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9 Tips for Planning a Perfect Wedding in Australia


Planning a wedding can be exciting and tiring at the same time. You may feel happy for the big day to come, but also overwhelmed by all the chores you’ll have to do before it. The list of the tasks is long, but planning the perfect wedding isn’t impossible. With these tips, you’ll find the organisation much easier and you’ll have more time to enjoy every step on the list and the wedding itself. Without a delay, let me walk you through my 9 TIPS FOR PLANNING A PERFECT WEDDING!!!

Pick a date for your Perfect Wedding

The first step when it comes to planning a wedding is picking the date. The choice of the date will have a great impact on all of your other choices. For example, you will decide on the venue, on the outfits or the menu based on the time of the year you choose to have your wedding in. For these reasons, it’s quite logical to start from here. Think of your personal preferences for the date, but don’t forget the practical side either. You may want to have a fairytale-like wedding in winter, but a summertime wedding may seem easier to organize.

Work out your guest list

The next important task on your list should be the guest list. Putting up the guest list a few months in advance will make your wedding organisation much easier. You will know from the very beginning what kind of venue to look for and you’ll be able to focus on space management on time. You won’t be able to decide on the size of the venue unless you know the number of guests. The seating arrangement can also be made a few months before the wedding to make sure you have enough time to focus on other important stuff too.

Choose a venue

Possibly the most important task you have is choosing the right venue. After you’ve picked a date and worked out your guest list, you can focus on the choice of the venue. Depending on the number of guests, you can opt for smaller reception halls or a larger wedding outside, somewhere on the Brighton beach. You can look for more or less glamorous spaces depending on your budget and preferences. The crucial thing is to consult your significant other in time, to find and book the venue for your dream wedding.

Visit in advance

To make sure that everything goes as planned, you’ll have to check everything. You shouldn’t book the venues for a wedding online unless you’ve already seen the space in person. You should try to avoid any kind of complications and possible problems. The problems regarding the wedding venue are especially difficult to deal with. Make sure to visit the venue you opt for a few months before the wedding and a few weeks before the wedding. This way, you’ll do everything you can to ensure that your day will be perfect and unforgetful.

Pay attention to decoration

Your wedding reception will be even better if you pay special attention to the decoration. The right decoration is bound to make your wedding magical and memorable. Choosing crystal chandeliers or centrepieces will make space more look more luxurious and glamorous. If, on the other hand, you opt for an outdoor wedding, you can choose some floral arrangements.

Choice of outfits

The venue must look nice, but the bride and groom should look astonishing too. The choice of outfits is very important for a wedding. Your significant other and you should do the shopping together. Look for some matching outfits to seem more romantic. Find the gown and the suit you two feel most comfortable in and that looks good on you. The hair and makeup are a big part of a bride’s outfit. The bouquet is important too. Finding quality flower delivery in Melbourne won’t be a problem. You should just choose a bouquet which will look nice with the wedding dress.

Deal with the legalities

Unfortunately, getting married means having to deal with some paperwork. You’ll have some documents to make your marriage official. The best thing you can do is gather all those documents sometime before the wedding. Make sure to research marriage legalities thoroughly in order not to miss anything. This way, you’ll be sure that you have everything you need to start this next part of your life without any malfunctions. The complications may occur if Australia is not your home country. In that case, make sure to double-check all the documentation necessary.

Hire experts to plan the perfect wedding

Planning a wedding can be tiring and it gets complicated easily. You can make the whole process much easier if you just hire a wedding planner. Many professionals will be more than happy to help you organize the day you’ve dreamed of. The process will run smoothly with someone experienced by your side. A wedding planner may seem like an additional cost at first, but it will actually save you money in the long run. You can even get great discounts from local wedding planners. The most important benefit of hiring an expert is that you’ll be more relaxed all the time and ready to enjoy your big day. This isn’t the only professional you can hire. Hiring a professional photographer is necessary when it comes to capturing all the nicest memories.

Focus on the menu and book the band

Food is always important. This is my last and most important item on the 9 tips for planning a perfect wedding. Wedding receptions aren’t an exception to this rule. If you want to organize a perfect wedding, you should keep the menu in mind. The best way to compose a delicious menu is to create a theme. Your courses should be related in a way and they should go well together. With good food, you should also look for good music. Find a band that will play the right music during the whole reception and make your wedding even more romantic and memorable.


Preparing your happy day doesn’t have to be stressful and annoying. The day of your wedding is all about love and celebration. The preparation for it should be too. You should just relax, follow these tips, and have the time of your life while tying the knot. I hope these 9 tips for planning a perfect wedding gave you some ideas and helped you to plan accordingly. For further reading, here are 5 tips to personalize your wedding reception.

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  • Hey Praveen,

    There’s a lot of effort that goes into planning the perfect wedding.

    From making the guest list and choosing all of the gorgeous decorations to booking the right vendors and coming up with a seating chart that will make every guest happy, pulling off the best party of your life isn’t so easy.

    Everyone tries to book all of the things in advance in order to save money when it comes to venue in abroad.

    Eventually, thanks for exploring these wonderful facts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • Planning a wedding / event is not that easy as it seems. it takes a lot of planning and implementation. everyone wanted it to be perfect. BTW your content is great you`ve enlisted most important things to follow to plan a wedding . great!

  • planning a wedding is kinda hard. you need alot of planning. you have enlighten wonderfull funfacts while planning a wedding ,loved your content

  • Yes, I agree! really a great opportunity to have a wedding in Australia!
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    Just don’t hesitate to look for Pablo and Rusty’s Coffee Roasters.

  • I used pampas grass for my wedding last year and it was awesome! I loved the look and it was actually more affordable than I first thought.

  • As others have said, planning a wedding is a lot of work! If you have the budget I highly recommend hiring a planner who’s experienced with it. Also make sure when hiring experts that you include videography. It’s as important, if not more important, than photography. Not only do you see people in motion, you get to hear their voices, as well.

  • Great post! These checklists are much important for a big occasion like a wedding. It is very common to be disappointed by a location that brides and grooms had their heart set on. Before booking, always talk to couples who tied the knot at the venue.

  • I am an Indian wedding planner and I do not have any clients from Australia. But your tips is amazing, I will use them for my Indian clients. Thanks for this.


  • Great tips for wedding photography. Its very informative article. Really your 9 tips for wedding photography is very informative information. Thanks for sharing this article.

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