Benefits Of Having Built In Wardrobes For Your House

Benefits Of Having Built In Wardrobes For Your House

Choosing a ready made wardrobe for your house can be a  daunting task. You will rarely find one that perfectly complements your interior or meet your storage requirements and fits well within the available space too. Even if you find one, it may not be made of your preferred material or it may not be available in your favorite color. To rule out all such problems, the best possible solution would be getting built in wardrobes. These wardrobes are specifically customized for your space, which means that you don’t need to compromise on anything. When you need a storage space in the bedroom, office or garage, then a built-In wardrobe is the solution. There are several benefits of having wardrobes custom made for your home.

Let’s talk about a few of them.

You can get them made to match your interior design: Since you are getting your wardrobe made from scratch, you have the freedom to choose its colour and design as per your interior décor. Unlike readymade wardrobes, you don’t need to compromise with a neutral colour wardrobe that matches well with any décor. You can have it custom made exactly as per your interior décor theme. Whether your interior décor is rustic, traditional or contemporary, you can have your built-in wardrobes made according to that. You can choose from a variety of materials such as acrylic finishes with aluminum steel handles that fits with your interior décor.

You can fit them as per your room’s shape: Most walls are straight and even, but some rooms may have uneven shapes, against which placing a readymade wardrobe may not be possible. For instance, if you may have a protruding part on your wall, you can have the wardrobe customised in such a way that the protruding part hides inside the wardrobe. In this way, you will not only have your wardrobe stand against part, but you will also be able to hide that ugly part of your room. You may also customise these built in wardrobes to match your room’s corners and design them to go around your windows. The built-in wardrobes can be customized to fit into L-shaped corners or designed around windows to make the best use of space in your room.

You can have free space in your room: In modern day apartments, bedrooms have limited space. If you place a full-size bed in the bedroom, there is seldom space left to place a wardrobe too. But if you go for built in wardrobes, they fit into your room’s wall and the space in your room is left free. All in all, these wardrobes allow you to make the best use out of the space available in the room. You can customize the height and size of the built-in wardrobe according to the dimensions of your space.

You can customise the wardrobe as per your liking: When you are getting your wardrobe custom-built, you can instruct the manufacturers to include a few racks and shelves as per your liking and requirements. For instance, if you want an extra drawer for your undergarments, or if you want a small rod for your bangles, then you can ask the manufacturers to have them. if your clothing collection consists primarily of formals, your wardrobe can be designed with more hanger space, trouser racks and storage boxes to hold accessories.

If you are not comfortable with a two-door wardrobe, then you can ask them to divide the wardrobe into three or four parts and give a separate door to each of them. When your wardrobe is being made from scratch, you have the freedom to get it made the way you want it to be. Built-in wardrobes give freedom to adjust the internal configuration and customize the storage accessories according to your personal requirements.

You can save time and effort: Finding a perfect wardrobe for your room can be a tiringand time-consuming task. You may need to spend several weekends in the markets to find the best piece of wardrobe for your room. But when you choose to have built in wardrobes, you need to just explain your specifications to the manufacturer, place your order, and wait for it to be made.

Now that you know all the benefits of having built in wardrobes for your house, understand your requirements and find a manufacturer who can make a wardrobe exactly as per your requirements and preferences. Also check their pricing, as a need to make sure that having a built-in wardrobe does not end up burning a hole in your pocket.

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  • I read this article. it is all about benefits of built in wardrobes. You have minutely described one by one, customized one is helpful for daily routine and it saves time to enjoy easy livings. As per your needs you may keep more space in room and interiors will be designed for smooth looking. Thank you Amelia for this article.

  • I can’t agree more on the pros of built in wardrobes. For many years, I lived in an apartment with a full-size bed and a built in wardrobe with L-shaped corners. It was a perfect built in wardrobe that made the bedroom look organized and stylish.

  • It’s interesting that you point out that having a built-in wardrobe allows you to have more space in your bedroom. I’d enjoy having some extra space, so I’m considering having a built-in wardrobe installed in my home. I’m going to search for a good business in my area that can install a built-in wardrobe for me.

  • Fitted wardrobes can best benefit an irregularly shaped room where adding a standing wardrobe can really ruin the look of the whole room. Fitted wardrobes have been a popular choice for decades, and for good reason. Our leading furniture designers explain what makes them such an asset.

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