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7 Hacks to Speed Up Your Internet Connection


Now that we rely on the internet for almost everything, from entertainment to work and studies, one pet peeve that we all share is having a slow internet connection. There is nothing more frustrating than being unable to work or do an assignment simply because of a slow or lack of internet. So here are some of my HACKS TO SPEED UP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Keep reading.

Besides getting your connection from the best internet provider in the Philippines, there are many other things you can do to ensure a fast internet connection. Here are some hacks that you can use to speed up your internet.

Restart your router

One of the most common practices when trying to fix tech issues is to restart the device. Before jumping to any conclusions that something is seriously wrong, try turning your router off and on again, a tactic that works more often than not.

You can also unplug and plug it in again after a few seconds to a minute. The common recommendation is to wait at least 10 seconds before plugging in or turning your router on again.

If restarting it does not work, you can try resetting your router to erase the build-up of memory, background processes, and cached information. Internet routers work like small computers, so clearing up any backlog and memory will help a lot in speeding up your internet.

Relocate your router for better signal

If the cause of your slow internet is a lack of signal, try placing it a spot with better access to signal. Wireless routers work by sending out radio signals that slow down when blocked by objects.

If your router is placed in a corner or behind objects in the house, then placing it nearer to your computer or device will most probably increase the speed of your internet significantly.

Clear your search history

Another easy way to speed up your internet connection is to delete your search history along with any saved downloads, cookies, and cached images. These are some of the common contributors to slow internet, so getting rid of these will help you get back your fast and efficient internet connection.

Try using Ethernet

When there are several routers and devices near each other, the bandwidths used to wirelessly send information can get overwhelmed and congested. In other words, many people using Wi-Fi at the same time creates traffic of sorts which results in slower internet.

This is a common problem in apartments and dorms, where there are several routers present and everyone is using wireless devices. To avoid this, you can connect your devices directly to your internet router with an Ethernet cable.

This is a more old-school way of connecting to the internet but is generally faster because it does not need to go through the same traffic as those using wireless internet routers. This option is often offered by the best internet provider in the Philippines.

Install a reliable antivirus software

If you often download or torrent movies, games, and others onto your computer, it is possible that you accidentally downloaded a harmful file along with them. If you end up with malware on your computer, this will hijack your bandwidth and significantly slow down your internet. Nonetheless, you can easily get rid of this by installing an antivirus software.

Turn off unused devices

This is the most important and overly underestimated of all the HACKS TO SPEED UP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. Another cause of slow internet is when you have several phones, computers, tablets, and other internet using devices sharing the same internet connection. Even if some of these devices are not being used, these will still use up small amounts of data.

Thus, having too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi, whether they are being used or not, will have an effect on your internet speed. One tip is to disconnect devices from the internet whenever these are not in use so that the internet on other devices will be faster.

Additionally, many apps are now programmed to update automatically and these updates often use large amounts of data. To prevent these apps from using up your internet, turn off or limit any data hogging apps. You can also opt to schedule your updates for times when you do not need to use the internet. This way, you can avoid having your data stretched too thin and slowing down your connection.

Install ad blockers

In addition to getting rid of the annoying experience of seeing ads everywhere, another benefit of ad blockers is that these effectively speed up your internet. Auto-play videos, photos, and other types of advertisements tend to eat up your data and often result in a longer wait for pages to load. To prevent ads from slowing down your internet, there are many ad or pop-up blockers to choose from and install.

Key Takeaway

So these were my HACKS TO SPEED UP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION. There are many simple, easy, and cheap hacks that you can use to speed up your internet. The trick is to find the actual cause of your slow internet connection and solve it.

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  • Hi Praveen, this is very timely as I have been experiencing internet dropout for the last few days, I will go through the list and see If I can resolve the problem. Thanks

  • Thanks for sharing your tip about deleting your search history which would include saved downloads, cached images, and cookies in order to help speed up your internet. My sister just tried doing this but her internet speed is still too slow for things like streaming and uploading content. She’s hoping to find a professional who can come out and install a faster internet speed/cabling.

  • really a useful information given by you. this internet speed hack is really awesome. article is nicely explained and easy to understand. thanks for sharing this valuable information with us. keep your good work.

  • Hello Praveen,

    Completely agreed with your fantastic points they play vital role in boosting speed of internet connection.

    In most cases, your unused internet-connected devices are sipping marginal amounts of your bandwidth.

    However, if you have multiple phones, tablets, smart TVs, computers, smart home devices and video game consoles sharing your home network, all of that data usage can add up and result in reduced available bandwidth.

    Eventually, thanks for sharing your informative ideas with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

  • I haven’t really heard about clearing history or cookies to speed up my connectivity, after this I will go straight to my history and and clear them, another one is using ethernet cable, this will definitely be helpful since there’s a lot of us using the internet in our house.

  • Thanks for sharing this information i will definitely using this hacks for getting better internet speed. Since i need faster download and upload for my blog.

  • Really cool tips as my internet frequently drops to a slow speed. I would definitely try these tweaks and hope it will fix my issue. Btw thanks for help.

  • Hey there,
    I did not think that search history can down the speed of the internet yet. but, now apart search history I know many other factors can cause to speed down the internet.
    Thanks Million!

  • Additionally, many apps are now programmed to update automatically and these updates often use large amounts of data. To prevent these apps from using up your internet, turn off or limit any data hogging apps.

  • This is an important topic for boosting our Daily Life . We are Connected Everyday with the Internet . Thanks for posting this article. Next time this will be useful tips for me.

  • Amazing article. I like last one “Adblocker”..

    I am using since many years, its help me lots. fast browsing.
    Thanks for sharing and I found it very helpful.

  • I enjoyed reading your blog. In a word, it has been extraordinary. Because, we are always using internet. We have to face many problems in this. Which you have beautifully described to survive. You can visit our website to increase your traffic.

  • Excellent article. Informative tips on how to improve connectivity. Very helpful during the quarantine.
    Good information here. Thanks for representing the blog.

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