9 ways to bring outdoors into your sunny kitchen

Spending time in nature is crucial for our health. Natural light is what gives us life and clears our minds. Now that we need to be careful and stay in our homes for our own safety, it’s hard to get some time in nature. That is why inviting nature in can be a great way to reconnect with the outdoor world. To make your kitchen sunny, warm and inviting, there are several things you can do. These 9 useful tips to bring outdoors into your sunny kitchen will help inspire you.

Let the light in

The first step of welcoming nature into your home is letting the light in. The kitchen that has many windows will instantly look more inviting and spacious. The natural light will shine through and make the room feel warm and open. Installing huge windows in your kitchen is probably the best thing you can do if you want to make the space feel more welcoming.

Sunny Kitchen

Another thing you can do to let more light in is to arrange a few mirrors in the kitchen. They will manage to reflect the natural light that’s coming through the windows and light up the whole room instantly making it feel more spacious. Natural light in the warm spring days will make you feel like you’re cooking your food in a garden.

Incorporate Large Houseplants

Creating a natural theme in your kitchen can be a very versatile and creative process. One of the best ways to spice things up and make your DIY project interesting is to start incorporating all sorts of houseplants into your kitchen. You don’t have to add them all at once. It can be a long-term project, so to say. Whenever you go shopping, see if there are any houseplants that would go nicely with your kitchen design and theme.

Look for large houseplants that need a lot of natural light your kitchen is already enabled to provide. Some of the most beautiful plants you can incorporate in the kitchen are tropical plants. Their leaves are lively green and lush, and they give of a very clean look. They will tie the whole look of the kitchen and make it more colorful. Also, using pants for decoration is a nice way to fill empty spaces in the kitchen with nature and some color.

Your large kitchen windows will give you an amazing view, but simply by adding a few houseplants you can transform the look of the whole kitchen and add some life to your empty corners.

Add Greenery with Nature-Themed Plates and Pitchers

add greenery to your kitchen

After implementing houseplants in your kitchen the next thing you can do is to find ways to complete the theme with some nature-themed plates too. Nature-themed china can look so good in the kitchen that’s basking in natural light surrounded by houseplants. You can display your plates and pitchers in the glass cabinets. That way, your beautiful nature-themed china will be visible and make the room look even better. Even if you add just a few pieces, displaying them on the table for breakfast and lunch time will make you feel like you’re having an outdoor picnic.

Buy Cut Flowers or Force Bulbs

If you want your kitchen to look flowery all throughout the year, even during the winter, try cutting flowers and adding colourful blooms and foliage to your kitchen.

When shopping for flowers, try to look for bouquets that have green foliage and bright flowers. If you want to achieve that radiant, long-lasting color and foliage, consider using forcing bulbs in your design.

On the other hand, you can also consider purchasing some extra leaves and make a foliage bouquet yourself. Buying cut flowers that often can cost you a bit too much. So, try to save that for special occasions when you feel like splurging a bit. If you want to find a more affordable version of lively and colorful blooms, you can find some amazing deals at farmers market and your local grocery stores.

Use Grasscloth on Walls and Window Shades

If you’ve never heard of Grasscloth, you need to get on board. It is a very beautiful and natural-looking material that you can use as wallpaper and even window covering. This material creates a lovely texture and makes the room feel organic, warm and inviting.

You can either use it on your walls or on your windows. If you decide to use it is window covering, there are many shades you can choose from depending on wat kind of a filter you want. For instance, if you want to evoke water-like, yet a bit transparent vibe in the kitchen, go for the blue grasscloth wallpaper. It will make your kitchen feel magical. You will feel like you’re underwater enjoying the warm sunshine that’s coming through the window.

Add a Skylight to Let in the Sun

Speaking of natural light and sun, there is another brilliant way to let some sunshine in and make your space feel more close to the nature. Installing a skylight is one of the best things you can do for your kitchen. It will open up and brighten the space and make it feel bigger. Plus, having all the light come through that window will surely improve your mood and make your kitchen feel warmer during cold winter days. This will allow you to have a breathtakingly beautiful view of the sky above you as you have your breakfast and lunch with friends or family.

