Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare- An Alarm to Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare is a transformational force bringing significant changes in the way. The technology isn’t a new noise, but its undiscovered benefits may let you come across the best possible usages in the Healthcare Industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The condition of the healthcare industry was never similar to the current times, there were loopholes, lack of medications for particular diseases and other issues impacting the patient’s health. While the healthcare system has been undergoing diverse advancements, there’s a lot happening on the technology front. Beginning from the introduction of the telemedicine to the enormous benefits of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare and the medical industry in general.

Why does it matter?

A study by Accenture reveals AI applications can create annual savings of $150 billion by 2026. Some studies even say, AI can completely replace human doctors in the future, though this may sound a bit absurd but, it’s unbelievably true! In certain areas of healthcare like radiology, it can replace human judgment entirely.

Well, the rapid development has so much in store for healthcare where the doctors would have the access of a huge clinically relevant information hidden in a large amount of data unlocked by the powerful AI techniques, helping the doctors to make better clinical decisions.

For the best possible usage, the hospitals should explore ways to integrate AI algorithms in order to reduce readmission and identify potential patient risks, as well as adopt VR in medicine, fostering partnerships with medical device specialists.

Do we really need AI?

Augmented Reality App Development is the most searched term by numerous business owners. As AI is big and powerful, there isn’t any question about its effectiveness. The impact will be huge, and the facts below make us believe it more-

  • Hospital errors are one of the most common causes of ill-treatment leading to serious health issues. AI can eliminate errors with automated data fetching.
  • In the Healthcare Industry, nearly 86% of the mistakes are preventable but, aren’t taken care of!
  • In the coming 5 years, AI health market will grow by more than 10 percent.

Role of AI in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence companies are claiming AI will come up with numerous benefits in near future and can bring in the advancements we haven’t ever thought about!

  • Health Assistant

Virtual Health Assistants can be helpful for patients in a number of ways. For instance, a patient who is required to take his medications regularly and a skip could be dangerous would be facilitated with the help of a virtual health assistant. VHA can send timely reminders along with the right set of advice for the treatment with specific diet restrictions. Though the benefits aren’t just limited to patients, VHA’s monitor the patients based on data, allows the doctor to engage with pharmacies and patients and remind them of prescription refills and pickups.

  • Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is a key to higher prevention rates. AI has been a boon in improving the process of diagnosis, reading CT scans and x-rays along with the quick detections of lesions and nodules and many other benefits promoting early treatment of the patients. In some cases where the number of patients grows higher, AI helps in analyzing large volumes of data, enabling detection of disease and further helping with clinical decisions.

  • Healthcare Bots

Conversational bots are solving the most crucial need to address the patients 24/7. Patient engagement is imperative as it solves both the purpose of cost-saving and improving the patient-provider relationship. The process of staying connecting round the clock facilitates the patients in getting their queries answered whenever they require. A few benefits to having Bots at work are-

  1. Schedule appointments and consultations
  2. Track patient care to reduce readmissions
  3. Send alerts and notifications for prescriptions refills
  4. Alert hospital staff when patients need assistance
  5. Automate data entry, reducing error and avoid double entry
  • Treatment Advancements

With the power of analysis, AI is leading the way in healthcare treatments. It’s improving the organization of treatment plans, analyzing the data to provide better treatment and also monitoring the treatments. With its swift abilities to identify signs of disease in medical images, AI reads the signs in MRI, CT scans and x-rays, therefore allowing faster diagnosis and reducing the time patients are required to wait for diagnosis reports for beginning the treatment.

  • Cost Reduction

According to the reports by Frost & Sullivan, AI has the potential to improve outcomes by 30%-40% and reduce the cost of treatment by as much as 50%. Having improvements in efficiency and clinical enhancements indicate fewer human errors leading to decreased doctor visits and improved opportunities for patient well-being.

Integrate the power of AI to bring in a better outcome for your business! Search out for an artificial intelligence service provider near you and get started. K

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