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Avoid Mistakes on Starting an Internet Marketing Business

Starting an online business has its own advantages and disadvantages.  There are some common mistakes committed by people who venture into online business. These mistakes can make a business enterprise slip off a businessman’s hands, which would otherwise have been successful. Avoiding these mistakes ensures a successful internet business. Let us briefly look at some of those common mistakes which are to be avoided while starting an internet marketing business.

  1. Inappropriate domain name: When you start an internet marketing business your domain name should be interesting. It should speak of your business. In other words, it should represent your business and the motives behind your business enterprise. The domain name should also be available for customers when they type it in. The name should not sound very far-fetched or exotic to the customers.
  2. Inadequate attention to key words: Once you start an internet marketing business the important thing is that people should be able to find you. This is possible by the appropriate use of key words since key words are vital when people search for a topic. Key words effectively lead people to your site. If sufficient attention is not paid to key words, the whole internet business may collapse on the web. It is desirable to invest on resources to ensure that your business has proper key words.
  3. Discrepancy between demand and supply: An internet business will have low start-up costs since it operates in the virtual mode. But by this you cannot sell anything and everything online. There should be a harmony between the demand and supply of products and services. Demand and supply are directly proportional to each other and this relation goes perfectly well when the things which are in demand are supplied to the customers on time.
  4. Pretending to be self sufficient: Internet marketing business runs the same way as the traditional business. The only difference is the mode of operation which is online in the case of internet marketing business. If you do not have expertise in a certain area, you should ask others for help. Otherwise it will lead to the down fall of your internet marketing business.
  5. Lack of commitment: Internet marketing businesses require as much time as the traditional businesses. An internet marketing business demands sleepless nights and weekends because establishing a web site, products and services requires a high level of commitment. One should invest a great deal of time and energy in order to make sure that the internet marketing business is a success.
  6. Lack of start-up funds: The truth about internet marketing business is that they do not require as much start-up funds as the traditional businesses. But in the initial stage a certain amount of money is required for purchasing a domain name and marketing internet marketing business. This amount may vary between internet marketing businesses depending on the type of business. If there is a crunch of start-up funds, internet marketing business will not be successful.
  7. One-time products and services: The objective of internet marketing business is to serve customers for a longer duration. They should keep coming back to you seeking your service. If you offer one-time products and services, chances are more for the down-hill journey of your internet marketing business. One-time purchases do not allow a repetition of traffic to your site.
  8. Lack of business plan: Just as traditional businesses need a business plan, internet marketing businesses also need a proper business plan. This business plan includes your short term goals, long term goals, marketing and advertising ideas. It should also contain the ways to react to an adverse situation in business. The complete sketch of how you would go about doing an internet marketing business is necessary while starting an online marketing business.

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  • Hi Praveen,

    Excellent Starting plans indeed.Mainly the points you said about having a good domain and attention to keywords is absolutely right.And also consistency and commitment are unavoidable factors for any business

  • I like that you pointed out that online business should run the same as a traditional business. In many ways, traditional marketing is also a great way to increase your online business as well. online and traditional should be integrated.

  • I think for small internet marketing owners, the problem of how to advertise is very important for them. As they normally have tight budget, how to get their website expose and create sufficient traffic to make sales is a challenge.
    What can you advise them?

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