To a majority of us running seems like a painstaking task. Also, most of us are not inclined towards such physical activities as they calls for some strenuous efforts. But what if we were told that running could actually boost our mood. Chances are, some of us might think of giving it a go. Though this cumbersome chore calls from some severe effort and consistency in order to reap desired results. However, running, also dubbed as the widely known physical activity, is scientifically  proven to foster a healthy lifestyle. So that said, let’s now look at 8 reasons how running can lift your mood and why you should not ignore it.

Research shows breaking a leg or going on a run for good 20 to 25 minutes can have positive impacts on our health. Running requires a lot of physical exertion. Hence the entire process results in adding years to our life that too backed by a boatload of health benefits.

Well, to pump you all up a bit more here, we have piled up a list of reasons for how and why running can uplift one’s mood, having an exceptional impact on a person’s mental health. Running can also prove to be a great  kickstart to switch on to a healthier lifestyle by wisely tackling symptoms of mental illness.

Curious to know the plus side?  Okay, so without any further exaggeration, we will delve into the depths of running and how it can transform one’s lifestyle from ashy to classy.Running a super effective physical exertion also lays out some noteworthy impacts on one’s mind that too in a shorter while.


Have a case of Monday blues?

Do Mondays trigger your suppressed nervousness every time it shows up in a week?

Sorrowful sighs!

While many of you must be nodding your heads agreeing with the statement, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about the fact except for putting in a little effort in order to beat those Monday blues. Too drowsy to get off your bed? Go running! Grab your sweatpants. Breathe in, breathe out.

 Man up and go for a run at least for 20 minutes. This will help you start your day with a fresh vibe, thus it also maximizes productivity at work.


From a free of cost way to accentuate your waist and to tuck in that droopy abdominal fat running works miraculously to regulate blood pressure and instantaneously lower down blood sugar levels. Besides all those benefits, it is also known to work wonders in boosting metabolism.


Running helps unstuck our nervous system. Hence considered as one of the most effective physical activity which is recognized to work wonders for teens or even kids having ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Physical workouts including running, are some of the most prevalent ways for relaxing people with such symptoms.

The practice releases hormones responsible for maintaining focus which consequently elevates mood, boost motivation and soothes senses. As serotonin levels rise our body significantly becomes calmer and composed.


Are you out of focus most of the time, or struggle with fuzzy thoughts? If these are your concerns then running can surely help you ditch those muddy thoughts and maintain focus. Incorporating running or any other physical activity to your routine dramatically impacts the way you think and act. It stimulates endorphins , which help one concentrate resulting in proactive execution of day to day tasks.

Besides that, it speeds up the growth of new brain cells that slows down the aging cycle as a consequence of which one feels enthusiastic and energetic.


 Experiencing low self-esteem is completely okay. Such issues can always be fixed by putting in a minimal amount of effort. As per research it was evaluated that even though the number of individuals facing low self-esteem has boomed at an insane rate. But the plus side is that running can be a way out to combat such mental health concerns.

Making it a habit nurtures a fit body, soul and mind. Also, having a proactive approach towards life grant individuals with a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment while staving off the chances of anger and low self-esteem.

Battling with low self-esteem can be the most unpleasant situation one can witness. But you can always be thick in action again even if it requires to seek professional help or expert opinion on mental concerns. As things are progressing and mental health is destigmatizing people are more vocal about mental well-being.

In case you too belong to that vast majority of people who have endured any sort of mental illness but still considers mental health concerns as a taboo, then devoting some part from each day to listen motivational talks of some top-notch black female speakers can undoubtedly help you have a bigger and better outlook on life.


Do you fancy the beauty of a peaceful night or have some serious issues when it comes to going to bed early? Being a night owl or battling insomnia may not be a pleasing situation. Still, you can always integrate healthy habits and practices like running which doesn’t even require a single penny but are still considered the most effective ways to have a sound sleep without having to switch to sleeping medications.


Looking for a super convenient way to look good?  Initiate by making a move that too without having to pay for a gym just to shed those extra kilos and trim your waistline. That being said, running has some additional benefits like it adds glow to our face, leaves a youthful glow by banishing acne, and smoothens the texture of the skin.

Running helps with a slew of concerns from looking pleasant to a contented state of mind. Looking good is somehow correlated related to how a person feels of himself.

Although we have taken it for granted for quite a long, initiating with it regardless of one’s age certainly forks out a bunch of benefits both for one’s mental and physical health.


When we involve our bodies in any sort of physical activity, it seems full of pep and loaded with energy.  Running accelerates energy in our entire body making us feel proactive and productive throughout the day. A significant upshot of running is ,day by day, you start to feel more energetic bustling with life. Even if you are going through a tough phase in life, don’t burden yourself.

 Experiencing a gloomy phase in life might feel as a kidney stone initially but this too shall pass. All you need to excel is to tackle such times by indulging your body in physical activities like running. When faced with mental trauma or massive challenges in life, one can go for running.

 It helps you cope with rapid mood swings rather than making you rely on addictive drugs or tranquilizing medications which makes things even worse in the longer run. Whereas  opting for a natural approach is a way better thing to do. So this was the last of my 8 reasons how running can lift your mood.

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