You can also consider adding an automated shade. That way, you can always cover the skylight when you need to.

Use light and pastel colours

Creating a new theme and design of any kind of room in your house is all about mixing colors and creating a perfect harmony. To achieve a specific look you need to know which colors will give you the desired effect most effectively.

So, for instance, if you want to create a kitchen design that will bring you closer to nature and make you feel like you are in a garden, you can opt for lighter shades and pastel colors. You can start by either painting the walls or installing tiles in the shades that you want. You can play with colors, try out different arrangements, make mosaic tiles, or anything that you think suits your idea of how the kitchen should look. Pastel green goes nicely with a white theme. So, maybe you can have pastel green tiles and a clean white counter. That can create a lovely look for the kitchen.

Next, you can move on to adding other details that will add depth and new range of colors to your kitchen. You can never go wrong with this type of decoration. Just try to match colors nicely and create a flow in the kitchen.

Bring in Live-Edge Wood

To truly make it feel like you’re in the woods or some kind of a garden, consider implementing live-edge wood. A ‘live’ edge means that you are keeping the natural shape of the tree either on one or even both sides of a wood slab. This raw material will make your kitchen look vintage and rustic. It will make a great contrast against the light theme and foliage in your kitchen.

You can use woods such as walnut and cherry. These types of trees have beautiful grains that can reflect light and create an amazing atmosphere in your kitchen. You can use live edge woods for your shelves, tables, and even counters. If you create a kitchen design that is modern, luxurious, and elegant, this piece of wood will create a great contrast. It will look like a fallen tree in the middle of the kitchen.

Some woods, like cherry and walnut, have beautiful grains that reflect light. Live-edge woods make great shelves, counters and tables. In this modern kitchen, the live-edge counter has the look of a fallen tree.

You can also implement this type of tree in a traditional kitchen. Try it out as a material for a bar. It will provide a very organic and warm contrast against the white and clean cabinetry.

Design Your Kitchen around a Carved-Stone Sink

Lastly, if you plan on remodeling your kitchen, think about a carved-stone sink. Stone is a natural element that will bring out the nature beauty in your kitchen. Plus, this type of a sink has a very utilitarian vibe. It’s like something you would most likely find in a potting shed. The breathtakingly beautiful patina of the sink will bring the element of age, while the bright cabinets can add an element of contrast. This, alongside with some flowers, will create a very natural, yet rustic vibe.


All things considered, it’s very easy to create a kitchen that will be welcoming to natural elements. All you need to do is create an illusion of a bigger and open space while adding colors that resemble a garden. Open up the space by adding windows, use different colors and materials, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Be creative. Be the one with nature and let the sunshine come through. I hope you liked these tips to bring outdoors into your sunny kitchen.

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  • Your idea of sunny kitchen is excellent, cooking in natural environment will be wonderful experience, tips mentioned in this post is very remarkable, but important thing is courage to implement these tips, thanks for this post.

  • One of the best ways to spice things up and make your DIY project interesting is to start incorporating all sorts of houseplants into your kitchen. Very Good Article thanks sir Ji I wish u

  • Thanks for your tips. The kitchen should be in neutral colors and has lots of organizers to avoid visual noise. Sometimes it can be hard to put your things together. Organizing is a must for the improvement of the kitchen.

  • I like the idea of adding some live plants. By the way, not only do they decorare the room and bring outdoors into interior, but also improve air quality in a home. Some plants can even remove hazardous toxins from the air such as formaldehyde, ammonia, and benzene.

  • Yeah, installing large floor-to-ceiling windows is a great idea. Not only does the natural light that comes through such a window make the room feel warm and open, but it also makes you more productive, happier, and less prone to depression. Research shows that sunlight is even prescribed as a treatment for those who suffer from mood disorders as it releases serotonin in the brain, which relaxes and balances the body.

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