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Alarm Installation – Everything You Need to Know

All types of buildings and even cars are burglarized every day and it is not possible to be alert 365 days a year. In the past people designed and built their homes specifically to safeguard them from thieves but today people have started using home security alarms to safeguard their valuables and assets. A home security alarm comprises of home security devices and choosing an alarm depends on the security needs and the area to be covered for security. Innovations in electronics industries have lead to the manufacture of incredibly sophisticated home alarms that have features like hidden cameras, camcorders, closed circuit TV etc.

Components of an Alarm System

The components of a home alarm system vary between companies but the difference is only marginal and these differences do not have any impact on the security features. A typical home alarm system consists of door/window contact, wireless panic button, smoke detectors, fire detectors, talking devices, glass beak detector, vibration detectors, hardware alarms, home security key fob, water sensors and master control panel. When a particular device performs a particular function it transmits the information to the master control panel which then transmits the information to the managing company. The latest advancements in alarm control even allow the user to pass on the message through a telephone call. The alarm system can be controlled by a key pad which is like a remote control used to operate televisions and air-conditioners and it can be used to switch on or off the security system. Companies can supply more instruments as per requirement and specification.

Types of Home Alarms

There are two major types of alarms the indoor and outdoor alarm systems, the indoor alarm are usually installed at the doors and windows, or signs of movement inside the house and the movements are detected with motion sensors. This type of system can be switched on or off by entering a special code into the control set.

The outdoor home security system helps monitor the grounds and they are programmed to turn on flood lights at the hint of movement on the grounds of the property. The older models had the possibility of being set off by the movement of a pet but the new models are programmed to check the size and weight of the intruder before setting off the alarm.

It has also to be decided what type of alarm is necessary, a silent alarm that notifies only the nearest police station or an alarm with a siren that will alert all the neighbors but a siren alarm is of no use if the property is far away from other properties as the siren will warn the thief and give him enough time to get away before the police get there. There are different types of security alarm systems depending on their utility and applicability. A smoke and fire alarm is used to detect smoke or fire and if the movements of people are to be recorded recording devices or scanners have to be installed.

Wireless Security System

A wireless security system can be installed within a few hours and they are trouble free with simple maintenance features. Wireless components are versatile, cost effective and they provide a better safety system to protect the house. They have some additional features like surveillance cameras, detectors and monitors.


Before installing an alarm system it is necessary to analyze the number of windows and doors that might need protection. The company makes an inspection and consults the owner about the places where the alarms are to be installed in the house, before the home alarm installation system setup. Companies levy additional charge for installation and the cost of installation varies between companies.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Each type of home alarm has its own advantages and disadvantages. A wireless alarm system helps the user to monitor and control operations from outside whereas this is not possible with a burglar alarm. However, a wireless system experiences many technical difficulties and their services may not be very effective but a burglar alarm will not experience technical difficulties. Home alarms are highly beneficial and they have helped to solve a lot of crimes as well as they have helped prevent many crimes. Many fire and other accidents have been avoided by the use of home alarm devices.

The owner must be comfortable in using the alarm system and he has to get all the clarifications done before getting the alarm installed. Whatever type of home alarm system is chosen the user has to make sure that the signs of its installation are visible clearly.

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