Back to Blogging!!!

Back to blogging

It actually feels nice to be back blogging again!!! It has been quite some time since I stopped writing. Although I kept my website up and running, somehow I forgot to renew my other website (techivy) and someone grabbed it while available 🙁 

Now that I have DMC all to myself, I am planning a major revamp of the website, first by updating to a responsive theme and also changing the whole look and feel of the site. I have many out-dated plugins and some which I removed since it was preventing the site from opening. Now that I have temporarily updated to a theme (Thanks for Atish Ranjan from TechTricksWorld) I have some major work for the next few days to clean-up, make it more readable and pretty. 

While I was away!!

Over my years of blogging, I made several new friends and many more acquaintances whom I have tried to continue to be in touch on some of the social profiles. Many of them are aware of what I have been doing, while many may have turned ignorant 🙂 

I know that many of you bloggers whom I visited virtually everyday, got to know you through your posts and developed a sense of belonging via comments and criticisms, all of you must have moved on with your lives and it is of course sad that I did not keep in touch with many of you. I plan to make up for all this time by getting back on the wagon and renewing our friendship by doing whatever I have to do to gain your confidence back. 

Years and days have passed between then and now, things may have changed, but as a person, we all remain the same. With that confidence I seek back to reach out to you all and hoping to be part of your “blogging” world once again. 

I have been a part of many small ventures and projects over these years which kept me going with what I had to do. I will be writing about those in a few words in my up-coming posts. This as a way to fill the gap and be back to where we left off. 

Posts from Tech-IVY!!

As I mentioned earlier, I lost my domain and unable to buy it back from it’s current owner. However, with the help of way-back-machine, I learnt that my posts were not re-used and I still have access to them. I plan to migrate them over to DMC here and hope to have them in a regular frequent manner. This will help me keep the momentum of writing and also get back my posts online. You will see some new posts coming soon here which were actually written for techivy. I will make sure that I mark them so that it is clear that they are not written recently. 

Personal touch!!

I wrote several articles earlier here which allowed me to share my personal life with you all. Some were written when I cherished my daughter’s birthdays and some others were dedicated to my wife and parents. I plan to continue writing those posts to help you know who I am and to connect with me better. I always treated my blogger friends as a “personal network” and shared several personal events of my life via my posts. It is good to know that you have “friends” out there who will go an extra mile to help you in many aspects like maybe setting up a new blog or helping in resolving an issue with wordpress or even give you a little push in the right direction to get you going. 

Naked Truth Series!!

As many of you know already, I had a series going in my blog earlier where I published some “facts” about other bloggers and provided a way to bring some good writers into the lime-light. I am open to continue that for many new bloggers who might have emerged and want a platform to reach out to the world. If you know anyone who might want to be featured in these series, shout-out to them using my blog and make them know that they are welcome here. I do hope my blog gets enough followers and subscribers to make it worth while!!!


Yes, finally!!! I had to create a new Facebook page for DMC – Somehow FB realized that I was not being a regular visitor and put my page on a disabled mode. I did send out a request to enable it, but am not feeling positive about that. So I do hope you like my page and get me back to where I was before. I will be visiting you (your blogs) all shortly and getting to know you better and welcoming you to come visit my blog. Just know that I am now here to stay!!! 


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Praveen Rajarao is an Entrepreneur and in his spare time blogs on his website – and His topics range from blogging to technology to affiliate programs and making money online and how-to guides. Daily Morning Coffee is also accepting Guest Posts from Professional Bloggers at this time, take a look at “Write For DMC” page for more details on the same.

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    1. Hello Manidipa,

      I appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts on my blog. I hope you do find my content resourceful and keep coming back for more. See you around.


  1. Hi Praveen, Welcome back to the Blogisphere! You were very much missed and I’m glad to see you back. As you may have gathered many bloggers have dropped out since you left, but maybe you’ll start a trend and they will return too!

    I look forward to following your journey forward with DMC. That is a shame about TechIvy, but at least you still have DMC!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted…Need Internet? How to Turn Your Phone into a Wi-Fi HotspotMy Profile

    1. Hello Carolyn,
      Glad to see you back on DMC!!! Yes it is sad I lost the domain, I had some good posts there and also liked the name. Anyways, I will try to maintain one blog for now, lets see how that goes 🙂

      Yes, I did start visiting some of my old blogger friends, is Adrienne’s blog not there anymore? I still have to explore quite a few though.

      Hope to see you back here soon!!!

      Have a wonderful weekend.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…How to Manage Twitter Account Like Guy KawasakiMy Profile

  2. Hey Praveen,

    I made it to your blog from a comment you made on mine. So, this is my first time here.

    After reading your post, I thought, this has happened to me as well. 2016 was kinda like that for me. I struggled with where I wanted to go with my blog, and in doing that only wrote about 4 blog posts all year.

    I made a resolution that I would get back to it this year. So, it helps to read that others, like yourself, have struggled as well and are coming back to it. I think it all boils down to the passion for what we do.

    Well let me welcome you back! I didn’t know you before, but now I am looking forward to reading your blog going forward and sharing your ideas.

    You did ask me on my blog, what I thought of yours so I will tell you:

    I think you have a very pleasant looking blog. It looks clean, and that’s refreshing. So many of us get our blogs cluttered up with things we really don’t need, as we are trying to find out what works, and what doesn’t. We eventually realize what we need to do to make things better.

    I really like your about page, I think it tells some things about you and offers some good calls to action there.

    You contact page is good, but maybe could use a little more narrative there.

    I didn’t see a services page, so it wasn’t clear to me if you are offering a service or not. Some people say that it is real important to make clear what your message is so that they know what your blog is all about and what you are offering them.

    But anyway, I like the look, and hope to return back many times for great reads.

    Praveen, thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you have a great week!

    Rob McDonald recently posted…Backing Up Your WordPress Website With UpdraftPlusMy Profile

    1. Rob,

      Thanks for stopping by and I really appreciate your detailed comment.

      I didnt know you had a down-time as well, I can relate to what you might have gone through and how motivated you are this year to come back and give your 100% percent. I want to make sure that I dont get into another curve of laziness 🙂

      I will take your advice seriously on the contact page, and will surely add some relevant content there as well. As for services, I do not have any to offer my readers, except maybe my writing skills. But I take it that not all invite others to write, you may have to do a sales pitch to get selected right?

      I am glad you liked my content and my layout, yes I try to keep it clean and avoid clutter. I have seen many blogs where I dont know where to go and what to click…i stay away from them.

      Rob thanks again for visiting DMC and hope to see you back here soon.
      Praveen Rajarao recently posted…How I’ve earned more than $100 with mPlus AppMy Profile

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