Ethiopian Coffee

ethiopian coffeeEthiopian coffee is one of the most distinct and tasty coffee kinds in the world. The coffee beans are lightly to medium roasted and have a diverse flavor profile that includes hints of berries, flowers, and citrus. Due to its robust and distinctive flavor, Ethiopian coffee is perfect for the French press.

Sumatran Coffee

Sumatran coffee is noted for its earthy and spicy flavor characteristics. The heavy roasting of the beans gives the coffee its very robust taste. Sumatran coffee features overtones of dark chocolate, tobacco, and cedar, making it a wonderful choice for individuals who love a powerful and robust coffee.

How to Prepare French Press Coffee

Let’s speak about how to prepare the ideal cup of coffee using the best coffee for French press now that you’ve selected the best coffee for it.

First, grind the coffee beans.

To begin, coarsely ground the coffee beans. To get the desired consistency, use either a burr grinder or a blade grinder. Around one to two tablespoons of coffee per cup is recommended.

Step 2: Bring the Water to a Boil

Bring the water to a temperature of around 93 degrees Celsius (200 degrees Fahrenheit). You can use a thermometer to check the temperature or bring the water to a boil and let it cool for a minute or two.

Third Step: Fill the French Press with Water and Coffee

Pour hot water over the coffee grounds in the French press. To make sure all the coffee is wet, carefully stir the mixture.

Step 4: Let the Coffee Soak

Let the coffee to steep for around four minutes. You can change the steeping time to suit your taste. A stronger and more robust flavor will come with longer steeping times.

Plunger Pressing: Fifth Step

After the coffee has steeped, softly and evenly depress the plunger. This will separate the brewed coffee from the grounds.

Step 6: Pour and Enjoy

Pour the coffee into your mug or cup and drink it while it’s still hot.


In conclusion, the best coffee for French press is essential for making the ideal cup of coffee. Look for freshly roasted whole beans, a coarse grind, and robust tastes. French press coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Sumatra are all excellent options. Follow the steps above to prepare the ideal cup of coffee using this popular brewing method.



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