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7 Ideas to Renovate Your Home and Get a Coffee Shop Vibe

7 Ideas to Renovate Your Home and Get a Coffee Shop Vibe

In case 2020 helped you realize how much you like spending time in coffee shops, you might be thinking of creating the same vibe in your own home. Luckily, there are many things you can do to make your home feel like your favorite coffee shop. With that in mind, if you’re looking for interior decorating tips to make your home more inviting and warm, keep on reading for some interesting ideas.

Create a chalkboard wall

Does your favorite coffee shop have a chalkboard wall? Well, why not add this feature to your home as well? Find chalkboard paint online or in a local hardware store and get to work. One obvious choice would be to paint a wall in the kitchen, perhaps the one behind your coffee-making station. You can share everything from your roast of the day to what you are having for lunch. On the other hand, you can also paint a wall near the front door and write inspirational messages every day that will boost the mood of every household member before they leave home and when they return from a long day at work or school.

Install eye-catching wallpaper

If you’ve seen some interesting wallpaper in your most-frequented coffee shops, that is an addition you can easily incorporate into your living space. Whether it’s the kitchen or the bathroom, there is a wide array of quirky wallpapers that you can order online and install on your own by looking up a tutorial. From comic book and newspaper-inspired wallpapers to those with geometric and floral patterns, the options truly abound.

Change the color scheme

To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, you can opt for the color of coffee similar to a coffee shop. That’s right, changing your color scheme to brown can also create that coffee shop feel. From including rich brown hues in furniture like cabinets and chairs to adding lighter shades in the form of rugs and throw pillows, there is a lot you can do to transform your living or dining room. However, remember to balance it out with plenty of white that will further boost the hues of brown.

Opt for open shelving

When looking to make your kitchen resemble a coffee shop, you want to consider adding open shelving. While you might not want to completely take down all the cabinets that you have installed that help you store all your kitchenware, maybe there is a little corner that you can transform and create a coffee station. Having a custom-made counter with open shelves where you can place your coffee maker and all other essentials can help you create a coffee shop vibe every time you go there to make yourself a nice cup of your favorite beverage. Then, you can also add a few open shelves to the walls that will display your stunning collection of coffee mugs. If your kitchen is lacking a focal point, this can be just what you need.

Add a breakfast counter

No matter if you already have a kitchen island or a dining room, adding a breakfast counter is a great idea if you want to create that coffee shop feel. There are many ways how you can approach this. If you want to keep the renovations minor, you can simply add a tabletop to a corner and place two bar stools next to it. On the other hand, you can opt for a bigger project, find an affordable forklift lease to help you get all the new elements inside, install a new floor-to-ceiling window, and place an interesting counter with elegant bar stools in front of it. That way, you will have an amazing view of either the street or your backyard.

Don’t forget plants

Greenery can make any space lively and you’ve surely noticed that your favorite spot has some plants as well. While there are plants that can survive in low light, many like an abundance of sunlight. With that in mind, adding a bigger window is always a great idea to not only accommodate the houseplants you pick but also to boost your mood. For that ultimate coffee shop vibe, add plenty of shelves that you will fill with interesting books and greenery. In addition to putting them on a bookshelf, you can also place pots with big plants in empty corners or even opt for some hanging varieties like golden pothos, arrowhead plant, and bird’s nest fern.

Turn to the great outdoors

Finally, if your outdoor space needs some sprucing up, why not give it a coffee shop touch? Whether you opt for your porch or your backyard patio, it shouldn’t take up too much time to create a little nook where you can drink your morning coffee in peace. A folding wooden table and chairs will work fine in case you are short on space but creating a corner booth is also a nice method of providing yourself with that escape that you are craving.

From smaller updates like bringing in plants and changing the color scheme to some major renovations like completely changing your kitchen or yard, there are many interesting projects you can opt for if you want your home to have that coffee shop vibe.

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