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Aeropress Coffee Maker Review

If you are new to coffee brewing, or you have never strayed away from the traditional French press, you may be curious… What is the AeroPress Coffee Maker?

Well to make a long story short, it is an advanced gravity and pressure-powered coffee press that was invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, who operated a flying disc business. It is also a common manual brewing process, particularly among frequent travelers, because it is inexpensive, simple to use and extremely portable. It is becoming so famous that you may already have learned of the World AeroPress Championship!

Now that we have cleared this up, read our AeroPress coffee analysis to find out more about its features and determine if it is the right choice for you.


The Aerobie AeroPress may not have the charm of a manual pour over like the Kalita Wave or the Chemex, nor is it as legendary as the immortal French press, but that is precisely because it does not aspire to be either of those. Its architecture is more about being functional, lightweight and compact. The AeroPress is not intended to be showed off on your desktop, but rather to be pulled out of the cupboard for a fast coffee or packed in the backpack before venturing out. Even it is definitely exclusive and bound to please everyone on your next camping trip.

Easy to make coffee

It does not matter whether you are a seasoned barista or a young coffee brewer: you and the AeroPress are going to get all right. Unlike other manual coffee makers or pour overs, you are not even going to face a learning curve to produce AeroPress coffee. All you need to do is add ground coffee, pour hot water (we suggest a water temperature between 175°F and 205°F), swirl it, put the paper filter in the filter cup, hold down the plunger and… enjoy your AeroPress brew!

You will get 1 to 4 cups of tasty high-quality coffee (1 or 2 cups) in only one minute, a far shorter brewing period than the French press.

The best thing is washing, typically the most hated moment when it comes to brewing coffee: after brewing AeroPress, you may not have any annoying leftovers and stains in your body thanks to the filter (unlike the French press), so you only have to remove it along with the ground coffee and rinse the plunger. This is it.

It comes with a stirrer and a convenient scoop to weigh the coffee grounds.

Custom brewing Functions

The AeroPress lets you use your will-be barista expertise even though you are away from your (coffee)house. By choosing the grind size, water temperature and extraction period, you are pretty much in complete charge of your brewing, second only to manual pouring overs that make more space for pulse brewing and stirring. If you want to please your mates, you should make AeroPress inverted coffee.

As far as coffee types are concerned, you would not have to compromise: although it is primarily used for American-style coffee, you may use AeroPress coffee makers for cold brews and it is even possible to produce almost espresso with them. After all the architecture and the concept behind the AeroPress was influenced by espresso machines.


We do not applaud it sufficiently when it comes to portability: the Aerobie AeroPress is definitely one of the strongest coffee makers for travelers and as compact as a coffee press. Like any of the favorites on this series, it is light, thin, lightweight and made of plastic, far harder to crack or destroy than a French press or a Chemex. Obviously, it does not need any energy, rendering it the absolute favorite when it comes to hiking or road trips.

Value for your capital

The AeroPress is a really decent value for money and an excellent budget coffee maker: it is typically a little more costly than the simplest French press ones, but it is in the same price category as a coffee maker like this manual dripper. Most notably, the AeroPress is long-lasting, durable and made to last. You have had to purchase paper filters, but they are really inexpensive. Or you should still invest in the reusable metal filter of Ameuus.

It is easy to use

In order to learn how to use the brewer, several of our team members either viewed one of the several instructional videos on YouTube or only followed the formula on the bottle.

It is going to make good coffee, quick.

The AeroPress provides coffee that is full-bodied and full-bodied—though maybe not as vivid or as fruity as you might get from a well-timed pour-over of expertly ground beans.

It is really easy to clean

When you have done brewing your coffee, you should detach the filter cap from the AeroPress brewing chamber while placing it over the garbage can. If the puck does not fall out automatically, give it a bit of a snorkel, and the grounds can go right into the garbage (or compost bin)—a lot cleaner operation than scooping coffee from the French press. Then wash the dripper and dry it like you will. And the AeroPress is a healthy dishwasher!

What can be improved?

You need greater amounts of robust coffee – both the AeroPress and the French press produce delicious coffee, so if you prefer a robust flavor and well ground coffee than we suggest a plain old French press, which you can buy in varying sizes to fit your caffeine needs.

You choose to do this at home – the AeroPress coffee maker is fast and functional, but the best feature is that it is compact. If you do not necessarily want to carry your brewer with you while you are on holiday, and you would rather have a more aesthetically appealing single cup coffee maker.

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